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This article is from the Scouting FAQ, by Bill Nelson nelsonb@nospam.aztec.asu.edu, Soaring Golden Eagle eagle@rangernet.org and Alan Houser troop24@emf.net with numerous contributions by others.

Scouting: Strategy Games p2


You will need:
* Blindfolds for each member of the minefield

You split into two teams teams, one forms a line across the playing
field. They are blindfolded and standing close enough together to
touch hands. Each hand is a mine that will 'destroy' a ship (a member
of the other team.) that team quietly tries to sneak along the line
weaving in and out of the mines, (i.e. between their feet, or between
two scouts). we once had someone go fetch a utility ladder and climb
over the minefield. After a minefield team member uses one hand and
hits a ship, that hand is out of play for the round. Thus later ships
may go through an unprotected area. Smaller scouts usually win this
one. When the whole team has gone through or not as the case may be,
change over. At the end of the game, the winning team is the one that
managed to get the most ships through the minefield.


You will need:
* 4 counters for each boy, red, blue green and yellow one of each

When the game starts the boys are given a set time 5 to 10 minutes in
which they are allowed to trade. They trade in the following manner. A
boy approaches another boy with a counter in his left fist , he does
not show the other boy what colour he is holding. If they agree to
trade then they give each other a counter taking care that they do not
show the colour they are swapping. Any boys who do not wish to trade
simply cross their arms, this indicates that they are not open for
trading. After the trading period is ended you show the lads the
stockmarket chart shown below and get the lads to add up their scores.

Print out the following table and make copies.

  4 Red counters  100 points            4 Blue counters 80 points
  4 Green counters 60 points            4 Yellow counters 50 points
  3 of any colour 40 points             2 of any colour 15
  Single Red 1 point                    Single Blue 2 points,
  Single Green 4 points                 Single yellow 5 points.

After they have added up their scores and you have found out which
scouts have the highest scores, collect the counters in and hand out
one of each colour again to the scouts. Now play it again with the
scouts knowing the values and see the difference in tactics. From time
to time you could introduce jokers these are White counters. You place
some of these on the table and the boys are told they can take them if
they wish. The value of these is unknown until they add up the scores.
You then tell them that they either get 10 extra points for each White
counter they have or minus 10 for each White counter they hold, much
like Bulls and Bears in the stock market. You can decide if it is
going to be a plus or a minus by either tossing a coin or rolling a


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