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Scouting: Magic Ideas p1 (chemical magic for ceremonies)


This article is from the Scouting FAQ, by Bill Nelson nelsonb@nospam.aztec.asu.edu, Soaring Golden Eagle eagle@rangernet.org and Alan Houser troop24@emf.net with numerous contributions by others.

Scouting: Magic Ideas p1 (chemical magic for ceremonies)

From: Michael Keables <mkeables@du.edu>
To: dannys@world.scout.org
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 1994 14:03:58 -0700 (MST)

Fellow scouters:

Here are some ideas for using chemical magic in award ceremonies. Most of
these ideas came from a recent Pow Wow as well as Roundtable discussions.

Hope you find them useful.


Mike Keables
Cubmaster, Pack 632
Littleton, CO USA


Denver Area Council 1994 POW-WOW
October 22, 1994

Magic in Pack Ceremonies

1. Magic Sugar Cube

Materials: clear glass of water, sugar cube, pencil

Set up: clearly and darkly mark the letter "W" (for wolf or webelos
ceremony) or "B" (for bobcat or bear ceremony) on one side of the sugar
cube. Be sure that the letter is very dark.

Effect: Letter appears to transfer from a sugar cube dropped in water
to the back of the hand of the participants.

Scenario: Tell participants that the letter will magically leave the
sugar cube and be printed on the hand of the scouts who are worthy to
advance in rank. Drop sugar cube in water and have one scout place his
hand over the top of the glass; other scouts place their hands on top of
the first. Tell the scouts to concentrate on their new rank. After a
15 seconds or so, have the scouts take their hands away and look at the
top of the hand that was over the glass. The letter appears on the

How it's done: Before placing the sugar cube in the water, make some
excuse to dip your thumb and fingers in the glass ("Boy, this sugar cube
sure is sticky ..."). Wet your thumb and press hard over the letter to
ink the bottom of the thumb. Then, assist each boy in placing his hand
over the glass, pressing your thumb to the back of his hand while doing
so. You will then have "stamped" the letter onto the back of the hand.
As long as it is done quickly and the boys are focused on the sugar
cube, they will not notice the effect of the thumb on their hand.

2. Removing color from liquids.

Materials: food coloring, pitcher of water, 2 glasses, liquid bleach

Setup: place one drop of food coloring in bottom of one glass, 1
teaspoon of bleach in the other. Place glasses so that the audience
cannot see the advance preparations.

Effect: Water poured into a glass changes color

Scenario: Water is poured into an "empty" glass and immediately changes
color. The colored water is then poured into another "empty" glass
which then turns back into "water."

How it's done: Water poured into first glass changes color on contact
with the food coloring. Color is bleached out of water in the second
glass. Be sure to hide the base of the glass with your fingers so that
the coloring and bleach in the glasses cannot be seen.


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