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85 Motorola 68XX (Robotics Microcontroller)


This article is from the Robotics FAQ, by Kevin Dowling nivek@cs.cmu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

85 Motorola 68XX (Robotics Microcontroller)

A 68HC11 is an 8-bit data, 16-bit address microcontroller from
Motorola, with an instruction set similar to the older 68xx (6801,
6805, 6809) parts. It has several on-chip resources including digital
I/O, timers, PWM, A/D RAM, various types of ROM, and synchronous and
asynchronous communications channels (RS-232 and SPI). It can easily
be integrated into single-chip applications. Less than 20ma current
draw. Good freeware assembly-language tools are available, as well as
several good commercial C compilers. It is widely used because it is
very inexpensive and the availability of developments tools makes it
very attractive.

Moto nows offers an evaluation kit that includes DOS and Mac
compatible software, low-power design tutorial and extensive technical
literature. M68EBLPIIKIT has batteries included and has 68HC11E9
microcontroller, LCD display, Moto LCD driver, RS232 line
driver/receiver chips, wire-wrap area for custom work, simple
development platform and development code. Includes assembler, several
examples, and extra crystals. $199.11 through 4/22/94.

For a lot more detail see the 68HC11 FAQ at:
"FAQ The FAQ is also regularly posted to several newsgroups.

To subscribe to a listserv mailing list for 68HC11's send the
following message to listserv@bobcat.etsu.edu

subscribe mc68hc11

There is also a FAQ on news:comp.sys.m68k. This FAQ covers the
Motorola M680x0 and the MC68300 series of microprocessors. There are
sections on the VME bus and PowerPC parts. Sources for software for
all Motorola products including the HC11 series is included. This list
also points to resources provided by Motorola to its customers. Much
of this FAQ is applicable to parts other than the M68K.

The 68k FAQ is available on the World Wide Web at
* [19]http://www.comlab.ox.ac.uk/archive/cards/m68kfaq.html.
* [20]ftp://bode.ee.ualberta.ca:/pub/motorola/
* [21]ftp://ftp.ee.ualberta.ca.:/pub/motorola/
* [22]ftp://ftp.luth.se:/pub/misc/motorola/faq/m68kfaq*.gz

Although there are reports of shortages of the 68HC11, presumably
because of large customers, here is one vendor who is reported to have
significant stock:

Contact Beall and Glenn at 800-874-4797.
MC68HC11A1 - $2.50 each.
MC68HC11E1 - $3.00 each.
MC68HC11E1 - $3.00 each. ( This is a 12Mhz version.)
If you order over $20 the shipping is free. They also take VISA.

[18.2] Motorola 683xx (Robotics Microcontroller)

The 683xx family from Moto are highly integrated CPU's. Several have
onboard RAM (eg, up to 2K), none have on-board ROM, but they do have
timers, software programmable chip selects, etc, making it possible to
build very small but complete systems.

68302: Designed for communications, especially ISDN. On-board nice
serial controller. 68000 CPU, some memory.

68330: Has CPU32, which is in between a 68000 and a 68020. Not much

68331: Add standard async serial controller.

68332: Add separate Time Processing Unit and some RAM. The TPU can do
things like off-line PWM processing. Nice general package.

68340: Delete TPU, add DMA controller.


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