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19 Additional Topics to be added


This article is from the storage FAQ part2, by Rodney D. Van Meter with numerous contributions by others.

19 Additional Topics to be added

    File Systems: Unix, IBM, VMS, Tops-20, Extent-based, Amiga, Mac
(resource & data forks)
FTP Sites
Volume Sets & Partitions
Important People/Mass Storage History
Books & Other Publications
Principles for Evaluating New Technologies
Performance Evaluation
  seek time measurement
  concurrent operations
  queueing theory
Head Lifetime
Versioning in File Systems
Managing Risk
Media Migration/Managing Change
Physical v. Logical Addressing (seek optimizations, etc.)
Channels v. Busses
Intelligent Storage Subsystems
DEC's HSC-50 and star cluster for VAXen
Mainframe & Supercomputer I/O controllers
The broadcast and home audio/video / mass storage connection
Databases and Mass Storage
File System Research: watchdogs, named pipes, compressing FSes
The naming problem: Prospero
Distributed Locking & Update
Content-Addressable Storage & Other Unusual Ideas
The old film-storage system Sam Coleman talks about
Byte Ordering
Supercomputer Storage
Companies: Adstor, Avastor
I/O Benchmarks
User file systems
System CPU & bus loads for file system work
Memory-Mapped Files
Persistent Object Systems & their files
The VFS layer in Unix
What to look for in a backup product
Offsite Storage v. Network Backup
Test Equipment -- SCSI & HiPPI Analyzers
(reorganize along small user/large user/developer lines?)
(need to date every entry if possible)


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