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Hard Drive: QUANTUM: GODRIVE 40 S 42MB 2.5"/SSL SCSI1 SE

G O D R I V E   4 0   S    QUANTUM
NO MORE PRODUCED                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 2.5"/SUPERSLIMLINE    Cylinders     870|     |     |
Capacity form/unform    42/      MB        Heads           2|     |     |
Seek time   / track  19.0/ 5.0 ms          Sector/track     |     |     |
Controller           SCSI1 SINGLE-ENDED    Precompensation
Cache/Buffer             8 KB LOOK-AHEAD   Landing Zone
Data transfer rate    2.250 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      512
                      4.000 MB/S ext SYNC
Recording method     RLL 1/7                        operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5 V          Temperature *C         5 55    |    -40 70
Power: sleep          0.2 W     Humidity     %         8 85    |      5 95
       standby        0.2 W     Altitude    km    -0.060  3.000| -0.060 12.000
       idle           1.7 W     Shock        g        10       |    100
       seek           2.2 W     Rotation   RPM      3600
       read/write     2.0 W     Acoustic   dBA        40
       spin-up        4.5 W     ECC        Bit   112,REED SOLOMON
                                MTBF         h      80000
                                Warranty Month
Lift/Lock/Park     YES          Certificates     CSA,FCC,IEC950,TUV,UL1950,VDE



        |                                                  |
        |                                                  |
        ||o o o o o o o o o o o . o o o o o o o 1  o o o 1||
        ||o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 2  o o o o||
        +                                                  +

J1 and J2 are fabricated from one 50-pin connector. J1 has 40 pins,
J2 has 8 pins, and 2 pins have been removed at the boundry between
J2 and J1.



Jumper Setting

x = Factory default

 The GoDrive 40/80S has a single 2 x 25 connector on 2mm centers
 for power, data and SCSI device address. The connector also includes
 four pins (2x2) which are reserved as factory test points (Pins 1-4
 of J2). J1 Pins 1 and 2 = +5V (Logic), Pins 3 and 4 = Logic Return.

   | SCSI ID  |         Pin           |
   |          |   5   |   6   |   7   |
   |    0     |  HI   |  HI   |  HI   |
   |    1     |  LO   |  HI   |  HI   |
   |    2     |  HI   |  LO   |  HI   |
   |    3     |  LO   |  LO   |  HI   |
   |    4     |  HI   |  HI   |  LO   |
   |    5     |  LO   |  HI   |  LO   |
   |    6     |  HI   |  LO   |  LO   |
   |    7     |  LO   |  LO   |  LO   |

Pin 8 of J2 can be used to drive an LED during periods of drive



Notes on Installation

Dimensions and Mounting
The GoDrive 80S differs only in terms of drive height @ 18.8mm
0.2mm, with the side mounting holes remaining 3.0mm 0.2mm from the
drive bottom. The GoDrive 40/80S can be mounted in any orientation.
Maximum screw penetration is 3 mm with three minimum penetration of
three full threads, and with application of torque to these screws
limited to 120 inch-ounces. If the bottom mounting holes are used,
the surface to which the GoDrive is affixed must have a flatness of
0.127mm (0.005 inches) or better.

GoDrive 40/80 S hard disk drives operate without a cooling fan,
provided the ambient air temperature does not exceed 55*C (131*F).
Any user-designed cabinet must provide adequate air circulation to
prevent the maximum temperature from being exceeded.

Cable Connector
The GoDrive 40/80S has a single 2 x 25 connector on 2mm centers for
power, data and SCSI Address.

The recommended mating connector on the system side is Dupont part
number 69764-050 or equivalent. To prevent the possibility of in-
correct installation, the hole of the mating connector that corres-
ponds to Pin 17 of J1 should be plugged. The maximum cable length is
12 inches.

Power Sequencing
The GoDrive 40/80S hard disk drive requires no power sequencing --
either OFF or ON. Applying or removing power during drive operation
does not cause data to be lost or corrupted -- with the possible
exception that data may be lost or corrupted in the sector being
written at the time of a power loss. During power-on or power-off,
the drive can sustain the shorting out or opening up of either
voltage or return line.

Although the GoDrive 40/80S hard disk drive requires no power
sequencing, Quantum recommends that if a controlled power down is
available from the system (e.g., in a system with an auto resume
feature), a STOP command be issued to the drive prior to the removal



General Description
Quantum's GoDrive 40S and 80S hard disk drives are part of a family
of high performance. 2.5 inch form factor hard disk drives manu-
factured to meet the highest product-quality standards. GoDrive hard
disk drives use non-removable, 2.5 inch rigid disks.

