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Hard Drive: BASF MAGNETICS: 6185 22MB 5.25"/FH MFM ST412

NO MORE PRODUCED                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 5.25"/FH              Cylinders     440|     |     |
Capacity form/unform    22/   28 MB        Heads           6|     |     |
Seek time   / track  81.0/15.0 ms          Sector/track   32|     |     |
Controller           MFM / ST412           Precompensation   128
Cache/Buffer               KB              Landing Zone      439
Data transfer rate    0.625 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      256
                      0.625 MB/S ext
Recording method     MFM                            operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5/12 V       Temperature *C         4 50    |
Power: sleep              W     Humidity     %        15 80    |
       standby            W     Altitude    km                 |
       idle               W     Shock        g                 |
       seek          23.0 W     Rotation   RPM      3600
       read/write    18.0 W     Acoustic   dBA
       spin-up            W     ECC        Bit
                                MTBF         h      11000
                                Warranty Month
Lift/Lock/Park     NO           Certificates


BASF 6185 TECHNICAL MANUAL 80307-069 JULY 1984

                               P61  |           +-------+   |XXX J3
                  ---------------++-+           |LM339  +   |XXX Power
                                ++++            +-------+   |XXX
                                +--+                        |
                                       Option Switch        |XXX
                                        +------------+      |XXX
                                        |++++++++++++|      |XXX J1
                                        |++++++++++++|      |XXX
                                        +-----------1+ +-+  |XXX
                                     +-------------+   +-+  |XXX
                                     |898-5-220/330| Option |+-+
                                     |1F Terminator+ Ground || | J5
                                     +-------------+        |+-+
                                                            |XXX J2


BASF 6185 TECHNICAL MANUAL 80307-069 JULY 1984

Jumper Setting

User selectable options
The BASF 6185 has 6 switches for user selection of different drive
options/configuration. The switches are contained in a DIP switch
pack. Switch number 1 is the one closest to connector J1. The ON
position of the switches is marked on the switch housing.

            1|xxxxx| Drive Select 1
            2|xxxxx| Drive Select 2
            3|xxxxx| Drive Select 3
            4|xxxxx| Drive Select 4
            5|xxxxx| PERM SEL D
            6|xxxxx| MTR ON by power on

All signal lines must be properly terminated as defined in the BASF
6180 Product specification. For signal from the host controller to
the drive all necessary termination is provided on the Read-Write-
Control PCB.

Termination for the "A"-cable control lines is contained in a DIP-
resistor-pack mounted in a socket at location 2F of the Read-Write-
Control PCB. In drives shipped from the factory the resistor pack is
always installed. It must be removed in daisy-chain configuration
from all but the physically last drive connected to the "A"-cable.
Systems with a single drive or with multiple drives connected in the
radial mode must have the resistor pack installed in all drives.

Grounding of the drive is normally achieved through the ground lines
of the signal and power cables. Additional ground of the HDA can be
provided through the Frame Ground connector J4. The recommended
mating connector for J4 is AMP P/N 62187-1 or equivalent. The HDA is
normally electrically connected to logic ground through a printed
connection JJ2 at location 1G on the Reas-Write-Control PCB close to
the option switches. This trace should be removed when using J4 in
order to avoid ground loops.

The mounting frame is isolated by the rubber shock absorbers from the

Drive Address Selection
Switches 1 to 4 are use to set the drive address for drive selection.
Only one of the four switches may be set to the ON position. This
switch determines which one of the four interface drive select lines
selects this particular drive. If for instance, in a given drive,
switch 1 is ON (switches 2 to 4 of the drive must be OFF) that drive
is selected whenever the signal DR SEL 1 is low active.

The drive address assignment us indepentend of the drive's position
on the daisy-chained "A"-cable.

Spindle Motor Start Control
Switch 6 controls the condition for the spindle motor start.

If switch 6 is ON the spindle motor is started as soon as power is
provided to the drive.

If switch 6 is OFF the spindle motor does NOT start with power on. It
starts, however, with the first low active going edge of the drive
select signal corresponding to that drive. This feature allows
sequencing of the motor start in multiple drive configurations in
order to reduce the total load to the power supply caused by the high
current during the spindle motor start.

Automatic Rezero
The drive performs an automatic rezero operation after power is
provided to the drive and the spindle motor is up to full speed.
(Note that the spindle motor may not start before the first selection
if switch 6 is OFF.) The interface READY signal goes low active after
the automatic rezero is completed. The interface Seek Complete signal
goes high inactive during the rezero operation.

Permanent Selection
If switch 5 is in ON position, the drive is permanently selected.
This means that the drive responds to the interface control lines
independent of the status of the four interface drive select signals.
Nevertheless one of the four address switches S1 to S4 (normally S1)
should be set to the ON position. It is only turned on when the
interface drive select signal corresponding to the address of that
drive is active.

