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7.11 RAID Vendors


This article is from the storage FAQ part1, by Rodney D. Van Meter with numerous contributions by others.

7.11 RAID Vendors

    RAID vendors come and go quickly, OEM each other's equipment, change
names, and other activities that seem aimed at simply obscuring the
market. No list like this could be complete and up to date for long;
I'll gladly take updates.

See http://www.disktrend.com for one good list of RAID vendors, and
http://www.sresearch.com/search/105431.htm for another.

Other reviews are available at
http://techweb.cmp.com/nwc/613/613rev1.html and
http://www.byte.com/art/9509/sec11/sec11.htm. (steven@nijenrode.nl
(Steven Hessing), 1996/3/30)

The November '94 issue of Advanced Imaging has a big article on
storage, primarily RAID arrays, with a pretty comprehensive list. This
table is distilled from that. Most of the info appears to be from the
vendors themselves. Almost all of these are fast/wide SCSI; a few are
Fibre Channel, NuBus, PCI or HiPPI (usually with IPI-3 command set). 
Most of these vendors have more than one model, only a few are listed
here. (rdv,95/1/18)

Most of these have some web presence; a Lycos search would turn up
their sites.

PC = Personal Computer (IBM compatible)
MC = Macintosh
PS = PC Server (Netware, NT et al)
NT = Windows NT
UX = Unix (generic)
PU = Personal Unix
WU = Workstation Unix & workstation servers
MF = mainframe
MI = minicomputer (AS/400)
SU = Supercomputer

FC = Fibre Channel interface (usually SCSI command protocol)

Maker			Model		RAID Levels	Uses
AC Technology		Concorde	0,3,5		WU
ADJFILE Systems		Cougar, Tiger	0,1,3,5		??
AT&T Global Information	Series 3	??		WU,PS,PC
  Systems -- NCR
BusLogic		DA-x988		0,1,3,5		PC,PU,PS (PCI)
Canary Communications	IDA3500		0,1,3,4,5	??
Ciprico			6800 Real-Time	??		??
			RAID Array
Cybernetics		Xtreme		0		??
DEC			StorageWorks	0,1,5		??
			RAID Array 210
Distributed Processing	SmartRAID	0,1,5		PC,PU,PS
DynaTek Automation	AddARRAY	0,1		??
Fujitsu Comp. Prod.	DynaRAID	??		??
FWB, Inc.		SledgHammer*FT	5		MC
IBM Storage Systems	7137 Disk Array	0,5		WU
Legacy Storage Systems	SmartArray	??		PC (PCI)
Maximum Strategy	Gen5 Storage	0,1,3,5		SU (HiPPI,FC)
Mega Driver Systems	MR & MK Series	0,3,5		PC,PU,PS,MC,WU
MicroNet Technology	RAIDbank Plus	0,1,5		PC,PS,MC,PU?
Microtech Int'l		XLerator	0,1		MC
Mylex			DAC960S		0,1,5,6?,7?	??
Procom Technology	LANForce-5	0,1,3,5		MC,??
Raidtec			FlexArray IX	0,1,3,5		??
Recognition Concepts	RDR series	??		??
Storage Computer	RAID 7		7?(4?)		??
Storage Concepts	Concept 910	??		??
Storage Tek		Iceberg		??		MF
XL/Datacomp		9638		5		MI,WU


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