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Hard Drive: IBM: DESKSTAR-3540DALS 541MB 3.5"/SL SCSI2 FAST

D E S K S T A R - 3 5 4 0 D A L S    IBM
                                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 3.5"/SLIMLINE         Cylinders        |     |     |
Capacity form/unform   541/      MB        Heads           2|     |     |
Seek time   / track  12.0/     ms          Sector/track     |     |     |
Controller           SCSI2 SI/FAST         Precompensation
Cache/Buffer            64 KB SEGMENTED    Landing Zone
Data transfer rate    4.500 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      512
                     10.000 MB/S ext SYNC
Recording method                                    operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5/12 V       Temperature *C         5 55    |    -40 65
Power: sleep              W     Humidity     %         8 90    |      5 95
       standby            W     Altitude    km    -0.300  3.048| -0.300 12.000
       idle               W     Shock        g        10       |     30
       seek               W     Rotation   RPM      4500
       read/write         W     Acoustic   dBA
       spin-up            W     ECC        Bit   ADVANCED, ON THE FLY
                                MTBF         h     350000
                                Warranty Month
Lift/Lock/Park     YES          Certificates     EEC,FCC,VDE                  



  |                                           +------------ |XX
  |                                      JP1 +++            |XXI
  |                                       :  | |            |XXN
  |                                       :  | | Logic Card |XXT
  |                                      JP12+++            |XXE
  |                                           |             |XXR
  |                                           |             |XXF
  |                                           |             |XXA
  |                                           |             |XXC
  |                                           |             |XXE
  |                                           +------+      |XX
  |                                                  +----- |XX1
  |  Back Side of the Drive                                 |
  |                                                         |XX Power
  |                                                         |XX
  +---------------------------------------------------------+  1



Jumper Setting

* = default

Jumper Setting
Jumper position and function are as shown below. Pin pitch is 2mm.

               +------------------- Disable Auto Spin Up
               |   +-------------- Disable Unit Attention
    Device ID  |   |   +--------- Terminator Connect
   +---+---+   |   |   |   +---- Disable TI Negotiation
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
 JP1 JP2 JP3 JP4 JP5 JP6 JP7 JP8 JP9 JP10 JP11
 |1 ||3 ||5 ||7 ||9 ||11||13||15||17||19||21||23|
 |2 ||4 ||6 ||8 ||10||12||14||16||18||20||22||24|
                                               +- LED Driver

The jumpers control SCSI Device ID, Auto Spin Up, Unit Attention,
SCSI Terminator Connection, Target Initiated Synchronous Negotiation
and the LED Driver Output.

Notes: 1. The jumper position of JP1, 2, and 3 define SCSI ID of the
If JP1,JP2,JP3 are Off, Off, Off the SCSI ID is 0
If JP1,JP2,JP3 are On, Off, Off the SCSI ID is 1
If JP1,JP2,JP3 are Off, On, Off the SCSI ID is 2
If JP1,JP2,JP3 are On, On, Off the SCSI ID is 3
If JP1,JP2,JP3 are Off, Off, On the SCSI ID is 4
If JP1,JP2,JP3 are On, Off, On the SCSI ID is 5
If JP1,JP2,JP3 are Off, On, On the SCSI ID is 6 (shipping default)
If JP1,JP2,JP3 are On, On, On the SCSI ID is 7

 2. If JP4 is Off, the drive will spin up automatically after power on
    If JP4 is On,  the drive will not spin up unless the host system
                   issues a start command to the drive.

 3. If JP5 is On,  Unit Attention after power on reset or SCSI bus
                   reset is disabled.

4. If JP6 is On, the internal SCSI active terminator works.

 5. If JP7 is On,  Target Initiated Synchronous Negotiation is
                   disabled, and then the Initiator is required to
                   start a negotiation handshake if Synchronous SCSI
                   transfers are desired.

6. Jumpers JP8, JP9, JP10 and JP11 are not used.

 7. Jumper JP12 can be used to drive a LED for SCSI Busy. Pin 24 is
    +5V, and Pin 23 will drive a load up to 8mA.



Notes on installation

Installation direction

     horizontally                           vertically
   +-----------------+             +--+                       +--+
   |                 |             |  +-----+           +-----+  |
   |                 |             |  |     |           |     |  |
 +-+-----------------+-+           |  |     |           |     |  |
 +---------------------+           |  |     |           |     |  |
                                   |  |     |           |     |  |
                                   |  |     |           |     |  |
 +---------------------+           |  +-----+           +-----+  |
 +-+-----------------+-+           +--+                       +--+
   |                 |
   |                 |

The drive will operate in all axis (6 directions).

