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This article is from the Scouting FAQ, by Bill Nelson nelsonb@nospam.aztec.asu.edu, Soaring Golden Eagle eagle@rangernet.org and Alan Houser troop24@emf.net with numerous contributions by others.

Scouting: Skits p9

Mr. Kerplunk: Announce him as Mr. Kerpluk the world renown spitter. He
could be French, German, etc. with the appropriate accent. He says he
will demonstrate several of his famous spits for the group. An assistant
holds a bucket across the stage for Mr. Kerplunk to spit into (tap on
the bottom of the bucket to create the special effect). Here are some
examples of spits to use but be creative in creating your own:

1) Short Shot: He spits; sound effect comes immediately.
2) Riccohet Shot: He spits for a side wall (tree etc. if outside) and
watches it bounce around before it hits the bucket.
3) Long Shot: He spits and follows the long arc with his head; sound
made after a long pause.
4) Fast Shot: Sound effect is made before he spits.
5) Super Shot: Advertised as the most famous. Spends a minute getting
mouth full of spit, checks bulge out and finally spits. Guy in
front stands up and wipes water or raw egg from eye.

Knot Demonstration: A person comes out with a length of rope. He
proceeds to give a knot demonstration some of which do not turn the way
he expects. He has creative and imaginative names for his knots such as
the double hitch back loop tie, clove hitch with a triple loop bight,
etc. The last knot he ties is one that he says that a person can't
loosen. The more they try to loosen the knot the more it tightens. He
demonstrates a temporary version of this around his neck. He pulls on
the knot when he is finishes and exclaims, "Oh no, I've tied the wrong
knot, I,ve tied the permanent version, and leaves the stage choking.

Lawn Mower: One person bends over pantomiming a lawn mower. This "mower"
rumbles and shakes, sputtering, as the gardener tries to start it. It
doesn't start. Other members of the skit try to start it with no luck.
The gardener chooses a volunteer out of the audience to try and start it
and it starts up right away chugging along. The gardener explains all it
took was a bigger JERK.

Lie Detector: A transparent container (i.e. an old vase) and a coin with
a string attached. The container sits on a table with a cloth over it.
Have two guys start up a conversation where one tries to convince the
other that the container and coin is a lie detector. The coin jumps up
and down pulled by another person below the table when somebody tells
the truth. The second guy doesn't believe the first guy that the vase is
a lie detector. Punch line is that the boy with the container and coin
says he isn't lying and that he hasn't lied in his whole life where the
table falls over with the container revealing the boy underneath.

Listen at the Wall: One person goes along a wall listening and
listening. Others come along and ask him what he is doing. He says
dramatically, "Listen," and the others do. One of them says, "I don't
hear anything", in a disgusted voice. "LISTEN", he says more
dramatically and they listen some more. Again someone says, "I don't
hear anything." The original listener says, "You know," with a faraway
look, "its been like that all day."

Living Xylophone: The instrument consists of several kneeling
performers. The player strikes each on the head with a fake mallet or
his fist as if playing a xylophone. Each player utters a single note
when struck. Simple songs such as "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" can be
played this way.


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