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Hard Drive: ATASI: 617 153MB 5.25"/FH ESDI

6 1 7    ATASI
NO MORE PRODUCED                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 5.25"/FH              Cylinders    1225|     |     |
Capacity form/unform   153/  178 MB        Heads           7|     |     |
Seek time   / track  20.0/ 5.0 ms          Sector/track     |     |     |
Controller           ESDI                  Precompensation
Cache/Buffer               KB              Landing Zone
Data transfer rate    1.250 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      512
                            MB/S ext
Recording method     RLL 2/7                        operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5/12 V       Temperature *C        10 50    |    -40 60
Power: sleep              W     Humidity     %         8 80    |      5 95
       standby            W     Altitude    km            3.000|        12.000
       idle          29.0 W     Shock        g         2       |     20
       seek          57.0 W     Rotation   RPM      3600
       read/write         W     Acoustic   dBA        50
       spin-up       64.0 W     ECC        Bit
                                MTBF         h      30000
                                Warranty Month
Lift/Lock/Park     YES          Certificates     CSA,FCC,IEC380,IEC435,UL47...


PRIAM MODELS 617/628/638 OEM MANUAL 308083 REV. A EC 11904

  |                   +-------------J4                      |+-J11
  |                   +-------------+                       |XX
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XXJ2
  |                                        +---------+      |XX
  |                                        +---------S1     |
 ++-+                                                       |XX
 ++-+J12                                   +---------+      |XX
  |Front Panel                             |  J6     |      |XX
  |                                        +---------+      |XXJ1
  |                                        Terminator       |XX
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |
  |                   +---------------+                     |XXLabel
  |                   |               |                     |XX
  +-------------------+     J5        +---------------------+


PRIAM MODELS 617/628/638 OEM MANUAL 308083 REV. A EC 11904

Jumper Setting

Switch S1
The first three switch positions select the drive's address number.
They are binary coded, and no two drives in the chain may have the
same number selected. The other three positions set sector size, and
spindle control option.

 Drive Select S1
   | Drive    |        Jumpers        |
   | Selected |  3    |   2   |   1   |
   |   NONE   | OPEN  | OPEN  | OPEN  | OPEN   = OFF
   |    1     | OPEN  | OPEN  | CLOSED| CLOSED = ON
   |    2     | OPEN  | CLOSED| OPEN  |
   |    3     | OPEN  | CLOSED| CLOSED|
   |    4     | CLOSED| OPEN  | OPEN  |
   |    5     | CLOSED| OPEN  | CLOSED|
   |    6     | CLOSED| CLOSED| OPEN  |
   |    7     | CLOSED| CLOSED| CLOSED|
 Up to seven drives may be active and selected. The three positions,
 S1-1, S1-2, and S1-3, correspond to three drive select lines on the
 control bus.

Setting the sector size
There are two methods of selecting the size of a sector: via the
SET SECTOR command and via switch S1 positions 4 and 5. You might
prefer the command since it overides the switch settings.

  1. Setting Sector Size by Command.
     Send SET SECTOR command with the desired sector size - in bytes
     per sector - in bit positions 11-0. The resulting sector will be
     an even number.

  2. Setting Sector Size by Switch.
    |            | Physical           |Logical      |  Track     |
    |S1-4   S1-5 | Size in Bytes      |Size in Bytes|  Capacity  |
    | OFF    ON  | 64 Sectors of  324 |     256     |   16384    |
    | ON     OFF | 36 Sectors of  578 |     512     |   18432    |
    | OFF    OFF | 35 Sectors of  594 |     512     |   17920    |
    | ON     ON  | 19 Sectors of 1096 |    1024     |   19456    |

S1 Spindle Control Option
For those applications in which multiple devices share a common power
supply, starting units sequentially i srecommended. With S1-6 off the
drive will sequence up after both supplies are within tolerance.


S1 Write Protect
With S1-8 on, writing to the drive is prevented.

Since this timeout can retard system performance, a 1 millisecond
timeout priod is available if S1-7 is on. Note that the controller
must also recognize this abbreaviated timeout if the system is to
function correctly.

J11 Remote Connector
An optional connector attached to J11 allows certain switch
selectable options of switch S1 to be controlled remotely. The
corresponding positions on S1 must be off. (Positions S1-4/5/6/7 must
always be operated at the S1 location.) Use the following list to
replace S1 options:

J11-1 & 2 replaces S1-1
J11-3 & 4 replaces S1-2
J11-5 & 6 replaces S1-3
J11-7 & 8 replaces S1-8


PRIAM MODELS 617/628/638 OEM MANUAL 308033 REV. A EC 11904

Notes On Installation

Every drive is shipped from PRIAM with a terminator installed to
minimize reflections and ensure maximum data integrity. In a daisy
chain of multiple drives, remove all terminators except the one in
the final drive.

 DC power requirements
 PRIAM's 5.25-inch drives require power from two dc voltages +5 and
 +12 volts. DC power is supplied via a 4-pin connector (AMP 350211-1
 Receptacle or equivalent).

