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14.5 Manufacturers, suppliers, publishers, and consultants


This article is from the Model Rockets FAQ, by Wolfram von Kiparski with numerous contributions by others.

14.5 Manufacturers, suppliers, publishers, and consultants

The following addresses do not constitute an endorsement of
amateur rocketry in any way, shape, or form by the editor(s)
of this FAQ, or the general readership of rec.models.rockets.
Due to the number of requests for information on this form of
rocketry the following addresses are provided as potential sources
for more information. Pursue at your own risk.

    Aerocon                                  Information on hybrid rockets
    P.O. Box 432                              parachutes, books, liquid motors,
    Los Gatos, CA 95031                       and more...
    (408) 450-0704                           Catalog - $2.00
    Commonwealth Displays, Inc.               Chemicals for rocket engine
    12649 Dix                                   production
    Southgate, MI 48195                       Catalog: $3
    (313) 282-1055
    email: hdhg18a@aol.com
    WWW:  http://www.commonwealth.net/rockets/cdi.html
    CP Technologies                           Data on making your own rocket
    4010A South Poplar, Suite 23               motors
    Casper, WY 82601                          Catalog: free
    (307) 265-8755
    email:  71137.2336@compuserve.com
    Digatek                                   black powder and composite
    Suite 200                                  propellant formulas and motor
    2723 West Butler Drive                     making information
    Phoenix, AZ  85051                        
    71231.1200@compuserve.com                 Catalog - FREE
    Firefox Enterprises                       Pyrotechnic supplies, amateur
    P.O. Box 5366                               rocketry supplies.
    Pocatello, ID 83202
    (208) 237-1976                            Catalog $3.00
    Gas Dynamics Lab                          publishes a book on rocket motor
    P.O. Box 465                                 design
    Watkinsville, GA  30677
    Journal of Pyrotechnics                   technical journal on pyrotechnics
    1775 Blair Road                             published twice yearly
    Whitewater, CO  81527                       
    (970) 245-0692
    Prodyne, Inc.                             Solid rocket motor fuel grains,
    P.O. Box 10826                              chemicals, processing
    Ogden, UT 84412-2806                        equipment.
                                              Catalog: $2.00
    Propulsion Systems, Inc.                  Books, software, chemicals, and
    Amateur Rocketry Division                   hardware for composite
    P.O.Box 130077                              propellant motor design and
    Edmond, OK  73013                           fabrication.
    (405) 478-5806                            Catalog - $3.00
    Rogers Aeroscience                        PC software for rocket flight
    P.O. Box 10065                             prediction includes drag modeling
    Lancaster CA 93584-0065                    thru the hypersonic regime;
    (818) 349-4825                            * free info *
    email: 70574.2257@compuserve.com
    Rosenfield Consulting Services            Consulting service for fuel
    1955 South Palm Street, Suite 15            formulations, gov't approval
    Las Vegas, NV 89104                         processes, etc.
    (702) 641-9478 (voice)
    (702) 641-1883 (fax)                      FREE brochure and price list
    email: 73624.224@CompuServe.COM
    RPS                                       Rocket motor kits, tooling,
    207 Lewis Drive                             and info on making rocket
    Richmond, KY 40475                          motors
                                              Catalog: $2.00
    Skylighter, Inc.                         Pyrotechnic supplies
    PO Box 480-W                              chemicals, books, equipment,
    Round Hill, VA 20142-0480                 supplies, etc.
    (540) 554-4543
    (540) 554-2849 (Fax)                     Catalog - $3.00 (USA)
    Custservice@skylighter.com (Email)                  (see website)
    Systems Solaire                           Plans for an amateur rocket
    4414 Notre Dame                             motor which utilizes
    Chomeday, Laval, Quebec                     gasoline as the fuel source.
    CANADA H7W-1T6
    Teleflite Corporation                     Information and supplies for
    11620 Kitching Street                       making your own rocket motors
    Moreno Valley, CA  92387-9978              Catalog:  $2.00
    David G. Sleeter (sleete19@mail.idt.net)


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