Permanent selection may not be used in a daisy-chain configuration
because two or more drives would respond to the same interface

If switch 5 is in the OFF position, selection of the drive is under
control of one of the four interface drive select lines according to
the setting of switches 1 to 4.


BASF 6185 TECHNICAL MANUAL 80307-069 JULY 1984

Notes on Installation

There is a total of eight mounting holes in the mounting frame, four
in the bottom and two on either side. All mounting holes have M3
threads (metric 3mm diameter).

Installation direction

     horizontally                           vertically
 +---------------------+           +--+                       +--+
 +-+                 +-+           |  +-----+           +-----+  |
   |                 |             |  |     |           |     |  |
   |                 |             |  |     |           |     |  |
   +-----------------+             |  |     |           |     |  |
                                   |  |     |           |     |  |
                                   |  |     |           |     |  |
                                   |  +-----+           +-----+  |
                                   +--+                       +--+

The BASF 6185 may be mounted in three different orientations. When
locking at the face plate the Read-Write-Control PCB may either be on
top, on the right side or on the left side of the drive. The maximum
angle for the drive mounting from the horizontal level is 13 degrees.

The following general recommendations for mounting the drive in a
system should be observed.

 - The drive should be mounted with four screws, either to the four
   bottom mounting holes or to the four mounting holes on the two

 - A clearance of at least 4 millimeters should be provided in all
   directions around the HDA. This space is required to allow the HDA
   to swing on the shock absorbers if the system is exposed to
   external vibrations or shocks.

 - The mounting of the drive must allow sufficient air flow for its
   cooling. The environmental temperature specified for the drive
   refers to the air directly surrounding the drive. This value (50
   degr. C) must not be exceeded under any operating condition or
   temperature outside of the system.

 - If the drive is mounted close to devices which radiate a very high
   level of electrical noise (such as switched mode power supplies,
   CRT displays etc.) it may be advisable to provide a shielding be-
   tween those devices and the disk drive.

Initial power on
This section gives a recommendation for a setup and checkout
procedure when powering up a drive for the first time after shipment.
In multi drive configuration it is recommended to check each drive

- Set the option switches as follows:

    1 - 5 OFF
    6     ON

- Install or remove the terminator pack as required.

 - Verify that the connectors of all interconnect cables in the drive
   are firmly seated.

 - Mount the drive in the system. If the drive is tested outside the
   system, make sure that the recommended mounting orientations are
   still met.

 - Verify that the interface signal and power cables are correctly
   wired. (Reserving of the two power supply voltages would cause
   severe damage to the drive.)

 - Connect the interface signal and power cable. If interface cables
   without polarization keys are used, verify that the interface
   connectors are installed in the correct orientation.

- Remove the adhesive tape from the spindle motor.

 - Provide power to the drive. Watch that the brake is disengaging and
   the spindle motor is starting to rotate. Wait until the spindle
   motor has reached full speed.

 - Watch that the drive performs the automatic rezero after the
   spindle is at full speed.

- Turn power off, watch that the brake is engaging.

- Set the option switches as required for normal system operation.

- Perform a normal system power on procedure.

Connecting Cables
The BASF 6185 is connected to the host by three cables. There are two
signal cables and one power cable. The two signal cables are called
"A"-cable and "B"-cable. An optional fourth cable may be used for
frame ground connection.

The "A"-cable has 34 lines and is used for transfer of control and
status information. It may be a flat ribbon or twisted pair cable
with a maximum total length of 20 feet. If more that one drive is
attached to the system, the "A"-cable may be connected either in
daisy-chain or radial configuration.

The "B"-cable has 20 lines and is mainly used for transfer of read/
write information. It is recommended to use twisted pair cables for
the "B"-cable, especially if its exceeds 1 meter (3 feet). The "B"-
cable is always connected in radial mode. The maximum length of each
"B"-cable is 6 meters (20 feet).

The power cable should always be connected in radial mode in order to
minimize voltage drop across the cable. Wire size and cable length
must be determined such that the supply voltage specifications are
met at the drive power connector under all operating conditions.

The "A"-cable is connected through 34 pin connector J1 to the drive.
The recommended mating connector is AMP P/N 88373-3 or equivalent.

The "B"-cable is connected through the 20 pin connector J2 to the
drive. The recommended mating connector is AMP P/N 88373-6 or

 The power cable is connected through th e4 pin connector J3 to the
 drive. The recommended mating connector is AMP P/N 1-480424-0 with
 pins P/N 350078-4 or equivalent.
  | 1| +12V DC
  | 2| GND 12V
  | 3| GND 5V
  | 4| +5V DC


BASF 6185/6 TECHNICAL MANUAL 80307-069 JULY 1984

Model and Operation
The BASF 6185 is a 5.25" Fixed Disk Drive with a capacity of 27.5
MBytes unformatted. It has 3 disks and 6 magnetic heads. The model
6186 has the same technology as the 685 with the difference being
there are 2 disks and 4 magnetic heads achieving a capacity of 18.3
MBytes. All references to model 6185 also apply to model 6186.

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