The read/write heads and servo head are mounted on a carriage,
supported by precision ball bearings. A voice coil is attached to the
carriage and mounted between permanent magnets. These components
comprise the linear voice coil head mechanism. This mechanism
provides the driving force to move the carriage for head positioning.
The magnetic field in the gap between the magnets allows the
acceleration of the carriage to be controlled by the voice coil
current. Drive current for the coil is supplied by the actuator servo
control circuit. Crash stops protect the heads if a malfunction
causes the actuator servo circuit to lose control. When the drive is
powered down, the carriage is driven to a non-data area (head
landing zone) at the inner diameter of the disk, where it is locked
to prevent head/media damage in case of shock during movement of

Installation direction

     horizontally                           vertically
   +-----------------+             +--+                       +--+
   |                 |             |  +-----+           +-----+  |
   |                 |             |  |     |           |     |  |
 +-+-----------------+-+           |  |     |           |     |  |
 +---------------------+           |  |     |           |     |  |
                                   |  |     |           |     |  |
      x           x                |  |     |           |     |  |
 +------x------x-------+           |  +-----+           +-----+  |
 +-+------x--x-------+-+           +--+                       +--+
   |       xx        |
   |     x    x      |
     x            x

Recommended orientation is either vertical on either side or
horizontal with PCB down. In the final mounting configuration, ensure
that operation of the four shock mounts is not inhibited.

Shipping Damage Inspection
Priam disk drives are packaged to withstand normal handling in
reusable shipping containers. It is the customer's responsibility to
notify the carrier if shipping damage should occur to a drive.

Note: When handling the drive while still in the shipping container,
ensure that the container remains in the upright position indicated
by the attached labels.

Do not place drives in vertical positions closer than 2 to 3 inches
apart to avoid hitting and breaking components.

Shock and Vibration Precautions
The drives must be handled in such a manner as not to exceed the Non-
Operational Shock and Vibration limits.

Mounting Holes
Eight mounting holes, four on the bottom and two on each side, are
provided for mounting the drive in an enclosure. The size and
location of these holes, are identical to the industry standard mini-
floppy drive.

J1/P1 Connector - Control Signals
Connection of J1 is through a 34-pin edge connector. The pins are
numbered 1 through 34 with the even pins located on the component
side of the PCB. Pin 2 is labeled. The recommended mating connector
for P1 is AMP ribbon connector P/N 88373-3 or Molex 15-35-1341. All
odd pins are ground.

J2/P2 Connector - Data Signals
Connection to J2 is through a 20-pin edge connector. The pins are
numbered 1 through 20 with the even pins located on the component
side of the PCB. The recommended mating connector for P2 is AMP
ribbon connector P/N 88373-6, or Molex P/N 15-35-1201. Pin 2 is

J3/P3 Connector - Power
DC power connector (J3) is a 4-pin AMP Mate-N-Lok connector P/N
350211-1 mounted on the solder side of the PCB. The recommended
mating connector (P3) is AMP P/N 1-480424-0 utilizing AMP pins P/N
61314-4 (Strip) or P/N 60617-4 (Loose piece).

J4/P4 Frame Ground Connector
Faston AMP P/N 61761-2
Recommended mating connector AMP 62187-1
If used, the hole in J4 will accomodate a wire of size 18AWG max.


PRIAM MODELS 617/628/638 OEM MANUAL 308083 REV. A EC 11904

General Information
PRIAM 5.25-inch disk drives use advanced Winchester and micro-
processor technologies to provide users with low-cost disk drives
having high capacity, fast access, and long-term reliability. A
linear voice coil positioner with track following servo enables the
PRIAM 5.25-inch drives to position mini-Winchester type heads quickly
and precisely. These low-force heads promote high data reliability.

Advanced 5.25-inch, carbon overcoated, thin film, Winchester
technology disks are driven by a brushless dc motor. The heads,
disks, and head positioner coil and carriage are enclosed in a
sealed, contamination-resistant chamber to ensure high data

Media Defects
A media defect is some physical characteristic of the media which
results in a repetitive read error when the drive is operating within
specified operating conditions. Valid data must not be written over
known media defects.

All drives are chipped with a defect map, listing the following

- Cylinder
- Head
- Defect Location
- Defect Length (in bits)

The defect location is specified in bytes ( 10 bytes) from the
leading edge of index.

 The maximum number of defects allowed at the time of initial shipment
 is as follows:
                                       617   628   638
   - Defects per Drive (max allowed)    85   140   190
   - Defects per Surface (max allowed)  25    25    25

There will be zero defects on track zero, heads 0-7 inclusive, at the
time of initial shipment.

Air Filtration Components
A self-contained recirculating filter supplies clean air through a
0.3 micron filter to the sealed HDA. A separate filter allows for
ambient atmospheric pressure equalization within the assembly without
the induction of contaminants.

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