The maximum allowable penetration of the mounting screws is 6 x 3,5mm
or 4 x 6 mm. The recommended mounting screw torque is 6 to 10kgF.cm

 DC Power and pin connector assignments
 --+  +------------+|  pin 1    +12 VDC
  1|  | 4  3  2  1 ||  pin 2    +12 Volts Return
  -+  +------------+|  pin 3    + 5 Volts Return
  ------------------+  pin 4    + 5 VDC

The DC power connector is designed to mate with AMP part 1-480424-0
(using AMP pins P/N 350078-4). Equivalent connectors may be used.

The SCSI Signal Connector is a 50 pin connector meeting the ANSI SCSI
specification. Note: It is intended that the hard disk drive should
only be in electrical contact with the chassis of the PC at a
designated set of mounting holes. Other electrical contact may
degrade error rate performance. As a result of this it is recommended
that there should be no metal contact to the hard disk drive except
at the mounting holes or the side rails into which the mounting holes
are tapped.

DC Power Requirements
The following voltage specifications apply at the drive power
connector. Damage to the drive electronics may result if the power
supply cable is connected or disconnected while power is being
applied to the drive (No hot plug/unplug is allowed). There are
inductive loads in the drive which could cause destructively high
voltage spikes on the drive if the power connection is opened. There
is no special power on/off sequencing required.

 Nominal Supply
 Voltages                +5 volts      +12 volts
 Power Supply Ripple
 {mV}(0-10{Mhz}P-P)      100 max       150 max
 Voltage Supply
 Tolerance (incl. ripple) +/-5%        +10%/-8%

Power Supply
Start up (Peak) 0.51A 1.16A
Idle (average) 0.23A 0.12A
R/W (average) 0.57A 0.14A
Seek (average) 0.41A 0.27A
Standby 0.20 0.01A

 During the drive start up and seeking, 12 volt ripple is generated by
 the drive (referred to as dynamic loading). If several drives have
 their power daisy chained together then the power supply ripple plus
 other drive's dynamic loading must remain within the regulation
 tolerance of +10/-8%. A common supply with separate power leads to
 each drive is a more desirable method of power distribution.

 To prevent external electrical noise from interfering with the
 drive's performance, the drive must be held by four screws in a user
 system frame which has no electrical level deference at the four
 screws position, and has less than +/-300 millivolts peak to peak
 level deference to the drive power connector ground.

Signal definition
The pin assignments of interface signals are listed as follows:

PIN Signal PIN Signal
01 Ground 02 -DB(0)
03 Ground 04 -DB(1)
05 Ground 06 -DB(2)
07 Ground 08 -DB(3)
09 Ground 10 -DB(4)
11 Ground 12 -DB(5)
13 Ground 14 -DB(6)
15 Ground 16 -DB(7)
17 Ground 18 -DB(P)
19 Ground 20 Ground
21 Ground 22 Ground
23 Ground 24 Ground
25 Open 26 TRM Power
27 Ground 28 Ground
29 Ground 30 Ground
31 Ground 32 -ATN
33 Ground 34 Ground
35 Ground 36 -BSY
37 Ground 38 ACK
39 Ground 40 -RST
41 Ground 42 -MSG
43 Ground 44 -SEL
45 Ground 46 -C/D
47 Ground 48 REQ
49 Ground 50 -I/O

SCSI cable
The disk drive uses single-ended drivers and receivers which will
permit cable lengths of up to 6 meters (19.68 feet). For a single
ended cable a 50 conductor flat cable or a 25 signal twisted cable
can be used with a maximum length of 6.0 meters, and a stub length
not exceeding 0.1 meters.

SCSI BUS Terminator
The file has an internal Active SCSI bus terminator, and can be
controlled on/off with one jumper block provided at the card edge.
The user is responsible for properly terminating and powering the
SCSI bus in the system.



Deskstar DALS-3540 IBM introduced a disk drive for the desktop
personal computer marketplace. It was available at the 540 MB
capacity point with SCSI-2 FAST interface, the drive provided
excellent performance and improved reliability.

