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This article is from the Scouting FAQ, by Bill Nelson nelsonb@nospam.aztec.asu.edu, Soaring Golden Eagle eagle@rangernet.org and Alan Houser troop24@emf.net with numerous contributions by others.

Scouting: Skits p1

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 93 13:35:06 -0600
From: mott@oodis01.hill.af.mil (GS-12 Daniel R. Mott Mr)

Well, here are some skits that I compiled together for a project in
my council. I have more as well.

I also have information on other topics, ghost stories, storytelling,
applauses, advancement etc. If you are interested let me know.

Daniel R. Mott

- Compiled by Daniel R. Mott District 23 Roundtable Staff
Great Salt Lake Council

Skits Vols 1 & 2 More Ideas From Young Life;Young Life
The Omnibus of Fun Vol 1; Larry & Helen Eisenberg
Funny Skits and Sketches; Terry Halligan
A Treasury of American Folklore; Edited by B. A. Botkin
Cub Scout Pow Wow Books
The Skit Book 101 Skits From Kids; Margaret Read McDonald

These skits are known as "Camp Skits" because that is where they are
most often performed. They are also used a lot in such things as pack
meetings, troop meetings or troop court of honors. Here are some general
characteristics of "Camp Skits":

1) Short
2) No lines to learn; ad lib.
3) Performed with little or no
4) Little or no props.
5) Performed for those you know.
6) Can use any number of actors
7) Based on a humorous idea or line.
8) Often based on ideas from a skit performed elsewhere.

All Face: An Indian and a white man are traveling together. It's cold
and the white man is shivering. The white man is all bundled up and the
Indian has very little on (i.e. pants, no shirt) and his blanket. The
white man complains about the cold and doesn't understand why the Indian
isn't. The white man asks the Indian how he stays so warm. The Indian
asks if his face is cold. The white man says no it isn't. The Indian
replies, "Me all face."


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