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This article is from the Scouting FAQ, by Bill Nelson nelsonb@nospam.aztec.asu.edu, Soaring Golden Eagle eagle@rangernet.org and Alan Houser troop24@emf.net with numerous contributions by others.

Scouting: Skit Files p2

Bell Ringer #1

Props: Coat with football or wadded clothing under it for the
Hunchback, hat or nightstick for Gendarme.

Announcer: The Hunchback of Notre Dame has decided to retire, and
has place an ad in the Paris Times for someone to come and learn
how to ring the bells.

Effects: (Knock, knock, knock)

Hunchback: (Gravely voice) Oh, somebody must be here about my
job. I'll go down and see. (Goes 'round and 'round
the campfire, as if going down the bell tower, bent
over due to hunch.)
Effects : (Knock, knock, knock)
Hunchback: (Angrily) I'm coming, I'm coming. There's a lot of
stairs here. (Arrives at and opens the door.)
Hunchback: Yeah ! What do you want ?
Applicant: I'm here about the bellringer's job.
Hunchback: All right ! Come on up and I'll see if you can do the
job. (Begins to go up (the other way around) followed
by the applicant.)
Applicant: Boy, the ceiling is not very high here, is it ?
Hunchback: Listen, you go up and down these stairs 20 times a day
for 45 years and you just learn to stay bent over.
Hey, did you close that door, didn't you ?
Applicant: I don't know. I don't remember.
Hunchback: Well, we gotta go down and keep it locked, can't run
up the church's fuel bill. (Both turn around and go
Hunchback: That's the first thing you gotta learn. Keep the door
closed. Up and down these stairs, that's the hard
part. (Arriving at door) O.K., so now you're here,
close the door.
Applicant: (Closes door) How are the benefits in this job ?
Hunchback: (Both going back up) Well, it has it's ups and downs.
The Church board will buy you ear plugs every six
months and a new bottle of bell polish once a year.
(Finally arriving at the bell) Alright, now you stand
over there, and I'll show you how it's done. First
you grab the bell here and push it out very hard
(steps back and follows path of bell out and back)
then the bell comes back on it's own. That's all
there is to it. Do you think you can do that ?
Applicant: Sure ! (does the action with the bell, but does not
step back, is hit by bell and falls back, to the
Hunchback: Oh my gosh ! He's fallen 15 stories to the sidewalk.
I'd better get down there. (Goes 'round and 'round
until he reaches the ground)
(Crowd enters mumbling, stops astonished at body)
Gendarme : (Entering, calls to Hunchback) Hey you ! Do you know
this guy ? (Rolls body over with foot)
Hunchback: No, but his face sure rings a bell !

Bell Ringer # 2

(The trick with this skit is to do it the night after doing Bell
Ringer #1, and to do everything exactly the same - perhaps with a
little more 'hamming it up')

(When the Applicant arrives the Hunchback says:)
Hunchback: You look just like the guy who was here yesterday.
Applicant: Oh, that was my twin brother.

(Revert to the original dialog again. The audience will think
it's getting a re-run and prepare itself for a 'groaner' of a
cheer. When they hear the ending, you'll get a great reaction.)

(Carry on with dialog, except for the last line.)

Hunchback: No, but he's a dead ringer for the guy who was here
yesterday !

Bell Ringer # 3

(To be used ONLY when Bell Ringer #1 and #2 have been used.)

Props: Rain slickers, blanket, and Gendarme gear from above.

(Two players enter in rain slickers holding blanket between them
like a jumping net. The jig and jog around the performing area.

Gendarme : (Entering) Hey, what are you guys doing ?
Fireman #1: Well, the last two nights some guy has jumped out of
that bell tower, and we came to catch him !


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