- Desktop personal computers

- Low end workstations

- Storage expansion applications

- 541 MB Formatted capacity (512 byte/sector)

- 10 MB/s data transfer speed

- 48.7 Mb/s (OD) media data rate

- 32.2 Mb/s (ID) media data rate

- Average seek time 12 ms (read)

- 4500 RPM

- 64 KB segmented buffer

- Read ahead caching with LFU (Least frequently used) segment update

- Industry standard mounting

- Advanced ECC on the fly

- Power saving modes

- Robust design for EMC/RFI

- MR (Magneto Resistive) head technology

- No-ID sector format

- MTBF 350,000 hours

- Generic popular storage capacity

- Fast interface data rate

- Excellent performance on long records

- Fast access to data Ease of installation

- Improved data throughput

- Reduced power consumption

- Ideal for energy-efficient systems

- Easy integration across multiple platforms

- High area density, low component count

- More data stored per track, increased sustained data transfer rate

- Assured reliability

Operating Environment
Operating Conditions
Temperature 5 to 55 degrees C*
Relative Humidity 8 to 90% non-condensing
Maximum Wet Bulb Temperature 29.4 degrees C non-condensing
Maximum Temperature Gradient 15 C/Hour
Altitude -300 to 3048m

Non-Operating Conditions
Temperature -40 to 65 degrees C
Relative Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Maximum Wet Bulb Temperature 35 degrees C non-condensing
Maximum Temperature Gradient 15 C/Hour
Altitude -300 to 12,000m

The system is responsible to provide sufficient air movement to
maintain surface temperature below 60 C at the center of top cover of
the drive.

Operating Shock
The hard disk drive meets the following criteria while operating in
respective conditions described below. The shock test consists of
five shocks inputs in each axis and direction for total of 30. There
must be a delay between shock pulses, long enough to allow the drive
to complete all necessary error recovery procedure.

Electromagnetic Compatibility
The drive meets the following EMC requirements when installed in the
user system and exercised with a random accessing routine at maximum
data rate: United States Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Rules
and Regulations Part 15, Subject J Computer Devices "Class B Limits".
European Economic Community (EEC) directive #76/889 related to the
control of radio frequency interference and the Verband Deutscher
Elektrotechniker (VDE) requirements of Germany (GOP).

WARNING: This disk drive can be damaged by Electro-Static Discharge,
please follow recommended ESD procedures before unpacking or handling
the drive. Ask your dealer for details if you need assistance.

PACKAGING: The drive must be protected against Electro-Static
Discharge especially when being handled. The safest way to avoid
damage is to put the drive in an anti static bag before ESD wrist
straps are removed. Drives should only be shipped in approved
containers, severe damage can be caused to the drive if the packaging
does not adequately protect against the shock levels induced when a
box is dropped. Consult your IBM marketing representative if you do
not have an approved shipping container.



Mode Select Options
Certain parameters are alterable using the SCSI 'Mode Select'
command. This allows certain drive characteristics to be modified to
optimize performance on a particular system. Refer to the DALS-3XXXX
Interface Specification for a detailed definition of Mode Select
parameters. The changeable parameters are:

Page 0
Vendor Unique Parameters
UQE - Untagged Queuing Enable (1)
DWD - Disable Write Disconnect (0)
UAI - Unit Attention Inhibit (0)
ASDPE - Additional Save Data Pointer Enable (0)
CMDAC - Command Activated (LED) (0)
RPFAE - Report Failure Analysis Error (0)
CPE - Concurrent Processing Enable (1)
TCC - Thermal Compensation (0)
DSN Disable Target Initiated Synchronous Negotiation (0)
FRDD Format Degraded (1)
DPSDP - Data Phase Save Data Pointer (0)
CAEN - Command Age Limiter Enable (1)
LITF - Idle Time Function (0) ADC - Adaptive Cache Enable (1)
QEMC - Queue Error Management Control (0)
DRD - Disable Read Disconnect (1)
LED Not supported (0) Command Aging Limit (48)
DRRT - Disable Read Reassign Target (0)
DNR - Disable Nested Reassigns (1)

Page 1
Read-Write Error Recover Parameters
AWRE - Automatic Write Reallocation Enable (1)
ARRE - Automatic Read Reallocation Enable (1)
TB - Transfer Block (0) PER - Post Error (0)
DTE Disable Transfer on Error (0)
DCR - Disable Correction (0)
Correction Span (0)
Read Retry Count (01h)
Write Retry Count (01h)

Page 2 Disconnect/Reconnect Parameters
Read buffer Full Ratio (00h)
Write Buffer Empty Ratio (00h)

Page 7
Verify Error Recovery Parameters
PER (0)
DCR (0)
Verify Retry Count (01h)

Page 8
Caching Parameters
WCE - Write Cache Enable (1)
RCD - Read Cache Disable (0)
MF Multiplication Factor (0)
Disable Pre-Fetch Transfer Length (0)
Minimum Pre-Fetch (0)
Maximum Pre-Fetch (0)
Maximum Pre-Fetch Ceiling (0)
Number of Cache Segments (4)

Page A
Control Mode Page Parameters
Queue Algorithm Modifier (0)
QErr- Queue Error (00h)
DQue - Disable Queing (0)

Page 0D
Power Condition Standby (0)
Standby Timer (00h)

NOTE: (xx) default options at Shipment

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