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46 Plasma Physics - General Texts


This article is from the Fusion FAQ, by Robert F. Heeter heeter1@llnl.gov with numerous contributions by others.

46 Plasma Physics - General Texts

(focus is on the science of plasmas, rather than engineering of

* Chen, Francis F. _Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled
Fusion, vol 1._ [421 p.] Plenum Publishing Corporation. 2nd
edition, 1984.

Intuitive (vs. mathematically rigorous) general plasma physics
text. Chapters on single-particle motion, MHD, waves, diffusion &
resistivity, equilibrium & stability, kinetic theory, nonlinear
effects. IMHO, frequently used as an undergraduate / basic
graduate text. "It provides all the plasma physics you could
need. However, like the title states, it is an INTRODUCTORY text.
Sometimes, the physical descriptions are not very rigorous, almost
too simple." - Robert Buckles

Level: Junior/Senior Undergraduate
[Robert F. Heeter, rfheeter@phoenix.princeton.edu]
[Albert Chou, albert@seas.ucla.edu]
[Robert Buckles, buckles@cae.wisc.edu]

* Hazeltine, RD, and Meiss, JD, _Plasma Confinement_ [411 p.]
(Addison Wesley, 1992)

Confinement-oriented approach to plasma physics, largely
fusion-oriented, tending towards theoretical as opposed to
experimental topics (from the intro). Chapters on Equilibrium
of confined plasmas, Kinetic description, Coulomb collisions,
Fluid Description, Stability of confinement, Collisional
transport, Nonlinear processes. "I know Chen's book pretty
well, Miyamoto's less well. Both are inferior to Hazeltine
and Meiss..." - Bruce Scott

Level: Graduate or advanced undergraduate.
[Robert F. Heeter, rfheeter@phoenix.princeton.edu]
[Bruce Scott, bds@hagar.ph.utexas.edu]

* Ichimaru, S. _Statistical Plasma Physics_ [2 volumes]
Addison-Wesley. 1992.

First volume treats plasma theory from statistical-kinetic
point of view as an extension/application of statistical

Graduate level.
[Robert F. Heeter, rfheeter@phoenix.princeton.edu]

* Krall, N., and Trivelpiece, A.. _Principles of Plasma Physics._
[674 p.] San Francisco Press, 1986.

Comprehensive introductory text for graduate students. Chapters
on basic concepts and terminology, fluid/MHD models,
statistical/kinetic models, waves, stability, transport. Readers
should be forewarned that the book was published around the few
years when the fusion program in the US took a serious downturn
and thus is seriously out of date concerning "current"

Graduate level.
[Robert F. Heeter, rfheeter@phoenix.princeton.edu]
[Albert Chou, albert@seas.ucla.edu]

* Miyamoto, Kenro. _Plasma physics for nuclear fusion._ [640 p.]
MIT Press. 1989.

This is another general plasma physics textbook, angled
towards the fusion applications. Major sections on introductory
material, MHD, Kinetic descriptions, and "Heating,
Diagnostics, and Confinement."

Graduate or senior undergraduate Level.
[Robert F. Heeter, rfheeter@phoenix.princeton.edu]

* Nicholson, Dwight R. _Introduction to Plasma Theory._ [292 p.]
John Wiley and Sons. 1983.

Introductory plasma physics textbook, emphasis on theory, not
meant to be used as a reference. Contents, in order:
Introduction, Single-Particle Motion, Kinetic Theory
(3 chapters with progressively more approximations),
Vlasov Equation, Fluid Equations, MHD, Discrete Particle
Effects, Weak Turbulence Theory.

Beginning graduate / advanced undergraduate level.
[Robert F. Heeter, rfheeter@phoenix.princeton.edu.]

* Rose, DJ, and Clark, M, Jr, _Plasmas and Controlled Fusion_
(MIT, 1961)

"For those who want a good dose of some plasma physics aspects
and a little less reactor technology, Rose and Clark is better
than Kammash (also for those like me who are familiar with the
physics and want a really basic intro to the engineering aspects).
Unfortunately it is pre-tokamak, so the methods and _basic_
calculations involved in things like induction emf fields are
not present." - Bruce Scott

[Bruce Scott, bds@hagar.ph.utexas.edu]

* Schmidt, George. _Physics of high temperature plasmas._ Academic
Press. 1979.

An advanced graduate text, I believe. I've looked at it, but
not in great depth. A good reference, I think.

Level: Advanced Graduate
[Albert Chou, albert@seas.ucla.edu]


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