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05 Where can I get a transmitter? (Low Power Broadcasting)


This article is from the Low Power Broadcasting FAQ, by Rick Harrison raredata@geocities.com with numerous contributions by others.

05 Where can I get a transmitter? (Low Power Broadcasting)

Below is a brief list of companies selling low power transmitters and
transmitter kits.

Note to newbies: To assemble these kits, you must be able to solder
components onto a circuit board, and it helps if you know the
difference between a resistor and a capacitor. If you haven't reached
this stage of electronic know-how yet, consider buying some of the
educational kits available from C & S Sales, 1245 Rosewood, Deerfield
IL 60015, telephone 800-292-7711. Their electronic components course
(item #ECK-10) might be especially helpful to newbies.

Several web pages that will teach you how to solder are available:


* sources of transmitters:

web page: http://indigo.ie/~alinton/rigindex.htm
e-mail: ndls@bigfoot.com

This company sells low power FM exciters, stereo coders, and
RF amps. Apparently located in Ireland.


DC Electronics
P O Box 3203
Scottsdale AZ 85271
phone 800-423-0070

The Stereocaster is an FM stereo transmitter kit based on the BA1404
chip with a few milliwatts of output power ($29.95 plus $4 S & H). It
has a smooth fine-tuning control which makes it easy to get on the
exact frequency you want, and a voltage regulator which improves
stability. It has been reported that the signal strength can be
increased by replacing the supplied output transistor with an MRF581.
The Stereocaster is more stable than Ramsey's famous FM-10.

New items: a stereo transmitter kit with PLL tuning, and some FM
antenna kits.


DSchmidt Technologies
191 Madera Ave
Ventura, CA 93003
fax 805-676-1092
web page: http://www.silcom.com/~dschmidt

Offers a digital frequency readout for FM transmitters, and two low
power Panaxis transmitters, plus assorted parts and gadgets. The
DTMF-activated relay could be used for remote control of transmitters
in various locations by sending tones to them via telephone lines or
radio links.


L.D. Brewer
10740 N. 56th St., Suite 186
Tampa FL 33617
phone 1-800-886-8023 or 1-813-960-8023
web page: www.ldbrewer.com

The L D Brewer company sells FM transmitter kits, antennas and supplies
from a variety of companies, and will assemble and repair kits.


LPB Inc.
28 Bacton Hill Road
Frazer PA 19355
phone 610-644-1123
fax 610-644-8651
web page: members.aol.com/lpbinc/

Since 1960, LPB Inc. has been a source of legal low power broadcast
equipment, including carrier-current transmitters, radiating coaxial
cable equipment, and other such gear. They ask their customers a lot of
questions and clearly want to avoid selling equipment to rule-breakers.


North Country Radio
PO Box 53
Wykagyl Station
New Rochelle, NY 10804-0053
phone 914-235-6611
fax 914-576-6051
web page: www.northcountryradio.com

Items offered include a low power FM transmitter that (thankfully) does
not use the BA1404 chip, and some TV transmitters for use by licensed
amateur radio operators. New item: an AM transmitter kit.


Panaxis Productions
P O Box 130
Paradise CA 95967-0130
(send $2 for catalog)
web site: www.panaxis.com

This company provides many interesting books and kits. They offer a
half-watt mono FM transmitter with excellent technical specs, which can
be combined with their stereo generator to build a high-quality low power
station (more than $200 for the two kits). They also have some AM gear.
Panaxis kits might not be suitable for absolute beginners; you should
have some experience in circuit assembly before you tackle these.


Eric Hoppe
Progressive Concepts
305 South Bartlett Road
Streamwood, IL 60107
(630)736-9822 Fax (630)736-0353

FM transmitters, antennas, low-pass filters, microphones and audio
mixers, SWR meters, studio to transmitter links, etc.


Ramsey Electronics
793 Canning Pkwy
Victor NY 14564
phone 716-924-4560
web site: http://www.ramseyelectronics.com

Ramsey kits have well-written instruction manuals, and most of the
circuit boards have lots of wide-open space which makes modifications
easy. The company also has a good reputation for service. On the
negative side, they only offer plastic cases for their broadcasting
kits (transmitter circuits generally perform better in metal enclosures).

The FM-10A is an FM stereo transmitter kit ($34.95 plus shipping) with
a few milliwatts of output power; it is based on the BA1404 integrated
circuit. Several people have posted messages in alt.radio.pirate
indicating that the FM-10A has a problem with frequency drift and must
be adjusted frequently; others have said they do not have this problem.
The FM-25 kit, which has PLL tuning for greater stability, costs about

Ramsey also offers a low-budget AM transmitter and a more expensive
AM transmitter that has PLL frequency control. The cheaper AM-1 kit is
not very good, in my opinion; it tends to drift and the audio quality is


R. Scott Communications
6972 Larkspur Road
Sooke, B.C.
Canada, VOS-1NO
phone 250-642-2859
fax 250-642-7742
e-mail: kscott@pinc.com
web page: http://www.sasquatch.com/~zane/catalog.txt

A source of fully assembled FM transmitters with PLL frequency control
that (according to their catalog) meet FCC and Canadian government
standards, from 20 millwatts to 110 watts. Antennas too. Tech support
by phone; one year parts and labor guarantee.


Veronica FM
18 Victoria Street
West Yorkshire BD13 1AR
United Kingdom
phone 01274 816200
web site: http://www.legend.co.uk/~veronica/

Antennas, audio processors, and FM transmitters (kits and assembled).
People who've experimented with several brands have reported on the 'net
that Veronica equipment is very well designed.


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