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20 Robotics Competitions part4 IJCAI-95 Robot Competition


This article is from the Robotics FAQ, by Kevin Dowling nivek@cs.cmu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

20 Robotics Competitions part4 IJCAI-95 Robot Competition

Raja Chatila, [39]raja@laas.fr,
and Dave Miller, [40]dmiller@azrael.mitre.org,
are robotic events co-organizers for IJCAI-95 in Montreal next August.
If you think you might be interested in participating in any of the
events described below, or would like some additional information,
please feel free to drop Raja or Dave a line. To get on the mailing
list for these events send email to Dave Miller,

1) Robot Competition 95:
This event will be similar to the robot competition held at
AAAI-94. Research robots will compete in a set of generalized
navigation and navigation/manipulation tasks. As in the 94 contest,
the bulk of the trials will be done offline, and the finals and an
exhibition will be held during a public session for the conference.
David Kortenkamp, [42]korten@mickey.jsc.nasa.gov
is the point of contact for more details on this event.

2) Intelligent Wheelchair Competition:
This is another robot contest, but this time the focus is on a
particular application: robotic mobility assistants for the severly
disabled. The competition tasks will include things such as room to
room navigation, speed trials down crowded hallways and through
doorways, and docking with desks and tables. Each robot must be able
to carry a human user, and all communications with the robot must be
done by the user (no radios, etc). The contest goals are to see who
can make the most capable chair with the best user interface (if a
user could type well, or operate a joystick competently, than an
ordinary wheelchair would do!). Contact:

To encourage participation in this new event, especially in
institutions that have not yet dealt with assistive robotics, KISS
Institute for Practical Robotics (kipr@src.umd.edu) has assembled a
low-cost intelligent wheelchair starter system and is selling it, at
cost, to schools interested in this IJCAI event. Send them some mail
for more info.

3) Robot exhibition (not-so-stupid robot tricks)
This will be a time and place for some unique robot systems to
show off their stuff. The participants in this event should have a
demonstration that is dynamic and of wide appeal. Examples might
include: bi-pedal walking robots; robot teams playing soccer
(football); robot interpretive (non-random) dance. This is not meant
to be an industrial robot show, and product demonstrations will not be
strongly discouraged. This is meant to be an intelligent and
innovative robot show.

More information on all of these events will be forthcoming, but his to get
everyone started thinking. Hope to see you all in Montral,

David P. Miller                         7525 Colshire Drive
Principal Scientist                     MS Z421
MITRE Corporation                       McLean, VA 22102, USA
voice: (703) 883-7667                   FAX: (703) 883-6435


International Festival of Science and Technology

LAST DATE : May 9-15 1994
NEXT DATE : May 22-28 1995
LOCATION : La Ferte-Bernard - FRANCE
EVENTS :* 4 robotic mobile competitions:
150 competitors from the largest Universities in the world
competing in a mobile robotic challenge (Canada, Korea,
Japan, Russia, Switzerland, USA, Portugal, Bulgaria...).
* 6 thematic days of scientific conferences : Industries,
Research and Technology to the service of the public.
During six days, it will be an opportunity for researchers,
industrialists and the public to meet one another,to discuss
themes such as, the automobile, energy, agriculture,
medicine and the multimedias.
* 6 pedagogical mornings.
AWARDS : Names engraved on trophies
Certificate for all participants
$1,000 speed category, $1,000 design category, $1,000 origi
nal category
INFO : Decouverte et Communication
26, rue Berthollet
94110 Arcueil FRANCE
Tel : 33 (1) 49 85 01 56
Fax : 33 (1) 49 85 04 87
Email : uguen@world-net.sct.fr
Web: [44]http://mars.sct.fr/festival.htm


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