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Scouting: Cub Pack Administration - Budget "the cheap way"


This article is from the Scouting FAQ, by Bill Nelson nelsonb@nospam.aztec.asu.edu, Soaring Golden Eagle eagle@rangernet.org and Alan Houser troop24@emf.net with numerous contributions by others.

Scouting: Cub Pack Administration - Budget "the cheap way"

The following was taken from rec.scouting.usa:

We are lucky to have a sponsoring org. who pays National dues for all boys
and adult leaders. New cubs are asked to pay $7.00 the first year which
essentially is "good faith" money kept by the pack (when reimbursed by the
sponsor for registration). We promote Boy's Life but subscription is
voluntary, paid by the family if desired, and re-collected yearly before

Den dues are 50c per meeting, kept by the leaders to pay for supplies.
A higher amount may be asked for den field trips that cost more.

General pack expenses are covered by one or more fundraisers. We discussed
the higher cost of WEBELOS awards, and realized that they actually earn more
on fundraisers than the younger boys so the issue was dropped. We sold
M & Ms this year and made $1,000. This is the easiest type of fundraiser.
You get the cases on consignment, have the goods in your hand to deliver
to the buyer and almost anyone can come up with 50c for a box. We used a
local fundraising group rather than any ads in Boy's life. We earned 40%
profit with an extra 5% added for selling more than 20 cases. (Remember
that this type is "on it's own merits" and the boys can not wear their
uniforms while selling, and a permit must be approved.) Our council has
forbidden any such fundraisers during popcorn time next year, to reduce
competition and increase incentive to sell corn. I sold 2 cases of M&M's
myself by taking them to our one-day council POW WOW!!

We would NEVER consider a mandatory SME donation, if we suggested a $48.00 tab
to join our pack per year we would have MAYBE 3 cubs in the pack.
In our lower-income neighborhood 50c a week and a buck or two for a special
trip is a lot easier to come by than a one time lump sum. SME is presented
and entirely voluntary.

Our sponsor also pays for cabins for one WEBELOS and one FAMILY campout
at Camp Miakonda each year. On campouts we collect $5 per person and shop
for food discounts and eat 5 very nice meals for that amount. This
helps to acclimate the families to the camp who have not been there before.
and also gets some parents to participate who would never consider
sleeping in a tent.

** For anyone "jealous" about our FREE dues there IS a catch!! Our
sponsor has fundraisers to earn money to pay our dues, and of course the
scouting families are HIGHLY encouraged to assist with these; Monthly
Pancake breakfast after Sunday masses, 50-50 raffles, Monte Carlo nights
etc. AND of course we don't need council approval for doing these during
popcorn drive!


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