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This article is from the Puzzles FAQ, by Chris Cole chris@questrel.questrel.com and Matthew Daly mwdaly@pobox.com with numerous contributions by others.

297 language/english/spelling/single.words.p

What words have exceptional lengths, patterns, etc.?



Letter Patterns

Entire Word
longest word trinitrophenylmethylnitramine (29,1)
longest palindrome kinnikinnik (11,1)
longest beginning with a palindrome adinida (7,1)
longest beginning with b palindrome boob (4,1)
longest beginning with c palindrome carac civic (5,2)
longest beginning with d palindrome deified devoved (7,2)
longest beginning with e palindrome ecce esse (4,2)
longest beginning with f palindrome FF (2,1) !
longest beginning with g palindrome goog (4,1)
longest beginning with h palindrome hagigah halalah (7,2)
longest beginning with i palindrome igigi imami (5,2)
longest beginning with j palindrome j (1,1)
longest beginning with k palindrome kinnikinnik (11,1)
longest beginning with l palindrome lemel level lysyl (5,3)
longest beginning with m palindrome malayalam (9,1)
longest beginning with n palindrome nauruan (7,1)
longest beginning with o palindrome oppo otto (4,2)
longest beginning with p palindrome peeweep (7,1)
longest beginning with q palindrome qazaq (5,1)
longest beginning with r palindrome reviver rotator (7,2)
longest beginning with s palindrome sawbwas seesees seities sememes (7,4)
longest beginning with t palindrome terret tibbit tippit (6,3)
longest beginning with u palindrome uku ulu utu (3,3)
longest beginning with v palindrome vav (3,1)
longest beginning with w palindrome waw wow (3,2)
longest beginning with x palindrome x (1,1)
longest beginning with y palindrome yaray (5,1)
longest beginning with z palindrome z (1,1)
longest with middle a palindrome halalah rotator (7,2)
longest with middle b palindrome sawbwas (7,1)
longest with middle c palindrome soccos succus (6,2)
longest with middle d palindrome murdrum (7,1)
longest with middle e palindrome sememes (7,1)
longest with middle f palindrome deified (7,1)
longest with middle g palindrome degged (6,1)
longest with middle h palindrome aha ihi oho (3,3)
longest with middle i palindrome hagigah reviver (7,2)
longest with middle j palindrome kajak (5,1)
longest with middle k palindrome kinnikinnik (11,1)
longest with middle l palindrome hallah selles (6,2)
longest with middle m palindrome sammas (6,1)
longest with middle n palindrome adinida (7,1)
longest with middle o palindrome devoved (7,1)
longest with middle p palindrome tippit (6,1)
longest with middle q palindrome q (1,1)
longest with middle r palindrome nauruan (7,1)
longest with middle s palindrome seesees (7,1)
longest with middle t palindrome seities (7,1)
longest with middle u palindrome alula arura (5,2)
longest with middle v palindrome civic level rever tevet (5,4)
longest with middle w palindrome peeweep (7,1)
longest with middle x palindrome sexes (5,1)
longest with middle y palindrome malayalam (9,1)
longest with middle z palindrome kazak qazaq (5,2)
longest tautonym tangantangan (12,1)
longest beginning with a tautonym akeake atlatl (6,2)
longest beginning with b tautonym bellabella (10,1)
longest beginning with c tautonym caracara chowchow couscous (8,3)
longest beginning with d tautonym dugdug dumdum (6,2)
longest beginning with e tautonym EE ee (2,2)
longest beginning with f tautonym froufrou (8,1)
longest beginning with g tautonym ganggang greegree guitguit (8,3)
longest beginning with h tautonym hotshots (8,0) ?
longest beginning with i tautonym ipilipil (8,1)
longest beginning with j tautonym juju (4,1)
longest beginning with k tautonym kavakava kawakawa khuskhus kohekohe kouskous kukukuku (8,6)
longest beginning with l tautonym lapulapu lavalava lomilomi (8,3)
longest beginning with m tautonym mahimahi makomako matamata murumuru (8,4)
longest beginning with n tautonym nagnag (6,1)
longest beginning with o tautonym oo (2,1)
longest beginning with p tautonym palapala pioupiou piripiri poroporo (8,4)
longest beginning with q tautonym quiaquia (8,1)
longest beginning with r tautonym riroriro (8,1)
longest beginning with s tautonym sweeswee (8,1)
longest beginning with t tautonym tangantangan (12,1)
longest beginning with u tautonym ulaula (6,1)
longest beginning with v tautonym valval verver (6,2)
longest beginning with w tautonym wallawalla (10,1)
longest beginning with x tautonym ? (0,0) ?
longest beginning with y tautonym yariyari (8,1)
longest beginning with z tautonym zoozoo (6,1)
longest head 'n' tail einsteins muckamuck okeydokey overcover pungapung tarantara trinitrin (9,7)
longest with middle a head 'n' tail muckamuck pungapung (9,2)
longest with middle b head 'n' tail SBs aba (3,2)
longest with middle c head 'n' tail overcover (9,1)
longest with middle d head 'n' tail okeydokey (9,1)
longest with middle e head 'n' tail arear caeca (5,2)
longest with middle f head 'n' tail efe ofo (3,2)
longest with middle g head 'n' tail aggag algal edged magma (5,4)
longest with middle h head 'n' tail outshouts (9,0) ?
longest with middle i head 'n' tail trinitrin (9,1)
longest with middle j head 'n' tail anjan (5,1)
longest with middle k head 'n' tail arkar kokko (5,2)
longest with middle l head 'n' tail ingling khalkha (7,2)
longest with middle m head 'n' tail bamba bombo mamma pampa (5,4)
longest with middle n head 'n' tail tarantara (9,1)
longest with middle o head 'n' tail ingoing mesomes (7,2)
longest with middle p head 'n' tail SPs apa (3,2)
longest with middle q head 'n' tail q (1,1)
longest with middle r head 'n' tail adrad kurku ugrug verve (5,4)
longest with middle s head 'n' tail hotshot (7,1)
longest with middle t head 'n' tail einsteins (9,1)
longest with middle u head 'n' tail mauma shush siusi veuve (5,4)
longest with middle v head 'n' tail ava eve (3,2)
longest with middle w head 'n' tail abwab (5,1)
longest with middle x head 'n' tail manxman (7,1)
longest with middle y head 'n' tail calycal (7,1)
longest with middle z head 'n' tail z (1,1)

