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This article is from the Puzzles FAQ, by Chris Cole chris@questrel.questrel.com and Matthew Daly mwdaly@pobox.com with numerous contributions by others.

278 language/english/spelling/j.ending.p

What words and names end in j?


Following is a compilation of words ending in j from various
dictionaries. Capitalized words and words marked as foreign
are included, but to keep the list to a managable size,
personal and place names are excluded.

aflaj plural of falaj (Cham)
benj variant of bhang - hemp plant (NI2)
bhimraj the rachet-tailed drongo (F&W)
Bhumij branch of Munda tribes in India (NI3)
Chuj a people of Northwestern Guatemala (NI3)
esraj an Indian musical instrument with 3 or 4 strings (OED2)
falaj a water channel as part of the ancient irrigation
system of Oman (Cham)
Funj variant of Fung - a people dominant in Sennar (NI3)
gaj Omanese coin (NI2)
genj a common type of cotton cloth in Sudan (F&W)
gunj a grannery in India (NI2)
hadj variant of hajj (NI3)
haj variant of hajj (NI3)
hajilij the bito - a small scrubby tree that grows in dry
parts of Africa and Asia (NI2)
hajj pilgimage to Mecca (NI3)
hij obsolete form of hie or high (OED2)
Jubaraj variant of Yuvaraja - the male heir to an Indian
pricipality (OED2)
kaleej variant of kalij (NI3)
kalij any of several crested Indian pheasants (NI3)
kankrej guzerat - a breed of Indian cattle (NI3)
kharaj a tax on unbelievers (NI2)
Khawarij plural of Kharijite - a member of the oldest
religious sect of Islam (NI3)
khiraj variant of kharaj (NI2)
kilij a Turkish saber with a crescent shaped blade (RHD)
kurunj variant of kurung - the Indian beech (NI2)
Maharaj variant of Maharaja - East Indian prince (OED2)
munj a tough Asiatic grass (NI3)
naranj Maldive Island name for mancala - an Arabian board
game (CD)
pakhawaj a doubleheaded drum used in Indian music (OED2)
raj rule (NI3)
saj the Indian laurel (NI2)
samaj Hindu religious society (NI3)
sohmaj variant of samaj (NI2)
somaj variant of samaj (NI2)
svaraj variant of swaraj (F&W)
swaraj local self-government in India (NI3)
taj a tall conical cap worn by Moslems (NI3)
tedj variant of tej (OED2)
tej Ethiopian mead (OED2)
Viraj in Hindu Mythology, the mysterious primeval being
when differentiating itself into male and female (F&W)
Yuvaraj same as Jubaraj (OED2)
Yuveraj same as Jubaraj (OED2)
Yuvraj same as Jubaraj (OED2)
zij Persian astronomical tables (F&W)

This list is almost certainly not complete. For example, on
page 187 of Beyond Language, Dmitri Borgmann has "Udruj" in a
word list. What reference he dug this word out of is unknown;
the combined efforts of the NPL electronic mailing list could
not produce the source of this word. So additions to this list
will be welcomed by the author.


CD - The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia, 1911
Cham - Chambers English Dictionary, 1988
F&W - Funk & Wagnall's New Standard Dictionary of the English
Language, 1941
NI2 - Webster's New International Dictionary, Second Edition,
NI3 - Webster's Third New International Dictionary, 1981
OED2 - Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition, 1989
RHD - Random House Dictionary of the English Language, 1966

Dan Tilque -- dant@logos.WR.TEK.COM


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