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This article is from the Scouting FAQ, by Bill Nelson nelsonb@nospam.aztec.asu.edu, Soaring Golden Eagle eagle@rangernet.org and Alan Houser troop24@emf.net with numerous contributions by others.

Scouting: Relay Games p3


You will need:
* 6 tin cans or drinking chocolate tins with lids per team

Patrols or sixes stand in lines. They have to run to the end of the
hall in relay fashion and each one add a can to the stack. The winning
team is the first one back with a completed stack and all their team
standing to attention. You could add a variation to the game by
playing two teams at a time and have the other teams at the sides
throwing bean bags or dusters at the piles of cans. If you played this
variation then you would play against the clock to see which was the
fastest team.


You will need:
* A ball or balloon for each team

The teams stand at attention in lines, the front player in each team
has the ball. On the command 'GO' they spring their legs apart. The
player at the front passes the ball between their legs. The ball must
go between each players legs until it is picked up by the player at
the back. The back player then runs to the front and continues the
process until the original font player is back at the front. The
winning team is the one with all players standing at attention with
the ball at the front. If a ball breaks out from the line it must
start its journey through the tunnel again from the front. As an
alternative pass the ball from the back player through the tunnel to
the front.


Teams stand in lines at one end of the hall. On the command 'GO', the
front player gets down on his hands. The second player stands between
his legs and lifts his legs up to waist level. They now have to go as
fast as possible to the other end of the hall with the front player
walking with his hands and the rear player holding him up like a
wheelbarrow. When they reach the end of the hall the front player
stands up and the rear player runs back to the front of his team and
then becomes the front man of the new wheelbarrow. This process is
continued until the whole team are at the far end of the hall.


You will need:
* A short length of lashing rope and a chair for each team

Teams stand in lines at one end of the hall. There is a wooden chair
with a bar back at the other end of the hall opposite each team. The
front player of each team has a length of rope in one hand. On the
command 'GO' the second player jumps onto the back of the front player
and they race piggy back style to the chair at the other end of the
hall. The player riding jumps down and ties one end of the rope around
the top bar of the chair using the highwaymans hitch. He then jumps
back on the other players back, pulls the end of the rope to free it
and they then race back to their team. The player who was the horse
goes to the back of the team and the player who was the rider now
becomes the horse or front player.


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