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7.2 General Scale Data: Military Missile: Display Locations


This article is from the Model Rockets FAQ, by Wolfram von Kiparski with numerous contributions by others.

7.2 General Scale Data: Military Missile: Display Locations

* Aberdeen Proving Grounds Armaments Museum
Nike-Ajax on launcher, Nike-Hercules on launcher, Pershing II, US
Army missiles?, V-2 on carrier, Wasserfall, WWII German SAM?

* Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin Air Force Base, SE of Pensacola,
Bomarc, Bullpup, Sidewinder

* Alabama Welcome Center, I-65 south, near TN-AL line
Saturn IB

* American legion Hall, Lakewood, NY

* Ames Research Center, Mountain View,
Gemini 11?, Skylab 3?

* Neil Armstrong Museum, Wapakoneta, Ohio
Gemini 8

* Alabama Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville, AL
Apollo 16, Atlas, Corporal, Entac, Hawk, Hermes A-1, Honest John,
Juno I, Juno II, Jupiter, Lacrosse, Little John, Mercury Sigma
7?, Mercury-Redstone, Nike-Ajax, Nike-Hercules, Nike-Zeus,
Pershing, Redstone (tactical), Saturn I, Block 2, Saturn V,
Sergeant, Space Shuttle Mockup, Sprint, Titan I, V-2, X-15 mockup

* Astronaut Hall of Fame, Titusville, FL
Mercury Sigma 7

* Bowfin Submarine Museum, Honolulu?, HI
Harpoon, Polaris A-1, Polaris A-3, Subroc, Tomahawk Cruise

* Centennial Park, Laurence, KS
Polaris A-1

* Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum, Rantoul, IL
Bomarc, Minuteman

* Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL
Apollo 8, Arcas, Lunar Module, Polaris

* Combat Air Museum, Topeka, KS
Honest John, Nike-Ajax

* Cosmos Pavilion (now car showroom, some exhibits may
remain), Formerly of Exhibition of Economic Achievement,
Moscow, Russia
M-100B?, MR-12?, MR-20?, Vostok?

* Behind a Denny's, off I-75 near Warner Robbins, GA
Titan II

* Detroit Science Center, Detroit, MI

* Fireworks Factory, US 72, South Pittsburg, TN
Honest John

* Florence Air & Missile Museum, Florence, SC
Bomarc, Entac, Honest John, Sparrow, Titan I

* Fort Lewis Museum, Fortlewis, near Tacoma, WA
Honest John, Nike-Ajax, Nike-Hercules

* Fort Meade base museum, Fort Meade, MD
Nike-Ajax, Nike-Hercules

* Goddard Spaceflight Center, Greenbelt, MD
Delta-B, Gemini 12, IRIS, Javelin, Nike-Black Brant, Nike-

* Golden Gate National Recreation Reserve

* Grissom Memorial Museum, Spring Mill State Park, IN
Gemini Spacecraft

* Grissom Memorial Museum, Mitchell, Indiana
Gemini 3

* Aerospace Park, Hampton, VA
Corporal, Jupiter, Little Joe I, Nike-Ajax, Polaris A-2

* Hill Air Force Base Museum
Bomarc, Minuteman, MX-stage

* Hong Kong Space Museum, Hong Kong
Mercury Aurora 7?

* Airport road & S. Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL

* VFW post on N. Memorial Parkway, Huntsville, AL

* Illinois Soldiers & Sailors Home, Quincy, IL
Bomarc, Titan I

* International Space Hall of Fame, Alamogordo, NM
Aerobee 150 (2 displayed), Aerobee 170 tail unit, Arcas, Loki-Dart,
Falcon, Hawk, Lance, LM ascent engine, Javelin 4th stage motor,
Little Joe II (not accurate), F1 engine, J2 engine, V-2 engine,
Nike-Ajax w/launcher, Nike-Cajun, Syncom apogee kick motor,
Sonic Wind No. 1 rocket sled (Stapp's sled), XLR-11 engine

* ISAS, Sagamihara Japan

* Japan Science Society, Tokyo
Gemini 11?, Mercury Aurora 7?, Skylab 3?

* Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory Visitor Center, Cheshire, England

* Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA
Corporal, Sergeant

* Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
Apollo 17, F-1 engine (Saturn V), Gemini 5, H-1 engine (Saturn I
or IB), J-2 engine (S-IVB, S-II), Little Joe II, Mercury Faith 7,
Mercury-Redstone, Saturn V

* Kansas Cosmosphere, Hutchinson, KS
Agena, F-1 Engine, Lunar Module Mock-up, Mercury-redstone, Nike-
Hercules, Titan I, Titan II engine, V-2

* Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, MS

* Kennedy Space Center
ASTP, Atlas-Agena, F-1 engine, Gemini 9, Gemini-Titan II,
J-2 Engine, Lunar Module, Mercury-Atlas, Mercury-Redstone,
Saturn IB, Saturn V, Space Shuttle Orbiter mockup, Navaho SM-64 (X-10)

* 108th Light Anti-Aircraft Missile Batallion, North end
of Fresno Air Terminal, Fresno, CA

* Leicester University Physics Department lobby, Leicester,

* London Science Museum, London, England
Apollo 10, Black Arrow, Scout, Skylark

* Museum of Transport, Auckland, New Zealand
Gemini 12?

* Marshall Spaceflight Center, Huntsville, AL
Apollo LES-CM Boilerplate, Hermes A-1, Juno I, Jupiter, Redstone,
Saturn I, V-2

* McConnell Air Force Base, Wichita, KS
Titan II Re-entry Vehicle

* McDonnell Douglas, St. Louis, Missouri
Gemini 6?

