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This article is from the Scouting FAQ, by Bill Nelson nelsonb@nospam.aztec.asu.edu, Soaring Golden Eagle eagle@rangernet.org and Alan Houser troop24@emf.net with numerous contributions by others.

Scouting: Skit Files p5


Once upon a time there was a COWBOY who went out into the desert,
riding his horse, OLD PAINTBRUSH. Far off in the distance, he
could hear the TIMBER WOLF. The COWBOY made camp and went fast
asleep, first making sure OLD PAINTBRUSH was secure.

Now, creeping through the desert was CHIEF WOODPUSSY riding his
mule SITTING BULL. He was pursued by the SHERIFF and his DEPUTY.
In his pocket, CHIEF WOODPUSSY had his trained rattlesnake, EMMA,
who was trained to creep up and bite the COWBOY and his horse.
While CHIEF WOODPUSSY crept up, OLD PAINTBRUSH watched the camp,
the TIMBER WOLF howled, the COWBOY snored, and SITTING BULL ate

In the meantime, the SHERIFF and his DEPUTY sprang their trap.
"Halt, you are my prisoner !" shouted the SHERIFF. The COWBOY
woke up and mounted his horse, OLD PAINTBRUSH, which frightened

Away went old CHIEF WOODPUSSY on his faithful mule, SITTING BULL,
and after them went the SHERRIF, his DEPUTY, the COWBOY and OLD
PAINTBRUSH. But old CHIEF WOODPUSSY led them into a blind
canyon, so that was the last anybody ever saw of the COWBOY, OLD
PAINTBRUSH, EMMA, the rattlesnake, the TIMBER WOLF, the mule,

The Compass

Props: A good compass and a map

Announcer: In this scene, we see a Scoutmaster teaching a Patrol
about maps and compass.

Scoutmaster: Now fellows, if you take a bearing from the map this
way you can now stand up and, keeping the compass
away from your belt buckle, walk along the bearing
until you reach your destination. John, you try
John : (Does as instructed, exits, re-enters)
Scoutmaster: (Standing) In the same way you can take a bearing on
a distant object, and use that to find where you are
on the map. Now, each of you take a bearing on that
big tree on the hill top.
Other boys : (Do as instructed, passing compass around, making
suitable comments.)
Scoutmaster: (After a few moments) All right, let's all gather
around. That wraps up tonight's compass lesson.
There is just one more important point ! Never,
never buy a TATES compass.
Tom : Scouter, why should we never buy a TATES compass ?
Scoutmaster: You know the old saying: "He who has a TATES is


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