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08 Robotics Clubs


This article is from the Robotics FAQ, by Kevin Dowling nivek@cs.cmu.edu with numerous contributions by others.

08 Robotics Clubs

The original computer club in Silicon Valley was the Homebrew computer
club, out of which evolved a major portion of the personal computer
industry. In that spirit, if not the hope for history repeating
itself, a number of robotics societies and clubs have sprung up.

"Atlanta Hobby Robotics Association"

John W. Gutmann
P.O. Box 2050
Stone Mountain, GA 30086
tel: 404.972.7082
fax: 404.979.3660
net: [26]jgutmann@robot4u.atl.ga.us
bbs: Robots R4U 404.978.7300 - 300-14400 - 8N1 - 24hrs - 7days

Supporting Hobby Robot activity in Atlanta and more. Source of "Robot
Hobby; The Complete Manual, for Individuals and Clubs" See Books

"Connecticut Robotics Society"

c/o Jake Mendelssohn
190 Mohegan Drive
West Hartford, CT 06117
tel: 203.233.2379
net: [27]Jake.Mendelssohn@circellar.com

"Computers, Robotics and Artists Society of Houston [CRASH]"

contact: Jason Asbahr
net: [28]asbahr@crash.org
116 E. Edgebrook #603
Houston, Texas 77034
tel: 713.946.2732
net: [29]info@crash.org
url: [30]http://www.crash.org/crash.html
url: [31]http://fisher.psych.uh.edu/crash.html

C.R.A.S.H is a non-profit organization. We bring together people with
technical, educational, and artistic backgrounds to develop and
distribute software, media, and learning environments. We organize
hands-on events where children and adults construct and interact with
friendly robots, virtual worlds, digital fairy tales, and multimedia
art projects.

"The Dallas Personal Robotics Group"

Dallas Personal Robotics Group
c/o Eric Yundt - President
5112 Hardaway Circle
The Colony, TX 75056
tel: 214.625.4454
fax: 214.612.2035
url: [32]http://www.robotics.com/dprg.html
net: [33]eric@sssi.com, [34]srainwater@ncc.com
BBS: The Interociter BBS 214.650.0237

"LA Area Robotics and Automation Group"

Los Angeles, CA

If you wish to subscribe to the mailing list, please send a message
to: [36]listproc@cad.ucla.edu with a blank Subject: line and the body
of the message reading:
subscribe la-ragroup

"Nashua Robot Builders Club [NRB] "

(formerly Boston Robot Group)
c/o John Cooke
133-A Haines St BBS:
Nashua, NH 03060
net: [37]jdcook@mv.mv.com
tel: 603.595.5953

Meetings second Saturday at 1pm. For those who like computers and
robots to meet and trade ideas, parts, know-how etc.

"Northern New Mexico Robotics Group"

Los Alamos, NM 87545
contact: Mark W. Tilden
tel: 505.667.2902
fax: 505.665.3644
net: [38]mwtilden@lanl.gov
url: [39]http://www.acl.lanl.gov/~mwd/NNMR

Meet last Saturday of month, at noon, at Mesa Public Library.

"Palo Alto Homebrew Robotics Club"

c/o Chuck McManis
561 Hyannis Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

"Portland Area Robotics Society (PARTS)"

821 SW 14th
Troutdale, OR 97060
tel: 503.666.5907
net: [41]marvin@agora.rdrop.com
contact: Marvin Green
[42]PARTS Web Site

Meet 1st Saturday of month at Mount Hood Community College.
The purpose of the Portland Area Robotics Society is to support
and promote the development of personal robotics, and to
facilitate the exchange of information between robot
enthusiasts. P.A.R.T.S will help provide practical and
technical assistance to its members, by promoting
experimentation, construction, discussions, seminars,
exhibitions, and contests, in the field of hobby robotics.
Membership to P.A.R.T.S shall be open to all persons, who are
interested in learning more about robotics, and furthering the
objectives of the club. To get the most from P.A.R.T.S, active
participation is wholeheartedly encouraged. After all, you only
get out of it what you put into it. Membership is $20 a year
and includes the PARTS newsletter.
PARTS also has a newsletter that focuses on robotics for the
hobbyist. Each issue contains valuable information on
electronics, microcontrollers, sensors, hardware construction
and software for robotics. You can obtain a set of twelve
newsletters for only $9.95. This includes shipping and

"The Robot Group"

POB 164334
Austin, TX 78716
contact: Alex Iles, President
tel: 512.288.9135
url: [43]http://www.robotgroup.org
net: [44]robo@robotgroup.org

Meet every Thursday, Ted's Greek Corner, 417 Congress Ave, 7:30 PM.

