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This article is from the Scouting FAQ, by Bill Nelson nelsonb@nospam.aztec.asu.edu, Soaring Golden Eagle eagle@rangernet.org and Alan Houser troop24@emf.net with numerous contributions by others.

Scouting: Skits p10

Lost Item around Campfire: First boy searches the ground around the
campfire. Second boy: "What are you looking for, maybe I can help you
find it.
First boy: "I dropped my neckerchief slide."
Second boy: "Where were you standing when you dropped it."
First boy: "Over there." (He points into the darkness."
Second boy: "Then why are you looking over there."
First boy: "Are you kidding? It's too dark over there. You can't see
a thing."

Mad Reporter: The scene is a bridge where a very depressed reporter is
about to jump off (the end of the stage or a platform could be the end
of the bridge). The reporter says that he has had it, can't get a big
story, all washed up and wants to end it all. He calls out, one, two,
swinging his arms when another person shows up and asks what is going
on. He tells him his sad story which encourages him to tell him his;
they both get depressed and decide to jump. They call out, one, two, and
another person shows up. They each tell this person their sad story and
he decides to jump to. Once more they call out One, ... Two, ... Three !
All the people jump except for the reporter who runs off saying; "I've
got a great story, two people jump off the bridge. Wait until the boss
sees this." A building could be used as well as a bridge.

The Magic Bandana: Two guys come out, one is the magician, one his not
so smart assistant. The magician introduces his act and sends his
assistant to a table behind him. The magician facing the audience tells
Herkimer to do exactly as he says. There is a table by Herkimer which
has a bandana and a banana. The magician asks Herkimer to pick up the
bandana and to perform various actions such as put the bandana in his
right hand, fold it in half, fold the four corners together, stuff it in
his left fist and upon one, two, three, it will disappear. However,
Herkimer, picks up the banana, not the bandana and performs these
actions. At the end when Herkimer is supposed to show his fist, for the
disappearance of the bandana, he throws the mashed up banana at the
magician instead. The magician chases him offstage.

Martian Mamma: Mamma is washing dishes, back to baby. Baby says that he
wants a drink. "Right in front of you dear", says mamma. Baby picks up
green drink. Baby says that he wants Martian Cream Pie, getting real
pushy, aggressive, and bratty; throwing the drink on the floor. Baby
tells mamma that he spilled his comet juice. Mamma turns around putting
out two fake arms telling the baby that she only has four arms.

Medical Genius: Setting is the office of a famous psychiatrist. He is
seated behind a table. Nurse brings in a patient with a flowerpot on his
head. Another patient enters and runs around, waving his arms as if
flying. Next patient keeps brushing his clothes and complains about
bugs crawling on him. Doctor says: "For heaven's sake, don't brush them
off on me.!"


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