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99. The Philip Zimmermann Defense Fund. Fund announcement


This article is from the PGP FAQ, by Jeff Licquia jalicqui@prairienet.org with numerous contributions by others.

99. The Philip Zimmermann Defense Fund. Fund announcement

Here's the original article announcing the fund:

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~Subject: PGP legal defense fund
To: gbe@netcom.com (Gary Edstrom)
~Date: Fri, 15 Oct 93 0:16:56 MDT
~From: Philip Zimmermann <prz@columbine.cgd.ucar.EDU>
In-Reply-To: <9310112013.AA07737@netcom5.netcom.com>; from "Gary Edstrom" at
Oct 11, 93 1:13 pm
~From: Philip Zimmermann <prz@acm.org>
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~Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1993 02:41:31 -0600 (CDT)
~From: hmiller@orion.it.luc.edu (Hugh Miller)
~Subject: PGP defense fund

As you may already know, on September 14 LEMCOM Systems (ViaCrypt)
in Phoenix, Arizona was served with a subpoena issued by the US District
Court of Northern California to testify before a grand jury and produce
documents related to "ViaCrypt, PGP, Philip Zimmermann, and anyone or
any entity acting on behalf of Philip Zimmermann for the time period
June 1, 1991 to the present."

Phil Zimmermann has been explicitly told that he is the primary
target of the investigation being mounted from the San Jose office of
U.S. Customs. It is not known if there are other targets. Whether or
not an indictment is returned in this case, the legal bills will be

If this case comes to trial, it will be one of the most important
cases in recent times dealing with cryptography, effective
communications privacy, and the free flow of information and ideas in
cyberspace in the post-Cold War political order. The stakes are high,
both for those of us who support the idea of effective personal
communications privacy and for Phil, who risks jail for his selfless and
successful effort to bring to birth "cryptography for the masses,"
a.k.a. PGP. Export controls are being used as a means to curtail
domestic access to effective cryptographic tools: Customs is taking the
position that posting cryptographic code to the Internet is equivalent
to exporting it. Phil has assumed the burden and risk of being the
first to develop truly effective tools with which we all might secure
our communications against prying eyes, in a political environment
increasingly hostile to such an idea -- an environment in which Clipper
chips and Digital Telephony bills are our own government's answer to our
concerns. Now is the time for us all to step forward and help shoulder
that burden with him.

Phil is assembling a legal defense team to prepare for the
possibility of a trial, and he needs your help. This will be an
expensive affair, and the meter is already ticking. I call on all of us,
both here in the U.S. and abroad, to help defend Phil and perhaps
establish a groundbreaking legal precedent. A legal trust fund has been
established with Phil's attorney in Boulder. Donations will be accepted
in any reliable form, check, money order, or wire transfer, and in any
currency. Here are the details:

To send a check or money order by mail, make it payable, NOT to Phil
Zimmermann, but to Phil's attorney, Philip Dubois. Mail the check or money
order to the following address:

Philip Dubois
2305 Broadway
Boulder, CO USA 80304
(Phone #: 303-444-3885)

To send a wire transfer, your bank will need the following

Bank: VectraBank
Routing #: 107004365
Account #: 0113830
Account Name: "Philip L. Dubois, Attorney Trust Account"

Any funds remaining after the end of legal action will be returned
to named donors in proportion to the size of their donations.

You may give anonymously or not, but PLEASE - give generously. If
you admire PGP, what it was intended to do and the ideals which animated
its creation, express your support with a contribution to this fund.

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Posted to: alt.security.pgp; sci.crypt; talk.politics.crypto;
comp.org.eff.talk; comp.society.cu-digest; comp.society; alt.sci.sociology;
alt.security.index; alt.security.keydist; alt.security;
alt.society.civil-liberty; alt.society.civil-disob; alt.society.futures

- --

Hugh Miller       | Asst. Prof. of Philosophy |  Loyola University Chicago
FAX: 312-508-2292 |    Voice: 312-508-2727    |  hmiller@lucpul.it.luc.edu
PGP 2.3A Key fingerprint: FF 67 57 CC 0C 91 12 7D  89 21 C7 12 F7 CF C5 7E

European users of PGP may also make contributions to the fund, as
described in the following message posted to alt.security.pgp. Note
that this fund is not endorsed or managed by the people managing the
real legal defense fund; it is intended as a medium for Europeans (and
others) to be able to contribute to the fund easily.


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