* McChord Air Force Base Museum, Near Tacoma, WA

* Miami Central High School, NW 95th St, Miami, FL
Honest John

* Michigan Space Center, Jackson, MI
Apollo 9, F-1 engine (Saturn V), H-1 engine (Saturn I or IB),
Mercury-Redstone, Talos, Tartar, Terrier

* Museum of Life and Science, Durham, NC

* Musee de l'Air, Paris, France
Apollo 13, Diamant A?

* Wallops Flight Facility Visitors Center, Wallops Island, VA
Aerobee 150, Astrobee F, High-speed reentry rocket, Little Joe I,
Nike-Cajun, Scout D

* National Air & Space Museum, Washington, DC
Aerobee 150, Agena stage (Gemini docking target), Apollo 11,
Apollo-Soyuz Mockup, Arcas, F-1 engine (Saturn V 1st stage),
Gemini 4, Gemini 4 spacecraft, Gemini 7, Gemini 7 spacecraft,
Goddard A-rocket, Goddard First Liquid, Goddard Hoop Skirt,
Goddard Pump Rocket, Goddard second liquid, H-1 engine (Saturn I
or IB inboard), Hale 24-lb rocket, Jupiter C (Juno 1), Lunar
Module, Mercury Freedom 7, Mercury Friendship 7, Mercury
spacecraft Freedom 7, Mercury spacecraft Friendship 7, Minuteman
3, Nike-Cajun, Pershing 2, Polaris (silver hill), Rheintochter,
Scout G, Skylab, Skylab 4, SS-20, V-2, Vanguard (late model),
Viking (model II), Wac Corporal, X-15

* National Atomic museum, Albuquerque, NM
Honest John, Little John

* Naval Serviceman's Park, Buffalo, NY
Talos (aboard USS Little Rock)

* National Museum of Science and Technology, Ottawa, Ontario,
Apollo 7

* Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA
Air-air missiles?

* Patric Air Force Base, FL
Atlas, Thor, Titan I

* Pima Air Museum and Titan Missile Museum, Tucson, AZ
Bullpup AGM-12B, Genie AIR-2A, Maverick AGM-65, Phoenix AIM-54,
Titan I, Titan II, TOW BGM-65

* Point Mugu Missile Park, Point Mugu, CA
Bat, Bullpup A, Bullpup A, Bullpup B, Bullpup B, Corvus, Hawk,
KDA, Lark, Oriole, Oriole, Petrel, Phoenix, Polaris A-1, Shrike,
Sidewinder, Sidewinder 1A, Sidewinder 1C, Sidewinder-Arcas,
Sparoair, Sparrow I, Sparrow I, Sparrow II, Sparrow III, Sparrow
III, Walleye

* Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL

* public park, Riverview, MI

* Rockwell International, Downey, California
Apollo 14

* Roswell Museum, Roswell, NM
Goddard Rocket components

* Science Museum of Virginia, 2500 West Broad Street,
Richmond, VA 23220 804-367-1013

* Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Mt. Clemens, MI
Tiny Tim

* St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis, MO
Black Brant XIII, Gemini 6?, Thor

* Stennis Space Center, near New Orleans, LA
F-1 engine (Saturn V), H-1 engine (Saturn I, IB), J-2 engine
(Saturn V, IB), Jupiter C, Space Shuttle ET, Space Shuttle SRB

* Strategic Aerospace Museum, Bellevue, NE
Atlas, Blue Scout SLV-1, Bomarc, Thor, Titan I

* Swiss Museum of Transport & Communication, Luzern
Gemini 10

* Morthon-Thiokol Corp, Brigham City, UT
Space Shuttle SRB, Trident Missile

* Tsiolkovski Museum, Kaluga, Russia
M-100B, MR-12, Vostok

* US Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, Florida
Skylab 2

* U S Air Force History & Traditions Museum, San
Antonio, TX
Bomarc, Thor

* U S Air Force Museum, Dayton, OH
Aerobee, Agena A/Discoverer, Apollo 15, Bomarc, Falcon, Gemini
spacecraft, Jupiter, Mercury spacecraft, Minuteman I, Minuteman
III, Sparrow, Standard, Thor, Titan I, X-15, X-17, X-24

* U S Air Force Space Museum, Cocoa Beach, FL
Aerobee, Agena A, Agena B, Arcas launcher, Asset, Athena, Atlas
E, big shot shroud, Blue Scout, Bomarc A, corporal, Hawk, Honest
John, Jupiter, Lacrosse, Lark?, Little John, Minuteman I, Navaho,
Navaho engine, Nike-Ajax, Nike-Hercules, Pershing, Polaris A-1,
Polaris A-3, Redstone, Sparrow 1, Subroc, Tartar, Thor, Thor-
Able, Titan I

* public park, Warren, NH
Redstone Missile

* Virginia Air and Space Center, Hampton, VA
Apollo 12 capsule

* West Eight Mile Armory, Detroit, MI
Nike-Ajax, Nike-Hercules

* White Sands Missile Park, White Sands, NM
Aerobee 170, Aerobee Hi, Athena, Corporal, Crossbow, Dart,
Falcon, Genie, Hawk, Honest John, Lacrosse, Lark, Little John,
Loki, Nike-Ajax, Nike-Hercules, Nike-Zeus, Pershing, Pogo Hi,
Redstone (developmental), Sergeant, Shavetail, Shillelagh,
Sidewinder, SS-10, Talos, Tartar, Terrier, V-2, Wac Corporal


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