Subset of Word
longest internal palindrome kinnikinniks sensuousness sensuousnesses (11,3)
longest internal tautonym anhydrohydroxyprogesterone anhydrohydroxyprogesterones kinnikinnick kinnikinnicks kinnikinnics kinnikinniks magnetophotophoresis methylethylpyridine micromicrofarad neuroneuronal ... (10,11)
longest repeated prefix kinnikinnick kinnikinnicks kinnikinnics kinnikinniks micromicrofarad neuroneuronal (10,6)
most consecutive doubled letters bookkeeper bookkeeping (3,2)
most doubled letters possessionlessness possessionlessnesses successlessness successlessnesses (4,4)
longest two cadence humuhumunukunukuapuaa humuhumunukunukuapuaas (8,2)
longest three cadence effervescence effervescences extendednesses neglectednesses pervertednesses redheadednesses reflectednesses unexpectednesses vallabhacharya vallabhacharyas (5,10)
longest four cadence alveolopalatal coproporphyrinuria coproporphyrinurias distributivities gastroschisises humuhumunukunukuapuaa humuhumunukunukuapuaas inevitabilities roentgenometries somesthesises ... (4,12)
longest five cadence indecipherablenesses recollectivenesses (4,2)

Letter Counts

longest letters from first half hamamelidaceae (14,1)
longest letters from second half nonsupports (11,0) ?
longest without ab hydroxydesoxycorticosterone (27,1)
longest without abcd philoprogenitivenesses (22,1)
longest without a to h supposititiously (16,1)
longest without a to k monotonously synonymously tumultuously voluptuously (12,4)
longest without a to n prototropy zoosporous (10,2)
longest without a to q susurrus (8,1)
longest without a to s tutty (5,1)
longest without e humuhumunukunukuapuaas macracanthorhynchiasis phonocardiographically prorhipidoglossomorpha supradiaphragmatically (22,5)
longest without et humuhumunukunukuapuaas phonocardiographically prorhipidoglossomorpha (22,3)
longest without eta coccidioidomycosis (18,1)
longest without etai phyllospondylous (16,1)
longest without etain chlorophyllous chromosomology chrysochlorous phyllomorphous polymorphously scolopophorous (14,6)
longest without etains promorphology (13,1)

