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34 What are sources of fractal music?


This article is from the sci.fractals FAQ, by Michael C. Taylor and Jean-Pierre Louvet with numerous contributions by others.

34 What are sources of fractal music?

One fractal recording is "The Devil's Staircase: Composers and
Chaos" on the Soundprint label. A second is "Curves and Jars" by Barry
Lewis. You can contact MPS Music & Video for further information:
Rosegarth, Hetton Road, Houghton-le-Spring, DH5 8JN, England or online
at CDeMUSIC (http://www.emf.org/focus_lewisbarry.html).

Does anyone know of others? Mail me at fractal-faq@mta.ca.

Some references, many from an unpublished article by Stephanie Mason,

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Online resources include:

Well Tempered Fractal v3.0 by Robert Greenhouse

A fractal music C++ package is available at

The Fractal Music Project (Claus-Dieter Schulz)

Chua's Oscillator: Applications of Chaos to Sound and Music

Fractal Music Lab

Fractal Music - Phil Thompson

fractal music in MIDI format by Jose Oscar Marques

Don Archer's fractal art and music contains several pieces of fractal
music in MIDI format.

LMUSe, a DOS program that generates MIDI music and files from 3D

There is now a Fractal Music mailing list. It's purposes are:

1. To inform people about news, updates, changes on the Fractal Music
Projects WWW pages.
2. To encourage discussion between people working in that area.

The Fractal Music Mailinglist: fmusic@kssun7.rus.uni-stuttgart.de

To subscribe to the list please send mail to


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