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This article is from the Scouting FAQ, by Bill Nelson nelsonb@nospam.aztec.asu.edu, Soaring Golden Eagle eagle@rangernet.org and Alan Houser troop24@emf.net with numerous contributions by others.

Scouting: Skits p6

The Elevator: The scene opens with an elevator operator intoning "Ground
Floor". A passenger gets on and begins to jiggle slightly.
The elevator operator intones each floor with a description of what's on
that floor. A passenger gets on at each floor and begins to jiggle as
well. As the elevator gets higher the passengers begin to jiggle more.
When the top floor is reached the passengers begin to jiggle like mad,
the operator intones bathrooms and they all rush quickly off. The
operator suddenly looks funny, begins to jiggle, shouts "ME TOO!" and
runs off the stage.

Flea: Boys standing in a line, first boy scratches, then second on down
the line, last boy feels it and says "Oh there you are Marvin, I've been
looking all over for you. You've got to stop hopping around, Marvin (boy
acts as though Marvin has hopped away) you come back here.(goes out into
the audience looking and touching people) There you are Marvin, you've
got to stay here (looks at pretend speck) Hey you aren't Marvin, (puts
it back into the audience) Oh Marvin where are you?

The Firing Squad: A firing squad lines up with a prisoner. The leader of
the firing squad calls out "Ready ... Aim ..." The prisoner shouts,
"Tornado!" The soldiers all run for cover and the prisoner escapes. A
Second prisoner is brought out, the leader calls out "Ready ... Aim ..>"
and the prisoner shouts, "Landslide!", the firing squad runs for cover
and the prisoner escapes again. Repeat this for other natural disasters.
The last prisoner is brought out and having seen the other prisoners
escape decides to do the same thing except he yells "Fire" and the
firing squad does.

Fish Market: Two people, one a fisherman and the other a fish market
managar come on stage and hold a long cord between them. The fish market
man attempts to call the fisherman on the telephone to see if he has any
fish today, the fisherman acts as if he can't hear him. Volunteers are
brought out of the audience and hold the cord between the fish market
man and the fisherman one or two at a time with the market man
attempting to call each time. When several people are holding the line,
the market man is able to communicate with the fisherman. The fisherman
says that he doesn't have any trout but he does have a lot of suckers
hanging on a line showing the line the volunteers are holding up.

Flying High: Boys on a flight to Germany or other destination. They act
up and really give the stewardess or steward (den leader, 11 year old
patrol leader etc.) a hard time. Finally, one of them bumps into her/him
and knocks a tray on him/her. The steward/stewardess smiles and says,
"Why don't you boys just run outside and play."

Four Leaf Clover: A person finds a four leaf clover. He feels sure that
it will bring him good luck. Another person runs into him. They accuse
each other of running into each other. They start hitting each other. A
policeman comes along, the other guy accuses the lucky person. The lucky
person is hauled off to jail. The lucky person reappears, disgruntled
and unhappy. Garbage is dumped on him as he walks along and gets fined
by a policeman for littering. The lucky man throws away the four leaf
clover. Another finds it. The former lucky man comes back on stage. The
person who found the four leaf runs on stage saying he just won a
million dollars and has good luck since he found it. The former lucky
man slumps down, groans, and begins to cry.


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