Letter Choices

longest all vowels aiee ieie (4,2)
longest each vowel once entwicklungsroman (17,1)
longest each extended vowel once cylindrocellular phosphuranylites ventriculography (16,3)
shortest each vowel once eulogia eutocia eutopia isourea sequoia (7,5)
shortest each extended vowel once oxyuridae (9,1)
shortest vowels in order caesious (8,1)
shortest extended vowels in order facetiously (11,1)
longest vowels in order abstentious (11,1)
longest extended vowels in order abstemiously (12,1)
shortest vowels in reverse order muroidea (8,1)
shortest extended vowels in reverse order ? (80,0) ?
longest vowels in reverse order subcontinental (14,1)
longest extended vowels in reverse order ? (0,0) ?
longest one vowel strengths (9,1)
longest two vowels schwartzbrots (13,1)
longest containing a univocalic tathagatagarbhas (16,1)
longest containing e univocalic strengthlessnesses (18,1)
longest containing i univocalic instinctivistic (15,1)
longest containing o univocalic loxolophodonts (14,1)
longest containing u univocalic struldbrugs (11,1)
longest containing y univocalic glycyls gypsyfy khlysts khlysty phytyls pyrryls qyrghyz rhythms styryls thymyls ... (7,11)
longest alternating extended vowel-consonant hypovitaminosises (17,1)
longest alternating vowel-consonant aluminosilicates diketopiperazine epicoracohumeral (16,3)

longest consonant string bergschrund bergschrunds catchphrase eschscholtzia eschscholtzias festschrift festschriften festschrifts goldschmidtine goldschmidtines ... (6,24)
longest one consonant assessees coccaceae (9,2)
longest two consonant nauseousnesses sensuousnesses (14,2)

longest isogram dermatoglyphics (15,1)
longest pair isogram scintillescent (14,1)
longest trio isogram deeded (6,1)
longest tetrad isogram kukukuku (8,1)
longest polygram unprosperousnesses (18,0) ?
longest pyramid chachalaca deadheaded disseisees evennesses keennesses kinnikinic rememberer sassanians sereneness sleeveless ... (10,11)
most repeated letters dihydroxycholecalciferol hydroxydesoxycorticosterone hysterosalpingographies methyldihydromorphinone microspectrophotometrically octamethylpyrophosphoramide phosphatidylethanolamine pseudohermaphroditism tetrabromophenolphthalein tetraiodophenolphthalein ... (9,11)
highest containing a repeated palaeacanthocephala tathagatagarbha tathagatagarbhas (6,3)
highest containing b repeated bubbybush flibbertigibbet flibbertigibbets flibbertigibbety (4,4)
highest containing c repeated chroococcaceae chroococcaceous circumcrescence circumcrescences echinococcic micrococcaceae (5,6)
highest containing d repeated condiddled dadded deadheaded dendrodendritic diddered diddled diddledees didodecahedron disbudded dodded ... (4,32)
highest containing e repeated ethylenediaminetetraacetate (7,1)
highest containing f repeated chiffchaff chiffchaffs giffgaff giffgaffed giffgaffing giffgaffs riffraff (4,7)
highest containing g repeated aggregating aggreging chugalugging gagging gaggling ganggang ganggangs gigging giggling gigglingly ... (4,18)
highest containing h repeated ichthyophthiriasis ichthyophthirius ichthyophthiriuses rhamphorhynchid rhamphorhynchids rhamphorhynchoid rhamphorhynchus (4,7)
highest containing i repeated dirigibilities discriminabilities distinguishabilities divisibilities ignitibilities indiscernibilities indiscerptibilities indistinguishability indivisibility infinitesimalities ... (6,12)
highest containing j repeated ajonjoli ajonjolis avijja avijjas djokjakarta gastrojejunal gastrojejunostomy hajj hajjes hajji ... (2,53)
highest containing k repeated kakkak kakkaks knickknack knickknackatories knickknackatory knickknackeries knickknackery knickknacky kukukuku kukukukus (4,10)
highest containing l repeated allochlorophyll allochlorophylls alloplastically intellectualistically lillypillies lillypilly polysyllabically (5,7)
highest containing m repeated dynamometamorphism hamamelidanthemum immunocompromised mammatocumulus mammectomies mammectomy mammiform mammilliform mammogram mammonism ... (4,23)
highest containing n repeated inconvenientness inconvenientnesses nannoplankton nannoplanktonic nondenominational nondenominationalism nonentanglement nonintervention noninterventionist syngenesiotransplantation ... (5,12)
highest containing o repeated monogonoporous pseudomonocotyledonous (6,2)
highest containing p repeated aplopappus haplopappus hyperleptoprosopic hyperleptoprosopy snippersnapper whippersnapper (4,6)
highest containing q repeated qaraqalpaq qaraqalpaqs (3,2)
highest containing r repeated ferriprotoporphyrin ferroprotoporphyrin (5,2)
highest containing s repeated possessionlessnesses (9,1)
highest containing t repeated ethylenediaminetetraacetate tetrasubstituted throttlebottom totipotentiality yttrotantalite (5,5)
highest containing u repeated humuhumunukunukuapuaa humuhumunukunukuapuaas (9,2)
highest containing v repeated overconservative ovoviviparity ovoviviparous ovoviviparously ovoviviparousness vulvovaginitis (3,6)
highest containing w repeated bowwow bowwows powwow powwowed powwowing powwows swallowwort whillywhaw whillywhaws whitlowwort ... (3,17)
highest containing x repeated dextropropoxyphene executrix executrixes exlex exlexes exonarthex exotoxic exotoxin hexachlorocyclohexane hexahydroxy ... (2,37)
highest containing y repeated acetylphenylhydrazine acetylphenylhydrazines anhydrohydroxyprogesterone anhydrohydroxyprogesterones brachydactyly chylophylly cryptozygy cystopyelography cytophysiologically cytophysiology ... (3,91)
highest containing z repeated pizzazz pizzazzes razzmatazz razzmatazzes (4,4)
most different letters blepharoconjunctivitis pseudolamellibranchiata pseudolamellibranchiate psychogalvanometric (16,4)
highest ratio length/letters kukukuku (400,1)
highest ratio length/letters (no tautonyms) senselessnesses (375,1)
lowest length 16 ratio length/letters ventriculography (106,1)
lowest length 17 ratio length/letters entwicklungsroman hydrobasaluminite pterygomandibular (113,3)
lowest length 18 ratio length/letters carboxyhemoglobins entwicklungsromane hyperglobulinemias psychogalvanometer ventriculographies (120,5)
lowest length 19 ratio length/letters psychogalvanometric (118,1)
lowest length 20 ratio length/letters brachycephalizations dimethyltubocurarine encephalomyocarditis magnetofluiddynamics moschellandsbergites (133,5)
lowest length 21 ratio length/letters diphenylthiocarbazone pseudolamellibranchia sphygmomanometrically (140,3)
lowest length 22 ratio length/letters blepharoconjunctivitis (137,1)
lowest length 23 ratio length/letters pseudolamellibranchiata pseudolamellibranchiate (143,2)
lowest length 24 ratio length/letters diphenylaminechlorarsine laryngotracheobronchitis meningoencephalomyelitis (171,3)
lowest length 25 ratio length/letters spectroheliokinematograph (166,1)

