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Hard Drive: FUJITSU: M2952SYU 2420MB 3.5"/SL SCSI3 ULTR

M 2 9 5 2 S Y U    FUJITSU
                                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 3.5"/SLIMLINE         Cylinders    5713|     |     |
Capacity form/unform  2420/      MB        Heads           5|     |     |
Seek time   / track   9.0/ 0.8 ms          Sector/track     |     |     |
Controller           SCSI3 SI/ULTR/FA20    Precompensation
Cache/Buffer           506 KB MULTI-SEGMEN Landing Zone
Data transfer rate    9.900 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      512
                     20.000 MB/S ext SYNC
Recording method     PR4ML                          operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5/12 V       Temperature *C         5 50    |    -40 60
Power: sleep              W     Humidity     %        20 80    |      5 95
       standby            W     Altitude    km            3.000|        12.000
       idle               W     Shock        g         5       |     50
       seek               W     Rotation   RPM      7200
       read/write         W     Acoustic   dBA        34
       spin-up       11.4 W     ECC        Bit   ON THE FLY
                                MTBF         h    1000000
                                Warranty Month
Lift/Lock/Park     YES          Certificates



  |                                                         |XX I
  |                                                         |XX N
  |                                                         |XX T
  |                                                         |XX E
  |                                                 A+-+CN6 |XX R
  1-+                                               P| |    |XX F
  xx|CN7                                            D+-+    |XX A
  xx|                                                       |XX C
  +-+                                                       |XX E
  |                                                         |XX
  ++LED                                                     |XX
  ++CN20                                                    |XX
  |                                                        1|XX
  |                                                         |
  |                                                         |XX Power
  |                                                         |XX



Jumper Setting

 CN6 Spindle motor/Bus parity/Self-diagnostics
 Spindle motor control
 Pin A  CLOSED Auto Start on power up (default)
        OPEN   Controlled by START/STOP UNIT command

 SCSI BUS Parity checking
 Pin P  CLOSED Enabled (default)
        OPEN   Disabled

 Offline Self-diagnostics
 Pin D  OPEN   Normal (default)
        CLOSED Execute

CN7 SCSI ID setting

       SCSI ID    5-6    3-4    1-2
       ----------------------------         16+--+15
         0       Open   Open   Open           +--+
         1       Open   Open   Short          +--+
         2       Open   Short  Open           +--+
         3       Open   Short  Short          +--+  CN7
         4       Short  Open   Open           +--+
         5       Short  Open   Short          +--+
         6       Short  Short  Open           +--+
         7       Short  Short  Short         2+--+1

Set the SCSI ID so that there are no duplicates between SCSI devices
on the same SCSI bus.

CN7 Pin 7-8 Spindle Sync I/O pulse

Master & Slave control determining whether to receive or transmit
SPSYNC are set by MODE SELECT command.

 CN7 External Reset
 Pin 9-10 SHORT  External reset signal when connected to ground
          OPEN   No connection (default)

This would normally be connected to a momentary switch wich would
short pin 3 to ground for the reset of the drive and SCSI bus.
Normally used for debug purposes only.

 CN7 Pin 11-12  Write protection
 Pin 11-12 SHORT  Enabled
           OPEN   Disabled (default)

 CN7 13-14  Termination of SCSI bus
 Pin 13-14  SHORT  Enable terminating resistor (default)
            OPEN   Disable terminating resistor

 CN20 External LED connector
 Pin 15  LED (+5V)
 Pin 16  LED Ground



Notes on installation

Installation direction

     horizontally                           vertically
   +-----------------+             +--+                       +--+
   |                 |             |  +-----+           +-----+  |
   |                 |             |  |     |           |     |  |
 +-+-----------------+-+           |  |     |           |     |  |
 +---------------------+           |  |     |           |     |  |
                                   |  |     |           |     |  |
                                   |  |     |           |     |  |
 +---------------------+           |  +-----+           +-----+  |
 +-+-----------------+-+           +--+                       +--+
   |                 |
   |                 |

The drive will operate in all axis (6 directions). Inclination from
vertical or horizontal should not exceed 5".

Mounting screw fixing
When the mounting screw holes on the side of the drive are used, then
only use two pairs of outer holes. Do not use the center hole in
conjunction with only one of the outer holes. The screws must not
penetrate the drive by more than 4 millimeters.

Allow space above and below the drive to provide for adequate air
flow. Fan cooling is recommended. The disk enclosure temperature
measured at top center, should never exceed 55*C.

This drive uses MR (Magneto Resistive) Heads. The disk enclosure (DE)
must not be connected to ground. The mounting frame is isolated from
the DE and this should be connected to ground via the mounting

A terminating resistor should be installed at both ends of the SCSI
bus. When shipped from the factory, this drive is terminated. If the
drive is to be used in the middle of the SCSI cable with other
terminated devices at the ends, or if external termination is to be
used, then the terminating resistor on the drive must be disabled.

Termination Power
TMPWR must be supplied to the terminating resistor for correct
operation. This can be supplied from either the drive or the SCSI
bus. If external termination is to be used then TRMPWR should be
supplied to the SCSI bus.

Users must ensure that the Disk Enclosure casing is NEVER shorted to
the computer system's Frame or DC Ground.

 Magneto-Resistive Read heads are a significant factor in the
 achievement of very high capacities in small form factor hard disk
 drives. The M2952 and M2954 drives use Magneto-Resistive (MR) heads
 and therefore requires special handling considerations. The MR head
 must be electrically biased in order to function, and Fujitsu uses
 +5.5 VDC on thes drives. The voltage is generated by the drive
 electronics from normal +5VDC and +12VDC rails, so standard power
 supplies and connectors may be used.

 With the MR heads biased in this way, it becomes importatnt to avoid
 the possibility of discharge between the head and the media, so, in
 order to ensure operational reliability, the disk enclosure (DE)
 and hence the platters themselves are also biased to +5.5VDC rather
 than DC Ground as would be the case on a conventional drive. Fujitsu
 has taken steps to minimise the possibility of accidental shorting
 by coating the DE with an electrically insulating material and by
 removing the earthing tag that would normally by present. Also the
 drive is protected against damage in the event of accidental shorting
 through the use of a protection circuit in the head IC. This works by
 quickly shutting off the bias voltage when it detects a voltage drop.
 Any read or write operation during this time will result in a hard
 data error.

When the short is removed the bias voltage is automatically restored
and read/write operations will again work normally. Pay close
attention to the mounting specifications of the drive ensuring that
no component of the system is likely to abrade the disk enclosure

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