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Hard Drive: COMPUT NETWORK: 3180E 156MB 5.25"/HH ESDI

NO MORE PRODUCED                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 5.25"/HH              Cylinders    1250|     |     |
Capacity form/unform   156/  182 MB        Heads           7|     |     |
Seek time   / track  17.0/ 4.0 ms          Sector/track   35|     |     |
Controller           ESDI                  Precompensation
Cache/Buffer               KB              Landing Zone
Data transfer rate    1.250 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      512
                            MB/S ext
Recording method     RLL 2/7                        operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5/12 V       Temperature *C        10 50    |    -40 60
Power: sleep              W     Humidity     %         8 80    |      8 80
       standby            W     Altitude    km    -0.061  3.048|        12.192
       idle          15.0 W     Shock        g        10       |     40
       seek          18.5 W     Rotation   RPM      3600
       read/write         W     Acoustic   dBA        46
       spin-up            W     ECC        Bit
                                MTBF         h      35000
                                Warranty Month
Lift/Lock/Park     YES          Certificates     CSA,FCC,IEC380,UL478,VDE


MINISC. 3180E PRODUCT MANUAL 1102 P2, 06/08/88

  |                                   +----------J8         |XX
  |                                 J21xx                   |XX J2
  | +J6                          J23*** xxJ14               |XX
  | +-+                              J510X                  |XX1
  |1--J15                              J24xx xxJ20          |
  |+--+                                     J11 J12         |
  |                                    J10xx xx xx xxJ13    |XX
  |                                 J19xx     J27xx xxJ30   |XX
  |                                 J29xx                   |XX
  |+-+                                                      |XX J1
  || |                                                      |XX
  |+-J7                                    xxJ9             |XX
  |                                                         |XX1
  |                                                   xxJ4  +-+
  |                                                           |
  |                                                          XXJ3
  |                                          +---J5          XX Power


MINISC. 3180E PRODUCT MANUAL 1102 P2, 06/08/88

Jumper Setting

 J4 Spindle Control Option
 J4 CLOSED The 3180E must wait for a start spindle command to start
           the spindle motor.
    OPEN   The drive automatically starts the spindle motor at power

 J19/13/14 Sector Configuration Options
 J19/J13/J14 CLOSED The drive is configured to operate in soft
                    sectored mode. ADDRESS MARK GENERATION and
                    DETECTION are enabled, and the SECTOR/ADDRESS MARK
                    FOUND interface signal is used to report ADDRESS
                    MARK FOUND.

When J19 is NOT installed, the drive is configured to operate in
soft sectored mode. The SECTOR/ADDRESS MARK FOUND interface signal is
used to transmit sector pulses to the host controller. The number of
bytes/sector may be specified using the SET BYTES PER SECTOR command
or by selecting a default sector configuration with option Jumpers
J12 and J13. Three fixed sectored and one soft sectored format is
shown in the following table.

  |Sector        |J19|J12|J13|Unformatted|Formatted |Number    |
  |Configuration |   |   |   |Bytes per  |Bytes per |of Sectors|
  |              |   |   |   |Sector     |Sector    |          |
  |Soft          |ON |ON |ON |Soft sectored mode               |
  |Fixed         |OFF|ON |OFF|612        |512       |34        |
  |Fixed         |OFF|OFF|ON |578        |512       |36        |
  |Fixed         |OFF|OFF|OFF|594        |512       |35        |
 For all sector configurations, the configuration response given is as

 Minimum Bytes per ISG Field       16 bytes
 ISG Bytes after Index/sector      12 bytes
 Minimum Bytes per PLO Sync Field  14 bytes (12 bytes in 36 sector

J15 Drive Address
(J15 drive address 1 through 7)
Only one drive address jumper is installed on a 3180E drive, and the
drive is addressed as Drive 1 at the factory. Maximum number of
drives = 7.

Terminator packs RP4 and RP17 provide proper termination for inter-
face lines. When daisy chaining multiple 3180E drives, the
terminators are installed only in the last drive on the daisy chain.

