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29. Scientology Lectures


This article is from the Scientology and Dianetics FAQ, by scninfo@pcnet.com (Scientology Information Server) with numerous contributions by others.

29. Scientology Lectures

Lectures on personal achievement: The Personal Achievement

There are nearly 3,000 recorded lectures by L. Ron Hubbard
on the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology. The following
list presents a sampling of some of these lectures; each one
is an excellent introduction to Dianetics and Scientology

"The Story of Dianetics and Scientology"

L Ron Hubbard shares his earliest insights into human nature
and gives a compelling account of his experiences in
developing Dianetics and Scientology.

"The Road to Truth"

Explains man's attempts to find truth and the traps and half-
truths that he has fallen into on the way. Mr. Hubbard tells
why this has occurred and how the road to truth can be

"Scientology and Effective Knowledge"

Describes why man has remained for so long at a loss for
workable answers to life. Explains the relationship of
observation to knowledge and reveals the key to truly knowing
and understanding a subject.

"The Deterioration of Liberty"

Discusses three subjects -- freedom, liberty, justice --
important to man's survival. Analyzes how man loses his
freedom and outlines the actions one can take to regain it,
for himself and his fellows.

"Power of Choice and Self-determinism"

Man's ability to determine the course of his life depends on
his ability to exercise power of choice. L. Ron Hubbard
describes how one can increase the power of decision for
himself and for others.

"Scientology and Ability"

Tells how a person becomes unable to cause things in his
environment and explains workable methods which can be used
to restore a person's ability and success in life.

"The Hope of Man"

Various men in history brought forth the idea that there was
hope of improvement, but L. Ron Hubbard's discoveries in
Dianetics and Scientology have made that hope a reality.
Explains how Scientology has become man's one true hope for

"The Dynamics"

Data on the eight dynamics is covered here, including how man
creates on them, what happens when a person gets stuck in
just one dynamic, and how wars relate to the third dynamic.


Explains what money really is and how a money system
operates. Provides an understanding of how one can gain
greater control over his own income and finances.

"Formulas for Success -- The Five Conditions"

Natural laws govern the conditions of life, with exact steps
to take in handling each of these conditions. Invaluable
technology to help one succeed in any endeavor.

"Health and Certainty"

Explains how one's health is related to his certainty or lack
of it, how false certainties can be forced on him. Shows the
way to achieve certainty and improve one's condition in life.

"Operation Manual for the Mind"

Difficulties of trying to get along in life without knowing
how the mind works are explored. Describes why man existed
for thousands of years without any understanding of how his
mind was supposed to operate, and how this problem has been
solved in Scientology.


Defines what a miracle is and sheds light on why they are so
apparently lacking in the world today. Miracles are usually
thought of as only having happened centuries ago in some
distant place but this is not the case.

"The Road to Perfection -- The Goodness of Man"

Unlike earlier practices that sought to "improve" man because
he was "bad," Scientology assumes that man has good qualities
that simply need to be increased. Shows how workable this
assumption really is, and how one can begin to use his mind,
talents and abilities to the fullest.

"The Dynamic Principles of Existence"

Some people seem more interested and involved in life than
others, and generally have more fulfilling lives as a result.
Discusses the importance of being a knowing part of and
participant in any and all of the functions of life.

"Man: Good or Evil?"

Gives usable definitions of good and evil, and powerfully
illustrates what man's basic nature really is. Man has
struggled with the concepts of good and evil throughout his
history This lecture greatly illuminates them.

"Differences Between Scientology and Other Studies"

Oftentimes the important questions in life are the ones a
person asks himself; and unlike other studies which try to
force a person to accept beliefs, Scientology enables one to
find his own answers. It points the way to true understanding
of and belief in oneself.

"The Machinery of the Mind"

Gives an understanding of different mental phenomena, how
these can cause a person to lose control and how one can
regain power of decision and control of his life.

"The Affinity-Reality-Communication Triangle"

Explains how the ARC triangle works and how it can be used to
resolve problems and improve personal relationships.

"Increasing Efficiency"

Inefficiency is a major barrier to success, but there are
ways to increase one's efficiency. Provides data on how to
increase one's effectiveness in life.

"Man's Relentless Search"

Describes what man is really searching for in life and how he
can find it. His quest to find himself has repeatedly ended
in failure and disappointment. With Scientology one's search
no longer has to end this way.


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