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7.4 RAID Papers


This article is from the storage FAQ part1, by Rodney D. Van Meter with numerous contributions by others.

7.4 RAID Papers

    (Berkeley FTP pointers updated, 95/5/11)

A nice collection of RAID papers was published in the Fall, 1991 issue of
CMG Transactions. A few more appeared in the December, 1992 CMG
Proceedings and there are 3 RAID papers in the 1993 International
Symposium on Computer Architecture (Published as Computer Architecture
News 21, #2, May, 1993 by ACM SIGARCH.

(dwilmot@crl.com, Dick Wilmot, Editor, Independent RAID Report)

There is a short RAID FAQ at
ftp.mcs.com:mcsnet.users/llangevi/VSE/text/RAID.FAQ (rdv, 96/2/21)

Try contacting the RAID project at the University of California, Berkeley. 
In the proceedings of the recent IEEE Mass Storage Symposium, Ann Drapeau
and Randy Katz have a paper describing the reults of some investigations
into the use of tape arrays.  I think you can find RAID papers, perhaps
this one, on anon ftp at ftp.cs.berkeley.edu.  Have no address for Ann
Drapeau, but Randy Katz is randy@cs.berkeley.edu.

Some of the RAID papers are available via anon ftp from

Ann Drapeau's email address is alc@cs.berkeley.edu.

(dm_devaney@pnl.gov, Mike DeVaney)
(eklee@cs.berkeley.edu, Edward K. Lee)

>>I am looking for papers or technical papers on RAID...

You could get that lengthy RAID taxonomy research report from Storage
Computer as mentioned recently on these news groups, by Emailing them at
RAID7@World.std.com    Alternatively, their phone number is 603 880 3005.
I do not know if their RAID research report is copyrighted or not.

I believe their executive in charge of RAID activities in Hong Kong would be
John Taylor, the former Wang national accounts director.  They also put
on technical raid seminars which might be of interest to your PhD students,
concentrating on performance enhancements over RAID 3/4/5 (somewhat less than
an order of magnitude, but I have not reviewed their benchmark data.)  The
RAID theory discussed is rather interesting.

>> I am looking for papers or technical papers on RAID or other multiple disks
>> storage systems.  Could somebody give me pointers for them?

Here are some papers that I either have read or am looking for:
I don't have copies of this group:

Dishon, Yitzhak; Lui, T.S.; Disk Dual Copy Methods and Their Performance;
  FTCS-18: Eighteenth International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing,
  Digest of Papers p 314-318

Gray, J.N. et. al., Parity Striping of Disk Arrays: Low Cost Reliable 
  Storage With Acceptable Throughput, 16th International Conference on
  VLDB (Austrailia, August 1990)

Katz, R.H.; Patterson, D.A.; Gibson, G.A.; Disk System Architectures for
  High Performance Computing; Proc. IEEE v 78 n 2 Feb 1990

Muntz, Richard R.; Lui, John C.S.; Proformance Analysis of Disk Arrays
  Under Failure; Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Very
  Large Data Bases (VLDB); Dennis Mcleod, Ron Sacks-Davis, Hans Schek
  (Eds.), Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Aug 1990 pp 162-173

Ng, Spencer; Some Design Issues of Disk Arrays; Compcon '89: Thirty-Fourth
  IEEE Computer Society Internationsl Conference p 137-142

Ng, Spencer W.; Improving Disk Performance via Latency Reduction; IEEE
  Transactions on Computers v 40 1 Jan 1991 p22-30

Reddy, A.L. Narasimha; Banerjee, Prithviraj; Performance Evalutaion of 
  Multiple-Disk I/O Systems; Proceedings of the 1989 International
  Conference on Parallel Processing p 315-318

Here are some good papers on disk arrays with emphasis on RAID:

Chen, Peter M.; Gibson, Garth A.; Katz, Randy H.; Patterson, David A.;
  Evaluation of Redundant Arrays of Disks Using an Amdahl 5890; 1990 ACM
  SIGMETRICS Conference on Measurement & Modeling of Computer Systems p 74-85

Chen, Peter M.; Patterson, David A.; Maximizing Performance in a Striped
  Disk Array; Proceedings of the 17th IEEE Annual International Symposium on
  Computer Architecture p 322-331

Chen, Shenze; Don Towsley; Performance of a Mirrored Disk in a Real-Time
  Transaction System; 1991 ACM SIGMETRICS Conference on Measurement &
  Modeling of Computer Systems p 198-207

Chervenak, Ann L.; Katz, Randy H.; Performance of a Disk Array Prototype;
  ACM SIGMETRICS 1991 Conference Proceedings p 188-197

Menon, J.; Mattson, R.L. and Spencer, N.; Distributed Sparing for Improved
  Performance of Disk Arrays; IBM Research Report RJ 7943 (Jan. 1991)

Patterson, David A.; Chen, Peter; Gibson, Garth; Katz, Randy H.;
  Introduction of Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID); Compcon 1989:
  Thirty-Fourth IEEE Computer Society International Conference 
  p 112-117

Schulze, Martin; Gibson, Garth; Katz, Randy; Patterson, David A.; How Reliable
  is a RAID; Compcon '89: Thirty-Fourth IEEE Computer Society International
  Conference p 118-123

(danj@hub.parallan.com, Dan Jones)
>>I am looking for papers or technical papers on RAID...

A good set of the Berkeley papers are available via anonymous FTP.
If I remember, the machine was ftp.cs.berkeley.edu.  Also, an archie
search on "RAID" would probably turn up a nice on-line collection of
information.  (sorry, not at an Internet site to check this right now...)

(buck@siswat.hou.tx.us , Lester Buck)

Further Information:
    %A Garth Gibson
    %A Randy H. Katz
    %T A case for redundant arrays of inexpensive disks (RAID)
    %C Proc. SIGMOD.
    %c Chicago, Illinois
    %D 1--3 June 1988
    %P 109 116
    %k RAID, disk striping, reliability, availability, performance
    %k disk arrays, SCSI, hardware failures, MTTR, MTBF
    %k secondary storage
    %L Jacobson has a copy
    %x Increasing the performance of CPUs and memories will be
    %x squandered if not matched by a similar performance increase in
    %x I/O.  While the capacity of Single Large Expensive Disks (SLED)
    %x has grown rapidly, the performance improvement of SLED has been
    %x modest.  Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID), based
    %x on the magnetic disk technology developed for personal
    %x computers, offers an attractive alternative to SLED, promising
    %x improvements of an order of magnitude in performance,
    %x reliability, power consumption, and scalability.  This paper
    %x introduces five levels of RAIDs, giving their relataive
    %x cost/performance, and compares RAID to an IBM 3380 and a
    %x Fujitsu Super Eagle.



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