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4. Fetish Catalog Reviews: Fantasies In Lace, Inc.

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This article is from the Fetish Fashion FAQ, by Per Goetterup pg@login.dknet.dk with numerous contributions by others.

4. Fetish Catalog Reviews: Fantasies In Lace, Inc.

Reviewed by Ms. Margo, Deccember 12, 1994

Fantasies In Lace is a Florida company that specializes in hosiery
and fashions for the crossdresser. Since many of their items are
available in larger sizes, they also are a nice source of things
for larger Ladies. Some of their items come in smaller sizes too,
so the rest of us can order too. The cover price on the Hosiery
Catalog is $10.00. It is a black and white, 58 page,
xeroxed-sheets-folded-in-half deal, that has a very "made in our
back room" feel to it. The pictures are Xeroxes of photos, and
much of the catalog uses illustrations. This is not a slick glossy
catalog in any way. Its strength is in the breadth of the items
that are carried.

There are 12 styles of pantyhose, 22 styles of stockings and
thigh- highs, 17 pages of lingerie and sleepwear, 5 pages of
petticoats and pettipants, assorted bra forms, fanny pads, gaffs,
push up pads, 7 styles of girdles, 5 styles of corsets, 6 pages of
leather wear, 5 pages of cire, 3 pages of sheer nylon, a page of
fishnet, 4 styles of gloves, 23 colors of leg garters, and 10
styles of wigs. (Whew!) With the exception of the hosiery and the
wigs, there are only 24 photos. All the rest are shown in
illustrations. Some of the illustrations are better than others,
but most give a general idea of the item. I would, however, find
it very difficult to spend $395.00 on a leather corset based
solely on a bad drawing - it looks more like a wrist gauntlet then
a corset. Another big problem is the lack of a size chart. I
placed an order for stockings where I was unsure of what size I
should take, so I gave them my height and weight, as well as how
high I like my stockings to come and asked them to select a size.
With my order I received a few fliers, one of which had a sizing
chart on it. (!)
Descriptions are sometimes good, other times they are very sparse.

The hosiery is their strength. They stock the Cindy and Crystal
brands. They also carry some D'Arielle - most notably the
D'Arielle silk stockings ($24.95 US per pair). This is the last
mail-order source for silk stockings that I have found in the
U.S.A. or Canada. There is a huge array of colors available as
well as a range of deniers. There are over 25 different colors
available, but as the catalog is black and white, you have to use
your imagination. They offer 4 styles in 10 denier, which is
getting harder and harder to find. Most of the rest are 15 denier,
lace, or fishnet. There are seamed, seamless, lace top, all nylon,
and Cuban heel styles. They have 5 styles of suspender pantyhose,
a few styles of crotchless pantyhose, and pantyhose in an
astounding 7 denier ($11.00 US per pair). There are lace
pantyhose, seamed pantyhose, and fishnet pantyhose. Sizes run up
to 2X (5'10" tall, 245 lbs.), but most styles are only available
in one size fits all.

Prices range from good to outrageous. I purchased some of the same
stockings locally at retail and paid about $1.00 US per pair less
than the FIL catalog price. I don't consider that to be too bad.
The leather wear was the most over priced and the cire was
downright affordable. For example, $59.95 US for a studded leather
g-string is just too expensive; while $39.95 for a cire spanking
skirt is quite reasonable. A fishnet dress with matching g-string
at $39.95 US is a good value too. There are eight other catalogs
that they offer. They are: Color Lingerie Catalog, Wig Catalog,
Foundation Catalog, Book Catalog, Adult Novelty Catalog, Big Gal
Lingerie Catalog, Victorian Corset Catalog, and TV "Fantasies"
Magazine. I haven't ordered any of the other catalogs, so I can't
tell you if they repeat the same items, or offer additional ones.

I have made one order from them (silk stockings) and received my
order quickly and correctly. I did, however, get a rather
impersonal feeling from the catalog. Some catalog companies seem
to reflect more of the style of the people who own and operate
them. This one is a little "standoffish". For those who want to
keep a very low profile when they order, that could be a good
quality. They accept cash, money order, Visa, MasterCard, and
American Express. They do accept checks, but will hold your order
until the check clears. Shipping starts at $4.00 US for orders up
to $25.00 and runs up to $12.00 US for orders over $300.00. For
Canada the shipping is doubled; for foreign orders it is tripled.

Overall, they have a wide selection of products (one stop
shopping), good prices on some items, they carry a few hard to
find items, and shipment is prompt. You may be able to find the
same items for less locally, or from other catalogs, but this one
is certainly worth a peek - especially if you live far from a
major city.

Fantasies In Lace, Inc.
Post Office Box 100279
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33310

Phone: (305)581-8412

FAX: (305)791-0985


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