Letter Appearance
longest short letters erroneousnesses verrucosenesses (15,2)
longest tall letters lighttight lillypilly (10,2)
longest vertical-symmetry letters homotaxia thymomata (9,2)
longest horizontal-symmetry letters checkbook checkhook chookchie (9,3)
longest full-symmetry letters ohio (4,1)
highest ratio of dotted letters jinjili (71,1)

longest top row proprietory proterotype rupturewort (11,3)
longest middle row shakalshas (10,1)
longest bottom row MNC (3,1) !
longest in order wettish (7,1)
longest in reverse order bourree chapote chappie chappow gouttee (7,5)
longest left hand tesseradecades (14,0) ?
longest right hand hypolimnion kinnikinnik (11,2)
longest alternating hands leucocytozoans (14,1)
longest one finger deeded humhum hummum muhuhu muumuu (6,5)
longest adjacent keys assessees redresser redresses seeresses sweeswees (9,5)

longest palindrome in Morse code footstool (9,1)
longest formed with chemical symbols nonrepresentationalism (22,1)
longest formed with US postal codes convallarias (12,1)
longest formed with amino acid abbreviations hisser proser serval valval (6,4)
longest formed with piano notes cabbaged fabaceae fagaceae (8,3)

Letter Order

longest letters in order aegilops (8,1)
longest letters in order with repeats aegilops (8,1)
longest letters in reverse order sponged wronged (7,2)
longest letters in reverse order with repeats trollied (8,1)
longest roller-coaster decriminalizations provincializations (18,2)
longest no letters in place trinitrophenylmethylnitramine (29,1)
most letters in place abudefduf agammaglobulinemias archencephalon archetypical archetypically syngenesiotransplantation (5,6)
most letters in place shifted cooperatively daughterlinesses definitivenesses gymnoplast gymnoplasts inoperative inoperativeness inopportunely intraoperatively neighborlinesses ... (6,16)
most consecutive letters in order consecutively bierstube bierstuben bierstubes gymnopaedia gymnopaedias gymnopaedic gymnopedia gymnopedias gymnophiona gymnoplast ... (4,27)
most consecutive letters in order aborticide aborticides abscinded absconded abscondence abscondences alimentotherapy aluminographies aluminography aluminotype ... (5,38)
most consecutive letters appropinquates appropinquations appropinquities equiponderates equiponderations perquisition perquisitions preconquest propinquities quadruplications ... (8,12)
highest ratio of consecutive letters to length klompen (85,1)


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