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Hard Drive: WESTERN DIGITAL: WD 93028 X 20MB 3.5"/HH IDE / XT

W D   9 3 0 2 8   X    WESTERN DIGITAL
NO MORE PRODUCED                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 3.5"/HH               Cylinders     782|  615|     |
Capacity form/unform    20/      MB        Heads           2|    4|     |
Seek time   / track  70.0/     ms          Sector/track   27|     |     |
Controller           IDE / XT              Precompensation   784
Cache/Buffer               KB              Landing Zone      781
Data transfer rate    0.938 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      512
                            MB/S ext
Recording method     RLL 2/7                        operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5/12 V       Temperature *C         4 50    |    -40 60
Power: sleep              W     Humidity     %         8 80    |      5 95
       standby            W     Altitude    km    -0.458  3.040| -0.458 12.192
       idle               W     Shock        g        10       |     40
       seek               W     Rotation   RPM      3567
       read/write         W     Acoustic   dBA        40
       spin-up            W     ECC        Bit   56
                                MTBF         h      40000
                                Warranty Month
Lift/Lock/Park     NO           Certificates     FCC                          


WESTERN WD93028/-38/-48-X/95028/-38-48-X INSTALL. GUIDE 79-000-352

  |                                                         |XX I
  |                                                         |XX N
  |                                                         |XX T
  |                                                         |XX E
  |                                                         |XX R
  |                                                         |*X F  J2
  |                                                         |XX A
  |                                                         |XX C
  |                                                         |XX E
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XX1
  |                                                         |6-5 J8
  |                                                         || |
  ++LED                                                     |2-1
  ++                                                        |XX J1
  |                                                         |XX Power

                         J2                    J8     J1
    |o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o||o o o||O O O O|
    |o o o o o o o o o o   o o o o o o o o o||o o o||1 2 3 4|
                                                     | | |  +5V
                   (Pin 20 keyed)                    | | +- GND
                                                     | +--- GND
                                                     +----- +12V


WESTERN WD93028/38/48-X/WD95028/38/48-X INSTALLATION GUIDE 79-000-35

Jumper Setting

Jumper Option
The following option can be selected on the 6-pin header J8. Pins 1,
3, and 5 are connected to the port pins on the 8052 microcomputer IC
while pins 2, 4, and 6 are tied to ground.

Disable Translation
You drive may be configured for the translation mode or the non-
translation mode. The translation mode allows you to your Western
Digital drive with an older S#system BIOS and/or operating systems
which only support MFM drives with 17 sectors per track. The non-
translation mode accommodates an RLL drive with 27 sectors per track.

When pins 1 and 2 are shorted together, the translate option is
disabled. If pin 1 is open, the translate option is enabled, and the
drive can be used with any BIOS that has a drive table listing less
than total sectors than your Western Digital drive (less than 42,228
sectors for the two-head drive assembly; and 84,456 for the four-head
drive assembly). For example, a Western Digital drive in translation
mode may replace a drive which has 615 cylinders, four heads and 17

Dual Drive Operation
If you are installing two physical drives in your XT system, the
first drive must be selected at port address 320H. Its BIOS resides
at address C800H. Select the second drive at port address 324H. Its
BIOS resides at CA00H. Both drives must therefore have seperate
cables connectinmg them to the motherboard. You will require Western
Digital's XT140 adapter card which has two 40-pin connectors. Plug
drive 0 into J1 connector and Drive 1 into J2 connector on the
adapter card.


WESTERN WD93028/38/48-X/WD95028/38/48-X INSTALL. GUIDE 79-000-352

Notes on installation

System Requirements
You can use your drive in an IMB PC/XT or compatible system that has
these operating systems: MS-DOS version 2.0 and higher or Novell
NetWare. Contact your Western Digital dealer if you need informations
about other operating systems.