Three Drive Select lines are to be decoded to determine the drive
select address. Drive select jumper J15 consists of 3 jumpers which
are configured by the user to represent a binary address (1-7).

   | SCSI ID  |        Jumpers        |
   |          | J15-3 | J15-2 | J15-1 |
   |No Select | OPEN  | OPEN  | OPEN  |
   |    1     | OPEN  | OPEN  | CLOSED|
   |    2     | OPEN  | CLOSED| OPEN  |
   |    3     | OPEN  | CLOSED| CLOSED|
   |    4     | CLOSED| OPEN  | OPEN  |
   |    5     | CLOSED| OPEN  | CLOSED|
   |    6     | CLOSED| CLOSED| OPEN  |
   |    7     | CLOSED| CLOSED| CLOSED|

 J9  Diagnostic Jumper
     OPEN                   Normal Operation

     INSTALLED before       Cresendo Seek Test
     power up

     INSTALLED before       Random Seek Test
     power up and RE-
     MOVED after the LED
     flashes Microcode Rev

The microprocessor performs a series of "wake up" diagnostics upon
application of power. These diagnostics must pass in order for the
drive to become ready.

If an error is detected, the drive microprocessor will transmit a
vendor unique status word consisting of an error code message through
the interface.

If no errors are detected, the microprocessor checks the configura-
tion of the diagnostic jumper J9. If J9 is installed before power up
or if the Initiate Diagnostic command is initiated the drive enters
a Diagnostic Seek Test routine. If J9 is not installed or the
Initiate Diagnostic Command is not initiated, the drive will become
ready and remain in an Idle state waiting for control signals.

If an error is detected during wake up or initiated diagnostics an
error word will be transmitted through the interface as a vendor
unique status word. Also the error coded message will be flashed out
through the drive LED.


MINISC. 3180E PRODUCT MANUAL 1102 P2, 06/08/88

Notes on Installation

Mounting Orientation
The MiniScribe 3180E uses industry-standard mounting for 5-1/4"
Winchester Disk Drives. The 3180E is designed to be used in
applications where the unit may experience shock and vibration at
greater levels than larger and heavier disk drives.

The drive may be mounted in any attitude.

In as much as the drive frame acts as a heat sink to dissipate heat
from the unit, the enclosure and mounting structure should be
designed to allow natural convection of heat around the HDA and
outer frame. If the enclosure is small or if natural convection is
restricted, a fan may be required.

Daisy Chaining the MiniScribe 3180E Drives
Up to seven 3180E drives may be connected to a single host
controller/ formatter. Control signals at J1 are transmitted via
standard, dausy-chain interconnection. Data signals at J2 are trans-
mitted via radially connected data-transfer lines.

Note: Interface terminators RP4 and RP17 are installed only in the
last physical drive in the control chain. Maximum number of drives =

Attach interface cables with connectors P1, P2, P3 and ground
connector to J1, J2, J3 and ground spade connector, respectively.
Insure that connectors P1 and P2 have keys installed. If multiple
drives are to be interconnected, remove the terminator packs in all
but the last drive of the daisy chain.

J1 Connector Control Signals
J1 is a 34 pin board edge connector on the drive printed circuit
board. The signals on this connector control the drive and transfer
drive status to the host controller. A key slot is provided between
pins 4 and 6.

Recommended mating connector: AMP ribbon connector 88373-3, or
equivalent (key slot between pins 4 and 6).

Recommended cable: 3M Scotchflex 3365/34 or equivalent.

J2 Data Transfer Connector
J2 is a 20-pin board connector on the pronted circuit board. The
signals on this connector contain read or write data. A key slot is
provided between pins 4 and 6.

Recommended mating connector: AMP ribbon connector 88373-6 or

Recommended cable: 3M Scotchflex 3365-20, or equivalent (keyslot be-
tween pins 4 and 6).

 J3  DC Power Connector
 J3 is a 4-pin keyed connector on the printed circuit board. DC power
 (+5V and +12V) is supplied to the drive via this connector.

Recommended connector: AMP 350543-1
Pins: AMP pin 350078-4

Note: 1 Equivalents of the above are permissible
Note: 2 Suggested wire size: 18 AWG

  +-----J3-----+   pin 1    +12 VDC
  | 4  3  2  1 |   pin 2    +12 Volts Return
  +------------+   pin 3    + 5 Volts Return
                   pin 4    + 5 VDC

Frame Ground Connector
The frame ground connector is a fasten-type connection. If wire is
used, the hole in the connector will accomodate wire size of 18 AWG

Recommended mating connector: AMP pin 61761-2, or equivalent.

