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This article is from the Scouting FAQ, by Bill Nelson nelsonb@nospam.aztec.asu.edu, Soaring Golden Eagle eagle@rangernet.org and Alan Houser troop24@emf.net with numerous contributions by others.

Scouting: Relay Games p4


You will need:
* A drinking straw for each player
* simple paper cut-out of a child, this should be about 1 1/2 to 2

inches tall. The arms and legs should be about 1/2 an inch wide on the

The game goes like this: The players are divided into two teams and
are formed into two lines. Each team has a pile of the cut-out
children on a table and a drinking straw for each player.
Approximately 15-20 feet away from the start, place a small pail for
each team on another table, chair, stool, or whatever.

At the call of "Fireman, save my child", the first player on each team
must pick up a child by sucking up the figure against their straw.
While holding the figure this way, they then run to their respective
pail and deposit their figure in the pail. If they drop the figure en
route, they must stop and pick up their child again, by getting down
on the floor and sucking it up with their straw. After putting their
child in the pail, they run back to the starting line, and the next
player picks up his child and repeats the process. The first team to
save all their children is the winner. Have enough figures so each
player gets at least two turns.


My Girl Scout troop really liked a game I threw together to teach them
about layered clothing. Gather a pile of assorted clothing, including
socks, shoes, hats, etc. Divide the clothing "evenly" into piles (i.e.
pair of pants in each pile, mittens in each pile, etc.). Make sure the
clothes are large enough that the outer layers can fit over the other
layers. Divide the group into teams. Divide the teams in half and
place one half near the pile of clothes, the other about 50 feet away.
At a signal, the first member of each team "dresses" in the clothing
of the pile and gallops the 50 feet to the other side, "undresses" and
another team member puts on the clothes. As long as there are no rocks
in the way, this game can be really fun to play (and watch!).


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