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51 Citations and Acknowledgements (fusion-faq)


This article is from the Fusion FAQ, by Robert F. Heeter heeter1@llnl.gov with numerous contributions by others.

51 Citations and Acknowledgements (fusion-faq)

****** Blanket Acknowledgement ******

The staff who prepared the WWW page at PPPL deserve a blanket
acknowledgement, and the others who have prepared much of PPPL's
public information do too, since I have drawn heavily on their
work in a variety of different sections.

*********** Section-by-Section *************

*** Section 1 - Fusion as a Physical Phenomenon

! John Cobb, johncobb@emx.cc.utexas.edu, whose description of
aneutronic fusion I borrowed.
* Marybeth Gurski, gurski@cs.iastate.edu - guinea pig for
first draft; made many suggestions and corrections
! Rich Schroeppel, rcs@cs.arizona.edu - corrections and
! Art Carlson, awc@ipp-garching.mpg.de - corrections and
! John Wright, jcwright@pppl.gov - minor corrections.

*** Section 2 - Fusion as a Future Energy Source

! Art Carlson, awc@ipp-garching.mpg.de, for many of the questions,
and some of the answers, particularly describing the main
components of a fusion reactor.

*** Section 3 - Fusion as a Scientific Research Program

*** Section 4 - Confinement Approaches
! John Cobb, johncobb@uts.cc.utexas.edu - info on electrostatic
! Steven Jones, jonesse@physics.byu.edu - info on muon-catalyzed
fusion, corrections to my original entries.
! Ken Doniger, doniger@lsil.com - additional references on new
developments in electrostatic confinement
! Paul Koloc, prometheus!pmk@cs.umd.edu - info on the plasma focus
and Z-pinch approaches.
* John Lien, jtl@els.cray.com - info on subterranean pure-fusion bomb
detonation as an energy source

*** Section 5 - Status of Current Fusion Devices

! Art Carlson, awc@ipp-garching.mpg.de - info on various machines.
! Albert Chou, albert@seas.ucla.edu - info on LLNL machines.
! John Cobb, johncobb@uts.cc.utexas.edu - info on various machines.
! Emilio Martines, martines@pdigi3.igi.pd.cnr.it - info on RFX.
! Stephen Cooper - JET info.
! David Ward, ward@crppsun.epfl.ch - more info on new machines
* Bonnie Nestor, mnj@ornl.gov - info on ATF, TdeV
! Andres C. Gaeris, agae@lle.rochester.edu - info on Omega, Nike

*** Section 6 - Recent Results

* Thanks to the TFTR and JET teams for giving us results to discuss!
* Particular thanks to Stephen Cooper at JET, who posted in Dec. 1993
on the state of JET research, which I quoted extensively.

*** Section 7 - Educational Opportunities

* Geoff Maddison (geoff.maddison@aea.orgn.uk) and
* Diane Carroll (via nuf@pppl.gov) - for providing
information on summer programs.
! Art Carlson - list of major upcoming conferences and plasma
schools in various countries.
* Jim Day, jim.day@support.com - for suggesting high-school
experiments be included.
! David Pearson, dwcp@mercury.nerc-nutis.ac.uk - info on european
plasma programs
* Thanks to the many students who have sent me email with questions!

*** Section 8 - Internet Resources

* Dieter Britz, BRITZ@kemi.aau.dk - I used his information on
retrieving files from the vm1.nodak.edu ftp/listserv site.
* Bijal Modi - set up the neutrino.berkeley.edu ftp site.
! Art Carlson - info on Garching Gopher site.
! Joe Chew - for making himself available to provide info.
* Bonnie Nestor, mnj@ornl.gov - info on UTexas net resources.
? Perry Phillips, phillips@hagar.ph.utexas.edu - more Texas info.
! Chuck Harrison, harr@netcom.com - clued me in to sunsite resources.
! Steve Fairfax - told me about MIT WWW
pages, and thereby led me to take another look at the DOE info.

*** Section 10 - Glossary - Acknowledgements:

! Jake Blanchard, blanchard@engr.wisc.edu - suggested we have a
list of acronyms too.
! Arthur Carlson, awc@ipp-garching.mpg.de - supplied additional
definitions, made corrections / amplifications / revisions to
earlier definitions.
! Edward Chao, ehchao@theory.pppl.gov - info on LANL fusion research,
additions and corrections to various definitions.
! Albert Chou, albert@seas.ucla.edu - supplied additional
definitions, made corrections / amplifications / revisions to
earlier definitions.
! John Cobb, johncobb@uts.cc.utexas.edu - lots o' definitions.
! James Crotinger, jac@gandalf.llnl.gov - additional definitions,
quality control, and comments on the usefulness of the FUT.
* Jim Day, jim.day@support.com - initial list of terms, additional
definitions, modifications to earlier definitions.
! Steve Fairfax - additional definitions
from the Alcator weekly reports.
* Robin Herman, _Fusion: Search for Endless Energy_; I borrowed a
few terms from her glossary. Cited as (from Herman). (Many
of these terms derived from the PPPL glossary I also used.)
! Paul M. Koloc, pmk@prometheus.UUCP - quality control, some entries
! Emilio Martines, martines@pdigi3.igi.pd.cnr.it - quality control,
reversed-field entries & information.
* Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, Glossary of Fusion Terms - list of
terms prepared by PPPL staff at some point. Consulted in many
cases, blatantly paraphrased in some, quoted and cited in
* Mike Ross, mikeross@almaden.ibm.com - additional Livermore info
and corrections to some entries.
* Richard Schroeppel, rcs@cs.arizona.edu - suggestions/corrections to
many definitions.
! Philip Snyder, pbsnyder@theory.pppl.gov - corrections to
! Paul Stek, Stek@cmod.pfc.mit.edu - additional definitions
!? Mitchell Swarz, mica@world.std.com - supplied additional
definitions / corrections and revisions to existing definitions.

*** Section 11 - Bibliography

* Acknowledgements are included with each reference listed.
* Additional thanks to Jim Day, jim.day@support.com, who gave
me the initial list of references, from which this grew.

*** Additional Acknowledgements:

* Thanks to John Wright for doing much of the work required
to convert the FAQ to Web format.

* I owe a special thank-you to Rush Holt at PPPL, who has been
a mentor, answered zillions of questions, provided innumerable
references, and generally helped me acquire the background and
tools to put this together.

* The same goes for my professors here at PPPL.


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