 Cable Connection
 +---------------+                 +---------------+
 |               +---CONTROL-------XJ1             |
 |               |               +-X               |
 |               |    +-DATA-----+-+J2     Drive #1|
 |               |    |   +------+-+J3  Ground     |
 |               |    |   |      | +-----+---------+
 |               |    |   |    +-+-------+
 |               |    |   |    | | +---------------+
 |               |    |   |    | +-XJ1             |
 |               |    |   |    | +-X               |
 |               |    | +-+DATA+-+-+J2     Drive #2|
 | Controller    |    | | o----+-+-+J3  Ground     |
 |               |    | | |    | | +----+----------+
 |               |    | | |    o-+------+
 |               |    | | |    | | +-------------+-+ Terminator
 |               |    | | |    | +-XJ1           +-+ (Last Drive only)
 |               |    | | |    |   X               |
 |             1 +----+ |++----+---+J2     Drive #N|
 |             2 +------+|o----+---+J3  Ground     |
 |             N +-DATA--+|    |   +-----+---------+
 |               |        |    o---------+
 +---------------+        |    |
                          |    |
     DC VOLTAGES  --------+    |
     (Radial)                  |
     FRAME GROUND -------------+

Maximum number of drives = 7

Interface Terminators RP4 and RP17 are installed only in the last
physical drive in the control chain.

Electrical Interface
The MiniScribe 3180E is pin and function compatible with the serial
mode of the Enhanced Small Device Interface (ESDI) for 5-1/4"
Winchester Disk Drives. In the serial mode, interface signals
(control, data and status) are transmitted serially via handshaking
request/acknowledge signals.

The Enhanced Small Device Interface can be divided into three
categories, each of which is physically separated:

a. Control Signals
b. Data Signals
c. DC power

Control Signal Drivers and Receivers
All control lines are digital in nature (open collector TTL) and
either provide signals to the drive (input) or signals to the host

The drivers have the following electrical specifications.

 True/Active:     0.0 VDC to 0.4 VDC @ 1 = -48 mA (Max.)
 False/Deactive:  2.5 VDC to 5.25 VDC @ 1 = +250  A (Open Collector)

Data Signal Drivers and Receivers
The data transfer signals are differential in nature and provide
data either to (write) or from (read) the drive.


MINISC. 3180E PRODUCT MANUAL 1102 P2, 06/08/88

The MiniScribe 3180E Series of disk drives are low cost, high
capacity, high performance random access storage devices utilizing
5 1/4" this film disks as storage media. Each disk surface employs
one moveable head to access the data tracks. The 3180E Series
features capacity of 182 megabytes (unformatted storage capacity).
The 3180E disk drives utilize advanced 3380 Whitney-type head
flexures and sliders which allow closer spacing of disks, allowing a
higher number of disks in a standard 5 1/4" package.

 Seek Time (including settling time)
       |                                  | 3180E  |
       |Single Track           msec. max. |   3.5  |
       |Average                msec. typ. |  17    |
       |1/3 Stroke Seek time   msec. max. |  18    |
       |Full Stroke Seek time  msec. max. |  35    |
       |Rezero                 msec. max. | 250    |
       |Latency                msec. avg. |   8.33 |

Media Defect Criteria (as shipped from MiniScribe)
Maximum Defects* 180
2 bytes in length
Cylinder zero defect free

*A single defect is defined as being less than 2 bytes long. A
multiple defect is defined as 2 bytes or longer, or as a track with
more than 1 single defect.

Defect List
The 3180E series drives are shipped with a defect list that is
written in the ESDI Rev. F recommended format.

The defect list resides on Sector 0 of cylinder 1249 and is repeated
on cylinder 1241. This allows for redundancy should an error occur on
the maximum cylinder. The Sector 0 or any surface will contain the
defects for that surface. The format for the data field portion of
this sector is 256 bytes with 2 bytes of CRC (x16 = 12 = x5 = 1):

Defect locations are 5 bytes long.

The start of the actual defect may be off by up to 7 bits due to the
one byte resolution.

The end of the defect list for each surface will be indicated by 5
bytes of ones in the defect location field or the end of the sector.

The CRC check bytes should be used if that capability exists but may
be ignored if multiple reads are a more desirable approach. CRC
seed is zero. (Initialized state)*.

Byte count is the number of Bytes from Index.

*Sync byte will be included in the CRC calculation.

Error Message Readout
Flashing error codes are displayed through the drive LED by the
Microprocessor to indicate hardware failures that occur while in the
diagnostic mode (J9 installed) only. Failures during normal operation
(connected to the host) will be reported through the ESDI interface.

