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5.17 D-2


This article is from the storage FAQ part1, by Rodney D. Van Meter with numerous contributions by others.

5.17 D-2

    Ampex supports D2.  Data rates are in the 15 MByte/sec range.

The Ampex tape transport and head system were originally sold through
E-Systems (EMASS), who built the storage controller and sold it as the
ER-90 and coupled it with Odetics robots. Ampex now makes their own
interface for the unit, sold as the DST. They also make their own very
fast robotics.

The ER-90 is popular with the oil crowd. I don't know if the tapes are
interchangeable with the DST.

(rdv, 12/94)

DD-2  (19mm Data D-2 Format)

Ampex DST General:

3 cartridge (cassette) sizes - 25, 75, 165 gigabytes (uncompressed).
15 megabyte/sec. sustained (20 megabyte/sec. burst) transfer rate (per
drive).  Up to 800 megabyte/sec. search speed (per drive).  Smart DD-2
format includes partitioning and system zones to maximize storage
efficiency and speed data access.  3 layers of Reed-Solomon error
correction, with read-after-write verification and automatic rewrite
yield error rate of 1 in 10E15 bits read.  Drive(s) dual ported SCSI-2
(16 bit fast, differential).

DST 310 Tape Drive:

All 3 cartridge (cassette) sizes supported - 25, 75, 165 gigabytes
(uncompressed).  Rack mount or table top configurations.  Single unit
price: $120K.

Ampex recently (dec. '95 or thereabouts) announced a new tape drive
model that's substantially cheaper, ~US$80K. Still 15 MB/sec., but I
think it only supports S cassettes.

Ampex Corporation
401 Broadway, M.S. 3-46
Redwood City, CA 94063-3199
Inquiry:  415-367-2982
Facsimile:  415-367-3850
Internet:  dst_mktg@ampex.com

(see also Ampex under autochangers -- they make their own for this
tape drive)

(pete_zakit@ampex.com, 94/12/23)


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