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Hard Drive: BASF MAGNETICS: 6188 12MB 5.25"/HH MFM ST412

NO MORE PRODUCED                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 5.25"/HH              Cylinders     360|     |     |
Capacity form/unform    12/   15 MB        Heads           4|     |     |
Seek time   / track  88.0/15.0 ms          Sector/track   17|     |     |
Controller           MFM / ST412           Precompensation   128
Cache/Buffer               KB              Landing Zone      359
Data transfer rate    0.625 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      512
                      0.625 MB/S ext
Recording method     MFM                            operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5/12 V       Temperature *C         4 50    |
Power: sleep              W     Humidity     %        15 80    |
       standby            W     Altitude    km                 |
       idle               W     Shock        g                 |
       seek               W     Rotation   RPM      3600
       read/write    17.0 W     Acoustic   dBA
       spin-up            W     ECC        Bit
                                MTBF         h      11000
                                Warranty Month
Lift/Lock/Park     NO           Certificates                                  


BASF 6188 SPECIFICATION 80307-060 REV 03, 3/84

  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                      X  |XX J2
  |                                           Terminator X  |XX
  |                                                      X  |
  |                                                      X  |
  |                                                     1   |XX
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XX J1
  |                                                   S1+-+ |XX
  |                                                     | | |XX
  |                                                     | | |XX
  |                                                     +-+ |
  |                                                         |
  |                                                         1XX J3
  |                                                         |XX Power


BASF 6188 SPECIFICATION 80307-060 REV. 03, 3/1984

Jumper Setting

 S1 User selectable options
            1|xxxxx| Drive Select 1
            2|xxxxx| Drive Select 2
            3|xxxxx| Drive Select 3
            4|xxxxx| Drive Select 4
            5|xxxxx| PERM SELTD
            6|xxxxx| MTR ON by power on
            7|xxxxx| CONTROL IN (for CE usage only)

The BASF 6188 has 7 switches for user selection of different

Drive Address Selection
Switches 1 to 4 are use to set the drive address for drive selection.
Only one of the four switches may be set to the ON position. This
switch determines which one of the four interface drive select lines
selects this particular drive. If for instance, in a given drive,
switch 1 is ON (switches 2 to 4 of the drive must be OFF) that drive
is selected whenever the signal DR SEL 1 is low active.

The drive address assignment us indepentend of the drive's position
on the daisy-chained "A"-cable.

Switch 5 allows to select a drive permanently and independent of the
state of the DR SEL (Drive Select) signals.

Spindle Motor Start Control
Switch 6 controls the condition for the spindle motor start.

If switch 6 is ON the spindle motor is started as soon as power is
provided to the drive.

If switch 6 is OFF the spindle motor does NOT start with power on. It
starts, however, with the first low active going edge of the drive
select signal corresponding to that drive. This feature allows
sequencing of the motor start in multiple drive configurations in
order to reduce the total load to the power supply caused by the high
current during the spindle motor start.

Switch 7: this switch is only used during production for specific
tests and motor speed adjustment.


BASF 6188 SPECIFICATION 80307-060 REV. 03, 3/1984

Notes on Installation

Drive mounting

   x horizontally    x        vertically
   +-x-------------x-+   +--+             +--+ +------------------+
   |   x         x   |   |  +-----+ +-----+  | |                  | x
   |      x    x     |   |  |     | |     |  | x+----------------+x
 +-+---------x-------+-+ |  |     | |     |  | ||x              x||
 +--------x-----x------+ |  |     | |     |  | ||  x          x  ||
       x          x      |  |     | |     |  | ||    x      x    ||
                         |  |     | |     |  | ||      x  x      ||
 +---------------------+ |  +-----+ +-----+  | ||       xx       ||
 +-+-----------------+-+ +--+             +--+ ||     x    x     ||
   |                 |                         ||   x        x   ||
   |                 |                         || x            x ||
   +-----------------+                         |x                x|

The BASF 6188 may be operated only when the Face Place is in a
vertical plane. The maximum deviation is an angle of 13 degrees. From
the remaining four possible orientations only three are allowed for
operation. These are with the Read-Write-Control PCB either on the
left or right side or on top of the drive. Operation with the Read-
Write-Control PCB an the top of the drive is not allowed.

The sealed module consists of an aluminium molded chassis and cover.
A closed loop air filtering system inside constantly cleans the air
particles which may be generated by head to disk interference. An
absolute breather filter for pressure equalization with the ambient
air pressure protects against environmental contamination.

Physical Interface
The physical interface between the BASF 6188 and the controller is
done via three or four connectors. One provides the control and
status lines through the "A"-cable which may be daisy chained.
The second one provides the read/write signals to the star connected
"B"-cable. The other connectors are used to supply DC power and for
optional frame grounding.

