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22 Robotics Competitions part6 Robot Symposium and Navigation Contest


This article is from the Robotics FAQ, by Kevin Dowling nivek@cs.cmu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

22 Robotics Competitions part6 Robot Symposium and Navigation Contest

Robot Symposium & Navigation Contest

The Robotics Society of Southern California will hold its second
annual Robot Symposium and first annual Navigation Contest at Orange
Coast College in Costa Mesa. The symposium will be held on Saturday
June 3, 1995 >from 10 am to 6 pm. Depending on how many people we have
presenting, we may have the contests on Sunday the 4th.

Last year we held the symposium in conjuction with the Faire, this
year we have decided to move the symposium and the contests to the
first weekend in June. We felt that due to the technical nature of the
symposium and the need for more concentrated effort for the contests
it would be better to hold separate events -- with a more restricted
audience, specifically Gearheads, rather the general public as is the
case with the Faire.

If anyone would like to present a paper or give a show-n-tell
presentation, please contact Jerry Burton. The Navigation contest
will be broken into several parts to encourage as much participation
as possible. The primary contest will have 5 sections, namely :

1. Wander mode with obstacle avoidance. The robot will be confined to a
12x12 foot area with 2-3 high walls and multiple obstacles in it. The
obstacles will be chairs and boxes (simulating furniture). There may be
internal walls erected to break the 12x12 area into several rooms. The
winning robot is the one that covers the most area while avoiding the
obstacles within the room(s).

2. Specific goal navigation with obstacle avoidance. The robot must move
>from a designated start position to a specific goal area, while avoiding
objects in its path. A specific room layout will be provided in the
official rules. The robot can take advantage of this layout with furniture
in place, to construct an internal map, but there may be additional
obstacles placed during the actual contest run. The robot that comes
closest to the goal in the most direct manner will be declared the winner.

3. Lost robot reorientation. The robot will be placed randomly in the
12x12 foot room and must use landmarks or beacons to reorient itself and
then move to a designated goal area. Each contestant may provide beacons
of their own design to help the robot reorient itself. Points will be
given for beacon systems that could be used in a real home environment.

4. Find object and retrieve it. The robot must find an object within the
environment and retrieve it. The user may supply the object to be found.
It will be placed randomly within the 12x12 foot room and the robots job
is to find the object and take it back to the starting position. As a
variation the robot can be positioned no closer than 3 feet from the
object and the robot must locate the object and pick it up.

5. Any navigation related activity not covered by 1-4. This section is
for robots that cant do tasks in section 1-4, but have some navigation
oriented skill the builder wishes to display. For example, a robot that
can do corridor following, servoing off the walls, shows a meaningful and
useful skill for any mobile robot that may be used in a home environment.

The primary goal of this contest is to provide a forum for people to
demonstrate how they have solved all or part of the mobile robot
navigation problem. This is not a speed contest. Judging will be based
solely on how well a robot solves the particuliar problem it was designed
to solve.

The Robot Olympics contest that has been held in the past is an example of
what we hope to have happen regarding our navigation contest. What they do
is create contests on the spot to accomodate the capabilities of
whatever robots show up. We will do the same thing as long as your robot
solves some aspect of the overall navigation problem.

Detailed rules will provided on request. For information and rules contact
Jerry Burton E-Mail pir2@aol.com, or voice (714) 535-8161 or snail-mail
requests to 10471 S. brookhurst St., Anaheim, CA 92804.

Get building NOW - June is just around the corner.


Jerry Burton



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