Key features of GoDrive 40/80 S hard disk drives include:

- Embedded SCSI controller

- Low-profile, optimized for number of disks

 - 112-bit Reed Solomon Error Correction Code (ECC), with 48-bit
   double burst correction

 - Proprietary 32K, look-ahead, programmable DisCache (8K on GoDrive
   40S) with write Cache

- Automatic retry on read errors

- Transparent media-defect mapping

- High performance, in-line defective sector skipping

 - Reassignment of defective sectors discovered in the field, without

- Automatic actuator shipping lock and dedicated landing zone

 Seek Time
       |                               | 40/80S |
       |Track-to-Track      msec. typ. |   5    |
       |Average             msec. typ. |  19    |
       |Full-Stroke         msec.      |  30    |
       |Latency             msec. avg. |   8.3  |

SCSIADR - SCSI Address (Byte 3, Bits 2-0):
When SSID (bit 3 of byte 3) is set to one, SCSIADR determines the
drive's SCSI ID. When chaning the SCSI ID with the MODE SELECT
command, the SCSI ID will change immediately. If at initial power
on, the SSID bit is set to one - that is, if this bit's previous
setting was saved on the disk - the SCSIADR bit will determine the
drive's SCSI ID. The default is zero.

Defect Management
The format of the GoDrive 40/80S allocates one sector per cylinder
as a spare. In the factory, the media is scanned for defects. If a
sector on a cylinder is found to be defective, the sector's address
is added to the drive's defect list. Sectors physically subsequent to
the defective sectors are assigned logical block addresses such that
a sequential ordering of logical blocks results. This inline sparing
technique is employed in an attempt to eliminate throughput
reduction resulting from a single defective sector on a cylinder.

Should more than one sector be found to be defective on a cylinder,
the in-line sparing approach is applied to the first sector only.
The remaining defective sectors are replaced with the nearest
available spare sectors on nearby cylinders. This assignment of
additional replacement sectors from nearby cylinders rather than a
central pool of spare sectors is an attempt to minimize the
mechanical motion required to obtain the replacement sector. This
results in the minimization of throughput reduction due to multiple
defective sectors on a cylinder.

Defects known as grown defects can occur in the field. If a defective
sector is encountered, the sector is reallocated by the algorithm
used in the factory to allocate the sectors found defective after
the first defective sector on a cylinder. That is, in-line sparing
to maintain the sequential nature of LBAs is not performed with grown

Sectors are considered to contain grown defects if the double burst
ECC algorithm must be applied in an attempt to recover the desired
data. If the double burst ECC algorithm was not successful, the
erroneous data is stored in the newly allocated sector, and a flag is
set in the data ID field; this causes the GoDrive to report an ECC
error each time the sector is read until the sector is rewritten.

Air Filtration
The GoDrive Series hard disk drives are Winchster-type drives. The
heads fly very close to the media surface, with a nominal flying
height of 4.5 microinches. Therefore, it is essential that the air
circulating within the drive be kept free of paticles. Quantum
assembles the drive in a Class-100, purified air environment, then
seals the drive with a metal cover. When the drive is in use, the
rotation of the disks forces the air inside the drive through an
internal filter.

 SCSI Electrical Characteristics
 All signals are asserted, or true, at the low level, and use open-
 collector drivers terminated at each end of the cable with 1K ohm
 to +5 volts (nominal). On the drive, resistor networks terminate the
  |NOTE                                                             |
  |To connect multiple devices on a SCSI bus, remove the terminating|
  |resistors on all but the two devices at the cable ends. Because  |
  |terminating resistors cannot be removed on the GoDrive, make sure|
  |that it is connected at one of the cable ends.                   |

Each signal driven by the GoDrive 40/80S hard disk drive has
the following output characteristics:

 - True (signal assertion) = 0.0 to 0.5 volts DC at 48 milliamperes

- False (signal deassertion) = 2.5 to 5.25 volts DC

Each signal from the host to the GoDrive 40/80S hard disk
drive must have the following characteristics, as measured at the

- True (signal assertion) = 0.0 to 0.8 volts DC

- False (signal deassertion) = 2.5 to 5.25 volts DC

The drive uses a 40-pin SCSI-bus and DC power connector -- providing
a single-ended, unshielded connection. All signals are asserted at
the low level. Pin 17 is not connected and serves as a key to reduce
the possibility of incorrect installation.

Terminator Power
The GoDrive 40/80S hard disk drive supplies terminator power through
a Schottky diode and a 1-amp fuse with the the following

VTERM = 4.25 volts DC to 5.25 volts DC

         150 milliamperes minimum with 1K pullup resistors

         800 milliamperes minimum source drive capability, if
         supplying external terminators

         1.0 milliamperes maximum sink capability, except when
         providing power to an internal terminator

         1.0 amp current limiting (fuse)

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