"Robotics Club of Maryland"

Computer Science Dept.
A.V. Williams Bldg. (115)
University of Maryland
College Park, Md. 20742-3255
contact: Stephen Klueter, President
net: [45]steveck@Glue.umd.edu

"Robotics Group"

President/founder: Franco Arteseros
13702 East Lehigh Ave, unit E.
Aurora, CO 80014
tel: 303.680.9324
net: [46]kiko2@ix.netcom.com

"The Robotics Society of America"

PO Box 1205
Danville, CA 94526-1205
tel: 415.550.0588
fax: 415.550.0411
bbs: 415.648.6427 (supports 14.4Kb)
net: [47]bsmall@sfrsa.com

Subscription to SFRSA "Magazine" The normal subscription rate will be
$25 for 12 monthly issues.

"Robotics Society of Southern California"

Jess Jackson, President
PO Box 26044
Santa Ana, CA 92799-6044
tel: 909.389.9243 (fax too)
bbs: 714.538.0614
net: [48]rssc@netcom.com

"Rochester Institute of Technology"

Brace Peters, President
net: [49]robotics@ritvax.isc.rit.edu
RIT Robotics Club
1502 Grace Watson Hall
Rochester, New York 14623

Meetings are held every Sunday, 7:00 pm in building 09, room 2139
(Gleason building)

"San Francisco Robotics Society of America"

Brad Smallridge, Director
P.O.Box 1205
Danvile, CA 94526-1205
BBS 415-648-6427, 14.4K N81

"Seattle Robotics Society"

contact: Karl Lunt
net: [51]karl@mav.com
P.O.Box 665
Mill Creek, WA 98012
tel: 206.483.0447
url: [52]http://www.hhhh.org/srs

Meet 3rd Saturday, 10:00 AM at Renton Technical College, Rm J-205.

"Triangle Amateur Robotics Club"

P.O. Box 17523
Raleigh, NC 27619
tel: 919.782.8703
net: [53]sasrer@unx.sas.com (Rodney Radford)
tel: 919.677.8001 x7703
hme: 919.469.9359

Meets first Monday of every month at 7:30pm on NCSU campus (110 Clark

"Twin Cities Robotics/AI Group "

St Paul, Minnesota
Contact: Alan Kilian
tel: 612.683.5499
url: [56]http://lenti.med.umn.edu/~mwd/robot.html

"University of North Carolina Asheville Robotics Club"

contact: Paul Schuh
tel: 704.645.6165
net: [57]schuh@phys.unca.edu

A related group:

"MicroMechanics Information Clearinghouse"

Requests to join list are sent to: FTP site: [58]ftp://mems.isi.edu/,
directories: /pub/prm, /pub/prospero, /pub/mems, /pub/papers and here:

"Robot related performance art:"

"Survival Research Laboratories"

1458-C San Bruno Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94110
tel/fax: 415.641.8065
contact: SRL director Mark Pauline
net: [60]support@srl.org (may or may not be up on any given day...)
net: [61]mark@SRL.org or [62]support@SRL.org

Survival Research Laboratories is a not-for-profit machine-
performance art group conceived of and founded by Mark Pauline in
November 1978. Since its inception SRL has operated as an organization
of creative technicians dedicated to re-directing the techniques,
tools, and tenets of industry, science, and the military away from
their typical manifestations in practicality, product or warfare.

Since 1979, SRL has staged over 45 mechanized presentations in the
United States and Europe. Each performance consists of a unique set of
ritualized interactions between machines, robots, and special effects
devices, employed in developing themes of socio-political satire.
Humans are present only as audience or operators.

Survival Research Laboratories is accessible via WWW and email:
[63]http://www.srl.org and

The site has scanned-in photographs and video images of SRL shows in
GIF and JPG format and news. Questions or comments to

Joel Plutchak has a WWW mirror site for SRL at:
[66]http://lager.geo.brown.edu:8080/pub/srl/ and

There are two SRL tapes carried by Media Magic - a company that has
all sorts of great books, programs, CD-ROMs, laser disks, videos, etc
dealing with computers in science and art. The tapes are:
* #v112a The Pleasures Of Unihibited Excess ($30)
* #v112b The Will To Provoke ($25)

Media Magic
P.O. Box 598
Nicasio, CA 94946
tel: 415.662.2426 or orders
tel: 800.882.8284


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