Error codes are displayed in a "morse-code" type manner. Flashes or
bits are interpreted and converted into a hexadecimal error code.
"Zeros" are indicated by a short (1/2 second) flashing mode. "Ones"
are indicated by a short (1/2 second) continuous "on" mode. Error
codes are separated by a one-second LED "off" time. All error codes
and the revision level are 6 bits long.

Listed Below are the binary to hexadecimal conversion values:

00 = 000000 04 = 000100 08 = 001000 0C = 001100
01 = 000001 05 = 000101 09 = 001001 0D = 001101
02 = 000010 06 = 000110 0A = 001010 0E = 001110
03 = 000011 07 = 000111 0B = 001011 0F = 001111

10 = 010000 14 = 010100 18 = 011000 1C = 011100
11 = 010001 15 = 010101 19 = 011001 1D = 011101
12 = 010010 16 = 010110 1A = 011010 1E = 011110
13 = 010011 17 = 010111 1B = 011011 1F = 011111

30 = 110000
31 = 110001
32 = 110010
39 = 111001
3E = 111110

 Error Code Definitions
 Code 00 - Microprocessor RAM error
 Code 01 - Microprocessor ROM checksum error
 Code 02 - Interface chip diagnostic failure
 Code 03 - Sector counter fault
 Code 04 - Index pulse not detected during spinup
 Code 05 - Spin speed not within 0.5% tolerance
 Code 06 - Loss of fine track during idle mode
 Code 07 - Reserved
 Code 08 - Time out on +End Decel signal (during seek)
 Code 09 - Time out on CYL Pulse (during seek)
 Code 0A - Overshoot (after a seek)
 Code 0B - Time out on fine track (after a seek)
 Code 0C - Track zero signal not detected (after a seek)
 Code 0D - Comparator mismatch (after a seek)
 Code 0E - Comparator mismatch (during a seek)
 Code 0F - Unexpected interrupt from processor
 Code 10 - Time out on non-GB pattern (during a rezero)
 Code 11 - Time out on GB1 pattern (during a rezero)
 Code 12 - Time out on GB2 pattern (during a rezero)
 Code 13 - Seek range error
 Code 14 - Voltage unsafe
 Code 15 - Track offset fault
 Code 16 - Write fault
 Code 17 - Reserved
 Code 18 - Time out on +End Decel sig (during a rezero)
 Code 19 - Time out on CYL Pulse (during a rezero)
 Code 1A - Overshoot (after a rezero)
 Code 1B - Time out on fine track (after a rezero)
 Code 1C - Track 0 signal not detected (after a rezero)
 Code 1D - Comparator mismatch (after a rezero)
 Code 30 - Time out on non-GB pattern (adj)
 Code 31 - Time out on GB1 pattern (adj)
 Code 32 - Time out on GB2 pattern (adj)
 Code 39 - Time out on CYL Pulse (adj)
 Code 3E - Cannot adjust servo

Reliability and Maintenance
MTBF 35,000 POH
MTTR 30 minutes
Preventive Maintenance None
Component Design Life 5 years

Magnetic Field
The externally induced magnetic flux density may not exceed 3 Gauss
as measured at the top of the drive.

Spindle Drive Mechanism
A brushless DC drive motor located inside the spindle/hub assembly
rotates the disk pack at 3600 RPM. The disk pack (including spindle,
hub, disks, and motor) is dynamically balanced prior to installation
to insure low vibration and servo stability.

Dynamic braking is employed to quickly stop the drive motor when
power is removed.

Air Filtration System
The disks and Read/Write heads are assembled in an ultraclean air
environment (Class 100 or better) and then sealed within the head
disk assembly.

Within this sealed HDA a 0.1 micron filter provides constant
internal air filtration. In addition, a breather filter provides a
clean, equalized pressure between internal air and ambient to the HDA
for the life of the drive.

Automatic carriage retract and locking
If power is removed from the drive during a normal power down or in
the event of a power failure, the actuator assembly will automatic-
ally retract and be locked in a nondata area located at the inner-
most portion of the disk. The heads will land on and take off from
this area only.

The Miniscribe drive is a precision product. During handling the unit
must not be dropped, jarred or bumped. Otherwise, damage to the heads
and disks may occur. When the drive is removed from the Miniscribe
shipping container and not immediately secured within a chassis
through its shock mounts, it must be stored on a padded, grounded,
antistatic surface.

Failure to comply with the above procedure will render null and void
all warranties.

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