Gather Supplies
If your computer's motherboard has a 40-pin connector for installa-
tion of a hard disk drive, you will need the following items:

    |Capacity  |  3.5 Inch   | 5.25 Inch  |
    |          | Form Factor |   Frame    |
    |          |             |            |
    |20 MBytes |  WD93028-X  |  WD95028-X |
    |30 MBytes |  WD93038-X  |  WD95038-X |
    |40 MBytes |  WD93048-W  |  WD95048-X |

- Your Western Digital drive:

- One 40-pin interface cable (Maximum length of 18 inches)

- Optional mounting frame, bezel and LED

- IDE SUPERBIOS program for low-level formatting

If there is not a 40-pin connector on the motherboard or you intend
to place two hard disk drives in your system, your drive will
additionally require:

 - Western Digital's XT140R adapter card with IDE SUPERBIOS or XT150R
   adapter card with IDE SUPERBIOS and power connector.

- Additional 40-pin interface cable, if installing a second drive.

Mount the disk drive to the host using four 6-32 screws.

After securely mounting the drive, verify that nothing interferes
with the free movement of the drive's shock mounts.

The only electrical ground contact should be from universal mounting
bracket to the frame on the host system. Do not ground to the hard
drive assembly (HDA) casting. Screws which are too long will cause a
ground loop to the HDA and defeat the shock mounting or possibly
damage board components. The screw should engage no more than six
threads (3/16 inch).

 Interface Connector: 2 x 20 pin right angle .1" Berg stick (pin 20
 Cable type:          40-conductor mass terminated flat ribbon
 Cable length:        18 inches maximum


WESTERN WD93028/38/48-X/WD95028/38/48-X INSTALL. GUIDE 79-000-352

Product Description
Western Digital's WD93028-X, WD93038-X, and WD93048-X are intelligent
drive products for the IBM PC/XT and compatibles. Their architectures
integrate an ST-412/ST-506 compatible hard drive assembly with a
controller on a single printed circuit board that is mounted on the
disk drive's chassis. The integration of disk drive and controller
increases reliability and performance by eliminating redundant
circuitry. Models WD93028-X, WD93038-X, and WD93048-X offer 20, 30,
and 40 MB of storage, respectively, in a 3.5 inch form factor. These
drives are also available in 5.25-inch frame (WD95028-X, WD95038-X,
and WD95048-X).

Formatting Your Drive
Use the IDE SUPERBIOS program to perform a low-level format of your
drive. The WDXT140R or WDXT150R adapter card contains the IDE SUPER-
BIOS program. If you have an XT compatible with a drive interface
connector on the motherboard, it must provide a SUPERBIOS program. Do
no use the IBM Advanced Diagnostic Format Option.

The low-level format is performed just once for each physical drive.
When you dynamically configure a drive as two virtual drives
(partions), perform the low-level format only on drive C and the run
the DOS FDISK and FORMAT utilities on both logical drives (C and D).

 MFM Drive Tables (Translation Mode)
  |20 MB   |30 MB   |40 MB   |20 MB   |
  |615 Cyl.|615 Cyl.|977 Cyl.|612 Cyl.|
  |4 Heads |6 Heads |5 Heads |4 Heads |
  |616 RWC |616 RWC |978 RWC |450 RWC |
  |616 WPC |616 WPC |978 WPC |450 WPC |
  |11 EBL  |11 EBL  |11 EBL  |11 EBL  |
  |5 CCB   |5 CCB   |5 CCB   |5 CCB   |

 RLL Drive Tables (Non-translation Mode)
  |20 MB   |30 MB   |40 MB   |20 MB   |
  |782 Cyl.|782 Cyl.|782 Cyl.|615 Cyl.|  CCB  = Command control block
  |2 Heads |3 Heads |4 Heads |4 HEads |         option byte
  |784 RWC |784 RWC |784 RWC |616 RWC |  Cyl. = Cylinders
  |784 WPC |784 WPC |784 WPC |616 WPC |  RWC  = Reduced write current
  |11 EBL  |11 EBL  |11 EBL  |11 EBL  |  WPC  = Write precompensation
  |7 CCB   |7 CCB   |7 CCB   |7 CCB   |  EBL  = Maximum correctable
  +--------+--------+--------+--------+         error burst rate

5:1 interleave for optimum data throughput (3:1 interleave when in
burst mode)

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