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2.2.3 Rocketry: Miscellaneous Suppliers


This article is from the Model Rockets FAQ, by Wolfram von Kiparski with numerous contributions by others.

2.2.3 Rocketry: Miscellaneous Suppliers

For those of you who like to buy their tubing, balsa, and other materials
in bulk, this section may have the supplier that you are looking for.
Also included are suppliers of the kind of goods that many of us find
useful for model and high power rocketry. While there are very many
sources of materials from which one can build rockets, and there is no way that a
list can completely cover this broad category. Here is a list of
companies that have been mentioned on r.m.r., or have been recommended to
the author. No company listed in this section is a rocketry specialty
company. Many of the companies in the preceding sections also sell "raw
materials," so rocketry-related questions are best directed to them.

     Ace Resin                                 Resin casting and molding supply
     7481 E. 30th St.                           polyurethane rubber and
     Tucson, AZ 85710                            RTV rubber, supplies
     (520) 886-8051                            
     Aerospace Composite Products              Composite building materials
     14210 Doolittle Drive                       fiberglass, kevlar, carbon    
     San Leandro, CA 94577                       Full line of supplies and
     orders: (800) 811-2009                        equipment
     technical: (510) 352-2022                   Custom fabrication and 
     FAX: (510) 352-2021                           specialty products
     Alexander Aeroplane Company               Composite building materials
     P.O. Box 909                               
     Griffin GA 30224                           
     (800) 831-2949                            Catalog - FREE
     Alumilite Corporation                     resin casting and molding supply
     315 North Street                           resins and supplies
     Kalamazoo, MI 49007                        will send literature, specs,
     (800) 447-9344                              and cured samples on request
     (616) 488-4001 FAX
     American Science & Surplus                All kinds of surplus, used, and 
     3605 Howard St.                            new equipment, gadgets, gizmos, 
     Skokie, IL 60076                           and useful odds and ends.
     (847) 982-0870                            Their address here is for mail 
     (800) 934-0722 FAX                         order, but they also have 
     http://www.sciplus.com/                     retail stores in Chicago,
                                                Geneva (IL), and Milwaukee.
     Balsa USA                                 Balsa, basswood, plywood,
     P.O.Box 164                                and adhesives,
     Marinette, WI  54143                         fresh US-mfg CA
     (906) 863-6421                              Wholesale prices
     (800) BALSA-US  orders only               Catalog - $2.00
     Bare Metal Foil and Hobby Co.             Por-A-Kast, Por-A-Mold dealer
     P.O. Box 82                                 urethane resin molding and
     Farmington, MI 48332                       casting, adhesive metal foil,
     (248) 477-0813                               decal paper
     The Castolite Company                     casting resins
     4915 Dean St.                              polyester resins and rubber
     Woodstock, IL 60098
     (815) 338-4670
     (815) 338-4671 FAX
     Composite Structures Technology           Composite materials
     P.O. Box 622                              fiberglass,kevlar,carbon,epoxy,
     Tehachapi, CA 93581                       foam core, vacuum bagging, etc.
     (800) 338-1278                            Catalog - FREE
     http://www.cstsales.com/                    occasionally sells materials
                                                 at bargain prices.
     Fibre Glast Developments Corp.            Large supplier of composite
     1944 Neva Drive                           materials, polyester and epoxy
     Dayton, OH  45414                         resins, vacuum bagging equipment,
     (800) 821-3283                            and all related supplies
     fibreglast@aol.com                        Catalog - FREE
     McMaster-Carr Supply Company              Looked everywhere?
     P.O. Box 440                              Can't find that "rocket part"
     New Brunswick, NJ 08903-0440               anywhere?  Give McMaster a call.                           
     Micro-Mark                                Small tool company.
     340 Snyder Ave.                           The company isn't small!
     Berkeley Heights, NJ  07922-1595          Perfect tools for working on
     (800) 225-1066                             rockets.
     Middlesex Paper Tube Company, Inc.       Large manufacturer of paper tubes
     P.O. Box 588                             I.D.'s from 0.250" to 18.000"
     345 Chelmsford Street
     Lowell, MA  01851
     (800) 466-9317
     (978) 458-9317 FAX
     Para-Gear Equipment Co., Inc.           Full-service parachuting supply 
     3839 West Oakton Street                   company.
     Skokie, IL  60076-3438                    Parachute fabric, tapes, threads,
     708/679-5905                               cords, webbing, and hardware.
     708/679-8644 - FAX                        Nylon, nylon, nylon!!!
     800/323-0437 (orders - outside IL only)  Catalog - $5.00 (refundable)
     Paramount Tube Division                  Large manufacturer of 
     P.O. Box 80400                             paper tubes. 
     Fort Wayne, IN  46898                      I.D.'s  0.093" - 12.000"
     (219) 484-4111
     (219) 483-0393 FAX
     Peck Polymers                            Japanese tissue for tissuing 
     P.O. Box 710399                            those contest gliders.
     Santee, CA 92072-0399                     Dethermalizer fuse, wood, 
     (619) 448-1818                             free-flight glider kits
     http://www.peck-polymers.com/            Jetex dealer
     SIG Manufacturing Co., Inc.               Balsa, basswood, plywood.
     401-7 S. Front St.                         Wood building supplies for
     Montezuma, IA 50171-0520                   hobbyist, and more...
     (800) 247-5008 (Orders)                    Catalog - $3.00, or order online


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