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1.12. Where can I obtain PGP?


This article is from the PGP FAQ, by Jeff Licquia jalicqui@prairienet.org with numerous contributions by others.

1.12. Where can I obtain PGP?

PGP is very widely available, so much so that a separate FAQ has been
written for answering this question. It is called, "WHERE TO GET THE
PRETTY GOOD PRIVACY PROGRAM (PGP)"; it is posted in alt.security.pgp
regularly, is in the various FAQ archive sites, and is also available


However, I will describe below the ways to get the differing versions
of PGP from their source sites. Please refer to the above document
for more information.

MIT PGP 2.6.2:

Due to the ITAR regulations (described above), MIT has found it
necessary to place PGP in an export-controlled directory to prevent
people outside the United States from downloading it. If you are in
the USA, you may follow these directions:

Telnet to net-dist.mit.edu and log in as "getpgp". You will then be
given a short statement about the regulations concerning the export of
cryptographic software, and be given a series of yes/no questions to
answer. If you answer correctly to the questions (they consist mostly
of agreements to the RSADSI and MIT licenses and questions about
whether you intend to export PGP), you will be given a special
directory name in which to find the PGP code. At that point, you can
FTP to net-dist.mit.edu, change to that directory, and access the
software. You may be denied access to the directories even if you
answer the questions correctly if the MIT site cannot verify that your
site does in fact reside in the USA.

Further directions, copies of the MIT and RSAREF licenses, notes, and
the full documentation are freely available from:


An easier method of getting to the PGP software is now available on
the World Wide Web at the following location:


ViaCrypt PGP 2.7.1:

ViaCrypt PGP is not generally available for FTP; it is commercial
software. It is, furthermore, not available outside the United States
or Canada except under special circumstances. See above (question
1.9) for contact information.

PGP 2.6.2i:

As Norway is not limited by ITAR, no hoops are needed to get this


You may also get it via mail by sending a message to
hypnotech-request@ifi.uio.no with your request in the subject:

GET pgp262i[s].[zip | tar.gz]

Specify the "s" if you want the source code. Putting ".zip" at the
end gets you the files in the PKZIP/Info-ZIP archive format, while
putting "tar.gz" at the end gets the files in a gzipped tar file.

PGP 2.6ui:


This link is also an excellent resource for other information about PGP.

A note on ftpmail:

For those individuals who do not have access to FTP, but do have access
to e-mail, you can get FTP files mailed to you. For information on
this service, send a message saying "Help" to ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com.
You will be sent an instruction sheet on how to use the ftpmail


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