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This article is from the Puzzles FAQ, by Chris Cole chris@questrel.questrel.com and Matthew Daly mwdaly@pobox.com with numerous contributions by others.

251 language/english/pronunciation/homograph/homographs.p

List some homographs (words spelled the same but pronounced differently)


This list organized by Mark Brader <msb@sq.com>


A - All of the following "defects" absent
B - Basic meanings are related
C - Capitalization differs ("capitonyms")
D - Different spellings also exist (US vs UK, hyphenation, etc.)
E - Equal pronunciations also exist (US vs UK, regional, etc.)
F - Foreign word, or may be distinguished with accent marks
G - Gcontrived :-), coined, jargon, or other uncommon word

3 - 3-way homograph
4 - 4-way homograph

B abstract {corresponding noun and verb; henceforth abbreviated NV}
B abuse {NV}
B addict {NV}
B advocate {NV}
BG affect {alter; emotion}
B affiliate {NV}
B affix {NV}
G agape {wide open; form of love}
B aggregate {NV}
G ai {sloth; ouch!}
BE ally {NV}
B alternate {NV}
BD analyses {plural noun; singular verb (UK)}
B animate {verb; adjective}
A appropriate {take posession of; suitable}
B approximate {verb; adjective}
E are {form of to be; unit of area}
B arithmetic {noun; adjective}
B articulate {verb; adjective}
4DFG as {like; Roman coin; Persian card game; pl. of a}
B aspirate {NV}
B associate {NV}
A ate {past of eat; recklessness}
B attribute {NV}
C august
A axes {plural of ax; plural of axis}
A bases {plural of base; plural of basis}
A bass {~ fiddle; fishing for ~}
BE blessed {prosperous; he ~ her}
A bow(ed) {~ and arrow; ~ to the king}
E buffet {jostle; ~ lunch}
B bustier {undergarment; more busty}
B close {~ call; ~ the door}
B closer {door ~; more close}
B coagulate {NV}
G coax {urge; coaxial cable}
3FG colon {":"; colonial farmer; Costa Rican monetary unit}
B combat {NV}
B combine {NV}
A commune {take Communion; administrative district}
A compact {closely arranged; treaty}
B compound {NV}
B compress {NV}
B conduct {NV}
B confect {NV}
B confines {NV}
B conflict {NV}
B conglomerate {NV}
B conjugate {NV}
BE conserve {preserve; jam}
A console {soothe; keyboard desk}
B consort {NV}
B construct {NV}
B consummate {verb; adjective}
BE contact {NV}
E content {what is contained; satisfied}
B contest {NV}
B contract {NV}
B contrast {NV}
BG convent {nunnery; convene}
A converse {logic term; to talk}
B convert {NV}
B convict {NV}
BE coordinate {NV}
FG dame {woman; term in the game of Go}
DE decameter {poetic line with 10 feet; 10 meters (US)}
B defect {flaw; turn traitor}
E defense {sports term; fortification}
BE delegate {NV}
B deliberate {adjective; verb}
A desert {leave alone; Sahara ~}
B desolate {adjective; verb}
D dingy {dull; small boat}
BE discharge {NV}
B discriminate {distinguish; opposite of indiscriminate}
E divers {plural diver; various}
F do {perform; tonic note of scale}
A does {~ the buck see the ~?}
A dove {dived; pigeon}
F dozen {12; stun (Scottish)}
B drawer {one who draws; chest of ~s}
B duplicate {NV}
B elaborate {verb; adjective}
A entrance {door; delight}
BDE envelop(e) {NV}
G ergotism {logical reasoning; ergot poisoning}
B escort {NV}
B essay {piece of writing; try}
B estimate {NV}
CFG ewe {female sheep; African language}
B excuse {NV}
B exploit {NV}
BF expose {NV}
B ferment {NV}
E fiasco {failure; bottle}
BDE fillet {cut of meat/fish; band of ribbon/wood}
A flower {one who flows; bloom}
G formal {ceremonious; methylal}
DEG genet {civetlike animal; horselike animal}
A gill {volume unit; organ in fish}
A glower {sullen look; one that glows}
B graduate {NV}
F he {pronoun; Hebrew letter}
CE herb {name; plant}
A hinder {hamper; posterior}
B house {NV}
B import {NV}
A incense {infuriate; perfume for burning}
B increase {NV}
B initiate {NV}
B insert {NV}
B insult {NV}
B intern {NV}
A intimate {~ relations; to suggest}
A invalid {cripple; erroneous}
B invite {NV}
