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Scouting: Jungle Book / cubs names (UK)


This article is from the Scouting FAQ, by Bill Nelson nelsonb@nospam.aztec.asu.edu, Soaring Golden Eagle eagle@rangernet.org and Alan Houser troop24@emf.net with numerous contributions by others.

Scouting: Jungle Book / cubs names (UK)

From: bcockburn@acorn.co.uk (Bruce Cockburn)
Date: 11 May 92 22:18:38 GMT

The following may be of interest to scouters not familiar with the Jungle
Book nomenclature. It is reproduced from the Gilcraft book entitled "Wolf
Cubs", my copy is dated 1948.

This is a table of accepted pronunciations. I have used the "*" character
to bracket text which was printed in an italic font. The term <a-acute>
refers to a single character "a" with an acute accent over it. It may help
to print this out if you can to aid understanding.

      Akela             Ah-k<a-acute>y-la*h*
      Bagheera          Ba*r*-gheer-a*h*
      Baloo             Baa-loo
      Bandarlog         B<u-acute>nder-loag
      Chil              Cheel
      Hathi             H<a-acute>*r*-ty
      Kaa               Ka*r*
      Mowgli            Mow(as in "now")-gly
      Nag               Na*r*g
      Rikki-tikki-tavi  Rikky-tikky-tay-vy
      Shere Khan        Share-kha*r*n
      Tabaqui           Tar-b<aacute>rk-i

The following (also from the same source) is a list of "Jungle Names for
the Cub Pack".

(i) Names held "Ex Officio"

      Akela                     Cubmaster.
      Baloo         }
      Bagheera      }           Assistant Cubmasters.
      Raksha        }
      Black Plume   }
      Brown Tip     }
      Grey Brother  }           Sixers.
      Red Fang      }
      Tawny Fur     }
      WhiteClaw     }
      Sahi (the Porcupine)      Pack Scribe.
      White Hood                Pack Storekeeper.
      (ii) Names Awarded for Prowess in Cub Activities
      Ahdeek        (the Reindeer)            Team Games.
      Apukwa        (the Bulrush)             Weaving.
      Blue Smoke                              Signalling.
      Chil          (The Kite)                Singing.
      Crimson Arrow                           Throwing and catching.
      Dahinda       (the Bull-frog)           Leapfrog, cartwheels, etc.
      Ferao         (the Scarlet Woodpecker)  Woodwork.
      Golden Quill                            Artist.
      Hawkeye                                 Observation.
      Hiawatha                                All-round athletics.
      Iagoo         (the Story-teller)        Telling stories.
      Jacala        (the Crocodile)           Acting.
      Kaa           (the Python)              Tree-climbing.
      Karela        (the Bitter Vine)         Knotting.
      Keego         (the Fish)                Swimming.
      Keneu         (the Great War Eagle)     Running.
      Kotick        (the Seal)                Wrestling.
      Kwasin        (the Strong Man)          Boxing.
      Limmerskin    (the Wren)                Message-carrying.
      Little Beaver                           Lair-building.
      Mysa          (the Wild Buffalo)        Good hearing.
      Nag           (the Cobra)               First Aid.
      Nushka        ("Look!")                 Guide.
      Oonai         (the Wolf)                Reciting.
      Pukeena       (the Grasshopper)         High Jump.
      Scarlet Feather                         Fire-lighting.
      Sea Catch     (the Seal)                Diving.
      Shaw-shaw     (the Swallow)             Skipping.
      Singum        (the Lion)                Book-carrying.
      Rann          (the Eagle)               Good eyesight.
      Tilji-pho     (the Lark)                Musician.
      Toomai                                  Folk-dancing.
      Wabeeno       (the Magician)            Walking the Plank.
      Wawbeck       (the Rock)                Modelling.
      White Elk                               Long Jump.
      Won-tolla                               Hopping.
      (iii) Names Awarded by Akela at his Discretion

      Hathi         (the Elephant)            Punctual and regular
      Jeebi         (the Ghost)               Fattest Cub.
      Kim           (Little friend of
                      all the world)          Helpfulness.
      Ko            (the Crow)                Noisiest Cub.
      Mang          (the Bat)                 Obedience.
      Mor           (the Peacock)             Tidiness and cleanliness.
      Onaway        ("Awake!")                Alertness.
      Shada         (the Pelican)             Perseverance.
      Rikki-tikki-tavi (the Mongoose)         Cheeriness, or Courage.
      Mowgli                                  Friend to animals.
      Sona          (the Himalayan Bear)      Good manners.
      Suggeema      (the Mosquito)            Smallest Cub.
      Tall Pine                               Tallest Cub.


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