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Electrochemistry FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrochemistry.

This FAQ about Electrochemistry was compiled and written by Zoltan Nagy nagy@anl.gov with numerous contributions by others.

-2.) SCI.CHEM.ELECTROCHEM available as the E-Mail list ELETQM-L
-3.) Electrochemical nomenclature, standards, etc.
-4.) Scientific/technical societies (or divisions/sections thereof) with primary interest in electrochemistry
See also Section (8.1.1) for more links to societies on the WWW....
-5.) Electrochemistry handbooks, data collections, bibliographies
-6.1) English language electrochemistry journals and book series
See also Section (8.1.2) for more journal links on the WWW....
-6.2) English language electrochemistry journals and book series
Journal of Solution ...
-6.3) English language electrochemistry journals and book series
Ionics, International Journal of Ionics: The Science and Technology of Ionic ...
-7.1) Archives of messages from SCI.CHEM.ELECTROCHEM/ELETQM-L
Messages are archived on ELETQM-L e-mail list for the time ...
-7.2) Software package: Chemical reaction network toolbox (CRNT), Version 1.02
The Chemical Reaction Network Toolbox, Version 1.02 is now avail-...
-7.3) Bibliographic list of review chapters relating to electrochemistry
This compilation of review chapters on electrochemical science, engineering,...
-7.4) Cold nuclear fusion bibliography
This bibliography has been collected since about the middle of 1989. It ...
-7.5) Electrochemistry Encyclopedia
The Encyclopedia contains popupar-science style articles describing many ...
-7.6) Worldwide directory of graduate schools for electrochemical science and engineering
See also Section (8.1.3) for WWW links to Academic Centers....
-7.7) EnAnalize - a program for the analysis of electrochemical noise
The EnAnalize program has been written to perform standard statistical ...
-7.8) Electrochemical simulations package (ESP)
ESP is a program to perform general electrochemical simulations and ...
-7.9) List of electrochemistry books
This compilation contains books on electrochemical science, engineering, ...
-7.10) Publications of the Electrochemical Society, Inc. (ECS)
Index tables for recent and past years of the Journal, Proceedings Volumes, ...
-7.11) List of electrochemistry proceedings volumes
This compilation contains proceedings volumes of meetings, symposia, workshops,...
-7.12) Waitfor v1.3: Cooperatively runs EG&G programs (Electrochemistry)
For electochemists using EG&G INSTRUMENTS software for EIS (M398) and for ...
-7.13) Program: COATING, for electroplating calculations
It calculates throwing power for current, metal, current efficiency, ...
-7.14) Bibliography of Scanning Electrochemical Miscroscopy (SECM)
Bibliography of Scanning Electrochemical Miscroscopy (SECM) and closely ...
-7.15) A Data Analysis Service for Steady-State Voltammetry via the World Wide Web
-7.16) AC impedance/immittance spectroscopy fitting program (LEVM)
-7.17) Cyclic Voltammetry Simulator
This simulator is a tutorial program covering the fundamental concepts of ...
-7.18) Electrochemistry Dictionary
Simple and brief definitions of words and phrases used often ...
-7.19) VirtualCV v1.0: A free cyclic voltametry simulator
The software can be dowloaded via anonymous FTP:...
-7.20) Electrochemistry books published before 1950 (English language only)
-7.21) List of in-situ electrochemical FTIR papers published worldwide since 1997.
(1) Reviews, reflectance-Abnormal Infra Red Effects and the adsorption of ...
-7.22) ELSIM: Program for the simulation of electrochemical transient methods.
ELSIM version 3....
-7.22) ELSIM: Basic publications about the ELSIM program:
-7.22) ELSIM: Automatic derivation of mathematical governingequations:
-7.22) ELSIM: Formula translation and automatic construction ofsimulation algorithms:
-7.22) ELSIM: Various simulation methods implemented in the program:
-7.22) ELSIM: Numerical stability of finite-difference simulation techniques:
-8.1.1) Scientific/technical societies (Electrochemistry related)
-8.1.2) Scientific/technical journals (Electrochemistry related)
-8.1.3) Academic centers and national laboratories (Electrochemistry related)
-8.1.4) Directories, membership lists (Electrochemistry related)
-8.1.5) Electrochemistry Educational Material p1
-8.1.5) Electrochemistry Educational Material p2
-8.1.5) Electrochemistry Educational Material p3
-8.1.6) General information (Electrochemistry related)
-8.1.7) History of electrochemistry
-8.2) Newsgroups (Electrochemistry related)
-8.3) Mailing lists (Electrochemistry related)
-8.4) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) files (Electrochemistry related)
-9.) Upcoming electrochemistry meetings
-10.) Electrochemistry: Popular Science Information p1
See also Section (8.1.5) for links to educational material on the WWW....
-10.) Electrochemistry: Popular Science Information p2
The electric vehicle and the burden of ...
-10.) Electrochemistry: Popular Science Information p3

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