G is {form of to be; plural of i}
B jagged {slashed or cut; having a zigzag edge}
C Job
BCF jubilate {rejoice; joyous song}
CF junker/Junker
3A lather {suds; lath worker; lathe worker}
A lead {~ pipe; ~ astray}
BE legged {past tense verb; adjective}
CF Lima
B live {~ in peace; ~ audience}
B lives {~ in peace; for all of our ~}
D lower {to let down; frown}
F manes {plural of mane; Roman gods}
F mate {friend; type of tea}
D micrometer {measuring device; .000001 meter (US)}
A minute {60 seconds; tiny}
B misconduct {NV}
BE mobile {movable; wind-blown sculpture}
B moderate {NV}
EG molar {back tooth; chemical term}
A moped {brooded; fun vehicle}
BE mouse {rodent; to hunt them}
B mouth {NV}
A mow {pile of hay; to cut down}
B multiply {verb; adverb}
A number {decimal ~; more numb}
B object {thing; complain}
E offense {sports term; attack}
3DG os {bone; esker; pl. of o}
A overage {too old; surplus}
BD paralyses {plural noun; singular verb (UK)}
A pasty {pastelike; British meat pie}
3FG pate {head; food paste; porcelain paste for ceramics}
A peaked {sharply pointed; unhealthy looking}
A peer {equal; one who pees}
B perfect {verb; adjective}
G periodic {regularly occurring; ~ acids, HIO4 and related substances}
B permit {NV}
C Placer
C polish
A poll {head; group of students}
B predicate {NV}
BE premise {NV}
B present {NV}
E primer {intro book/material (US); device for priming}
B proceeds {goes; income}
B produce {give rise to; fruits and vegetables}
B progress {to move forward; work in ~}
A project {planned undertaking; to throw forward}
BE prospect {NV}
B protest {NV}
A pussy {cat; infected}
B putter/putting {golf club; one that puts}
DG rabat {clerical garment; pottery piece used for polishing}
DG rabbi {clerical garment; Jewish religious official}
B ragged {teased; tattered}
F re {pertaining to; 2nd note of scale}
B read {present tense; past tense}
C Reading
F real {actual; former Spanish coin}
B rebel {NV}
B recess {NV}
B recoil {NV}
B record {NV}
D recreate {relax; create again}
3BD redress {compensate; compensation; dress again}
B refill {NV}
B refund {NV}
B refuse {NV}
B regress {NV}
B reject {NV}
E repent {regret; creeping}
B replay {NV}
D represent {stand for; present again}
B rerun {NV}
D research {investigate; search again}
A resent {be indignant; sent again}
D reserve {hold back; serve again}
D resign {quit; sign again}
D resolve {settle dispute; solve again}
D resort {vacation spot; sort again}
F resume {work summary; restart}
A river {watercourse; one who rives}
F rose {flower; wine}
DE routing {making a route for (US spelling); woodworking term}
A row {a fight; ~,~,~ your boat}
DF sake {purpose; Japanese drink}
3AF salve {ointment; salvage; hail!}
3BE second {2nd; 1/60 minute; transfer to temporary job}
B segment {NV}
B separate {NV}
A severer {cutter; more severe}
A sewer {storm ~; one who sews}
A shower {one who shows; ~ stall}
A singer {one who singes; one who sings}
A skied {past tense of ski; past tense of sky}
A slaver {slave taker; drool}
A slough {swamp; cast-off}
A sow {~ seeds; female pig}
A stingy {meager; able to sting}
EG stipulate {request explicitly; having stipules}
EG stupe {hot compress as counterirritant; stupid person}
B subject {NV}
A supply {in a supple way; ~ and demand}
B survey {NV}
B suspect {NV}
G swinger {whopper; one that swings}
G swingle {flax beating tool; single person who "swings"}
B syndicate {NV}
CF tang {flavor; Chinese dynasty}
A tarry {covered in tar; dawdle}
A tear {~ down; shed a ~}
A thou {you; slang for thousand}
A thymic {of thyme; of thymus}
A tier {one who ties; row or rank}
B torment {NV}
A tower {one who tows; leaning ~}
B transfer {NV}
B transplant {NV}
B transport {NV}
DG unionized {~ labor; ~ hydrogen}
B upset {NV}
G us {we; plural of u}
B use {NV}
A violist {viol player; viola player}
A wind {~ the clock; north ~}
CF worms
A wound {injury; wrapped around}
E yak {ox; laugh}


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