Interface Connector J1, "A"-cable
The "A"-cable is connected to the PC-board via a 34 pin card edge
connector. Recommended mating connector is AMP P/N 88 373-3, or

The "A"-cable may be daisy-chained if more than one drive is
connected to the controller. The cable may be flat ribbon or
twisted pair with a maximum total length of 6m (20 ft).

Interface Connector J2, "B"-cable
The "B"-cable is connected to the PC-board via a 20 pin card edge
connector. Recommended mating connector is AMP P/N 88 373-6, or

The "B"-cable must be radially connected if more than one drive is
connected to the controller. The cable may be flat ribbon or
twisted pair with a maximum total length of 6m (20 ft). The cable
impedance should be around 105 Ohms.

Power Connector J3
The DC-power connector is a four pin connector. Recommended mating
connector is AMP P/N 1-480424-0 with pins 350078-4, or equivalent.

 Pin 1  +12 VDC
 Pin 2  GND 12V
 Pin 3  GND 5V
 Pin 4  + 5 VDC

Drive Mechanism
A "disk pack" consisting of a hub with 2 disks is mounted on a
spindle which is directly rotated at 3600 rpm by a brushless 12 VDC
motor. The motor current is commutated by Hall Sensors and related
control electronics. This circuit also generates the Index pulse.

The carriage on which the read/write heads are mounted is driven by a
stepper motor via a capstan and a metal band. The carriage itself is
precision mounted and guided by ball bearings.

The disks are "Winchester" type and have an outside diameter of 130mm
and an inner hole diameter of 40mm. They are coated with a thin layer
of magnetic oxide on an aluminium substrate and are additionally
lubricated for head wear protection during incontact start and stop

For further protection of heads and disks in applications where the
system is switched on and off often a mechanical brake is installed
to reduce the stop time to 10 sec.

Read/Write Heads
Heads are "Winchester" type with minor modifications for track width
and flying height adjustment with respect to a different relative
head to disk velocity.

Single Ended Signals
All control input signals and status output signals are single ended
and low active (except OP CBL DET). They must meet the following
electrical specifications:

   Active:     0.0 to 0.4 VDC     I = 40 mA max.
   Inactive:   2.5 to 5.25 VDC    I =  0 mA (open)

Differential Signals
The data lines between drive and controller are differential. The
logic state for the two pairs of lines MFM WRT DATA and MFM RD data
is defined as follows:

The signal is in an active state if the high active line is more
positive than the low active line; and the signal is in an inactive
state if the low active line is more positive than the high active

Termination must be provided on the receiver in the controller; MFM
WRT DATA is terminated in each drive.

Power Sequencing
Power Up and Power Down may be doen with any sequence of the supply
voltages. Microprocessor control logic prevents any erroneous writing
during Power Up or Power Down. The interface signal WRT GATE (Write
Gate) must be kept high inactive during any power sequence.


BASF 6188 SPECIFICATION 80307-060 REV. 03, MARCH 1984

General Description
The BASF 6188 stores the information on up to 2 non-removable disks
and up to 360 cylinders.

The BASF 6188 uses the industry standard interface and dimensions
to ease system integration. Up to four BASF 6188 may be connected
to one controller. For systems requiring removable media it is
recommended to use the BASF 6188 in combination with BASF Mini Floppy
Disk Drives which offer a capacity of up to 1 MByte.

The use of proven and highly reliable Winchester-Technology disks and
heads together with a closed-loop air filtering system guarantees a
maintenance-free operation throughout the drive's lifetime and
results in a MTBF of 11,000 working hours.

Reliability and low costs are the result of mechanical simplicity and
drive ruggedness, containing such features as a highly increased
lifetime of the steel band actuator, and a built in shock absorber

Disk Media Defects
Disk drives are allowed to have the following number of media defects
when leaving the factory:

   BASF 6188      10 max. but nor more than 5 per surface

Cylinder zero is delivered error free.

The Select-LED is used to flash error-messages in case certain fault
conditions should arise. For FAULT code displacement the red colored
front panel LED will be lighted. The information is presented in a
sequence by switching the select LED off. This means that the dark
Phases of the LED are counted to get the error code according to the
following table.


2 Motor Speed outside - 10% and Motor stop
3 STEP received while WRITE GATE is active
4 Motor Speed outside 1%
5 REZERO fails after POWER ON
6 Motor does not rotate inspite of MOTOR ON active

In case the unit was not selected by the Controller when an error
occurs (Select LED off) the LED will first be switched on and then
the above explained sequence takes place.

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