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Hard Drive: IBM: DBOA-2720 TRAVELS.LP 722MB 2.5"/SSL ATA2 FAST

D B O A - 2 7 2 0   T R A V E L S . L P    IBM
                                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 2.5"/SUPERSLIMLINE    Cylinders        | 1400|     |
Capacity form/unform   722/      MB        Heads            |   16|     |
Seek time   / track  13.5/ 5.0 ms          Sector/track     |   63|     |
Controller           IDE / ATA2 FAST/ENHA  Precompensation
Cache/Buffer            64 KB SEGMENTED    Landing Zone
Data transfer rate    3.500 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      512
                     11.100 MB/S ext DMA
Recording method     RLL 1/7                        operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5 V          Temperature *C         5 55    |    -40 65
Power: sleep              W     Humidity     %         8 90    |      5 95
       standby            W     Altitude    km    -0.300  3.000| -0.300 12.000
       idle           1.0 W     Shock        g       100       |    500
       seek               W     Rotation   RPM      4000
       read/write         W     Acoustic   dBA
       spin-up            W     ECC        Bit   128BIT REED SOLOMON,ON THE...
                                MTBF         h     300000
                                Warranty Month
Lift/Lock/Park     YES          Certificates     CSA,EEC,FCC,IEC950,TUV,UL1950


IBM DBOA-2720/2540/2524/2360 DRIVE SPECIFICATIONS S85G-3810-00

              |                                      |
              |                                      |
              |                                      |
              |     43**********************1 **47 Jumper
              |     44*************x********* **48   |
              +                                      +

Pin position 20 is left blank for correct connector insertion.
Pin position 47 through 50 are used for drive address setting.


IBM DBOA-2720/2540/2528/2360 DRIVE SPECIFICATIONS S85G-3810-00

Jumper Setting

Drive Address Setting
A jumper is available at the interface connector to determine the
drive address.

Using Cable Selection, the drive address depends on the condition of
pin 28 of the AT interface cable. In the case when pin 28 is ground
or low, the drive is a Master. If pin 28 is open or high level, the
drive is a Slave.

    *   * X | Master
    *   * X | (Default setting)

    *   * * | Slave
    *   * * |

    *   * * | Cable Selection
    *   xxx |

    *   * * |


IBM DBOA-2720/2540/2528/2360 DRIVE SPECIFICATIONS S85G-3810-00

Notes on Installation

Installation direction

     horizontally                           vertically
   +-----------------+             +--+                       +--+
   |                 |             |  +-----+           +-----+  |
   |                 |             |  |     |           |     |  |
 +-+-----------------+-+           |  |     |           |     |  |
 +---------------------+           |  |     |           |     |  |
                                   |  |     |           |     |  |
                                   |  |     |           |     |  |
 +---------------------+           |  +-----+           +-----+  |
 +-+-----------------+-+           +--+                       +--+
   |                 |
   |                 |

 Mounting Orientation
 The disk drive shall operate in all axis (6 Directions). The disk
 drive shall operate within specified error rates when tilted +/-5
 degrees from these positions.

Performance and error rate must stay within specification limits if
the disk drive is operated in the other permissible orientations from
which it was formatted. Thus a disk drive formatted in a horizontal
orientation must be able to run vertically and vice versa.

 The recommended mounting screw torque is 3 +/- 0.5 kgf.cm.

 The recommended mounting screw depth is 3.5 +/- 0.5mm for bottom and
 5.0 +/- 0.5mm for horizontal mounting.

The system is reponsible for mounting the drive securely enough to
prevent from excessive motion or vibration of the drive at seek
operation or spindle rotation, using appropriate screws or equivalent
mounting hardware.

Vibration test and shock test are to be conducted by mounting the
drive to the table using bottom four screws.

Shipping Zone and Lock
A "shipping" (or "landing") zone on the disk, not on the data area of
the disk, is provided to protect the disk data during shipping,
movement, or storage. Upon power down, a head locking mechanism will
secure the heads in this zone.

The maximum cable length from the host system to the drive plus
circuit pattern length in the host system shall not exceed 18 inches.

Interface Connector
The signal connector for AT Attachment is designed to mate with
Dupont part number 69764-044 or equivalent.

 5V Power (Pins 41/42 of the Interface Connector)
 There are two input pins for +5V power supply, +5V LOGIC, pin 41 and
 +5V MOTOR, pin 42. +5V LOGIC is connected to the internal logic
 circuits and +5V MOTOR is connected to the spindle motor and motor

 It is possible to turn on and off +5V LOGIC by an external switch
 circuit to reduce power consumption to the least possible. In this
 mode, a voltage drop out due to the motor spin up current can be
 reduced by connecting +5V MOTOR line into the system power source

If the above power management is used, all signal lines that will be
electrically active in the host system while the drive is
disconnected from power line shall be isolated by Three-State line
drivers. Internal leakage through ESD protection circuit may pull
down LPUL (least Positive Up Level) of logic signal below the spec.

Use both lines in parallel, for regular drive applications.


IBM DBOA-2720/2540/2528/2360 DRIVE SPECIFICATIONS S85G-3810-00

 General Features
 - AT Attachment Interface (Enhanced IDE)
   - CHS and LBA mode support

- Integrated Controller

- Multi Zone Recording (8)

 - Enhanced ECC On-The-Fly
   - 128-bit Reed Solomon Code operation 10-bit symbol
   - Multi Burst OTF correction

- Automatic retry on errors

- Self-diagnostics in power up and in execute drive diagnostics

- Closed-loop actuator servo (Embedded Sector Servo)

- Rotary voice coil motor actuator

- Automatic Actuator lock

- Dedicated head landing zone

 Sound Power Levels
 The upper limit criteria of the octave sound power levels are given
 in Bels relative to 1 pico Watt and are shown in the following table
 with A-weighted levels.
  |           |      Octave Band Frequency (Hz)        |
  |Mode       | 125| 250| 500| 1k | 2k | 4k | 8k | LwAu|
  |Idle       | 4.8| 4.1| 3.6| 3.6| 3.9| 3.9| 3.6| 4.5 |
  |Operating  | 5.0| 4.3| 4.2| 4.2| 4.2| 4.2| 3.8| 4.8 |

Background power levels of the acoustic test chamber for each octave
band are to be recorded.

Vendor Unique Functions
Drive Lock Function
Drive Lock is powerful security feature. With a drive lock password,
user can prevent unauthorized access to hard disk drive even if the
drive is removed from the computer.

New commands are supported for this feature as below.
- Set Password ('F1'h)
- Unlock ('F2'h)
- Erase Prepare ('F3'h)
- Erase Unit ('F4'h)
- Freeze Lock ('F4'h)
- Disable Password ('F6'h)

The Master Password is set to all ASCII blanks (20H) during
manufacturing and the lock function is disabled.

The system manufacturer/dealer can set a new Master Password using
the Set Password command, without enabling the lock function.

Initial setting user password by System user
When a user password is set, the drive will automatically enter lock
mode the next time the drive is powered on.

Operation from POR after User Password is set
When drive lock is enabled, the drive rejects media access command
until an Unlock command is successfully completed.

Password Lost
If the user password is forgotten and High level security is set, the
user can't access any data. However the drive can be unlocked using
the master password.

If a user forgets the user password and Maximum security level is
set, data access is impossible. However the drive can be unlocked
using the Erase Unit command to unlock the drive and erase all user

The warranty will be covered by contracts.

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