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Hard Drive: ATASI: 519M 160MB 5.25"/FH MFM ST506

5 1 9 M    ATASI
NO MORE PRODUCED                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 5.25"/FH              Cylinders    1224|     |     |
Capacity form/unform   160/  191 MB        Heads          15|     |     |
Seek time   / track  20.0/ 5.0 ms          Sector/track   17|     |     |
Controller           MFM / ST506           Precompensation
Cache/Buffer               KB              Landing Zone
Data transfer rate    0.625 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      512
                      0.625 MB/S ext
Recording method     MFM                            operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5/12 V       Temperature *C        10 50    |    -40 60
Power: sleep              W     Humidity     %         8 80    |      5 95
       standby            W     Altitude    km    -0.305  3.000| -0.305 12.000
       idle          29.0 W     Shock        g         2       |     20
       seek          57.0 W     Rotation   RPM      3600
       read/write         W     Acoustic   dBA        50
       spin-up       64.0 W     ECC        Bit
                                MTBF         h      20000
                                Warranty Month        12
Lift/Lock/Park     -            Certificates     CSA,FCC,IEC380,IEC435,UL47...


PRIAM 514/519 OEM MANUAL P/N 308086 REV. A EC 10921 12/86

  |                +---------J4          Option   +---J13+  |XX
  |                +---------+           Connector+------+  |XX
  |                                                         |XX J2
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |
  |                                               +------+  |XX
  |                                               | S1   |  |XX
  |                                               +------+  |XX
  |                                                         |XX J1
  |   +---J12                                               |XX
  |   +---+                                                 |XX
  |   Front Panel                                           |XX
  |   Connector                                             |XX
  |                                                         |+-+
  |                                                         || |J11
  |                   +------------+                        || |TERM
  +-------------------+     J5     +------------------------++-+


PRIAM 514/519 OEM MANUAL P/N 308086 REV. A EC 10921

Jumper Setting

Switch Selectable Options
Two optional features implemented via the drive select/option select
dipswitch S1 are available for customer reconfiguration of drive
functions. They are the Radial/Daisy Chain option and the PRIAM
Unique Mode.

Radial/Daisy Chain Option
Switch S1-5 changes the drive select protocol. When S1-5 is OFF the
drive interface is set for normal daisy chain operation. Switching
S1-5 ON facilitates radial operation by forcing permanent drive
selection regardless of the address chosen by drive select switches
S1-1 through S1-4.

PRIAM Unique Mode
Switch S1-6 selects recovery options from WRITE FAULT, and SERVO
FAULT (loss of READY) conditions. The following protocol is
established when PRIAM Unique is selected (closing S1-6):

  - When dc power is applied to the drive, sequencing up is no longer
    automatic. The drive will remain stopped with SEEK COMPLETE true
    and READY false.

- Any motion command will cause the drive to sequence up.

  - SERVO FAULT and WRITE FAULT will both be reset when any motion
    command is received. Removal of dc power is not required to reset
    SERVO FAULT (loss of READY). Simple de-selection of the drive will
    clear WRITE FAULT but not SERVO FAULT.

  - The drive will not conceal seek faults by attempting three auto-
    matic retries. It will instead immediately post SEEK COMPLETE or
    NOT READY status.

  - When a forward illegal cylinder address greater than maximum is
    received, a sequence down will be executed.

  - As in the normal ST412 mode of operation, when a reverse illegal
    cylinder address less than zero is received, a fast restore to
    Cylinder 0 will be performed.

Sequence Up/Down
In the normal ST412 mode of operation the drive will sequence up as
soon as power is applied. However, the user may connect J13-12 with a
jumper to an unused lin eof the J2 connector (such as J2-3) to
provide a sequence up/down capability. The drive will spin down when
the line is low, and it will spin up when the line is high. This line
can be used to spin down the drive even in the PRIAM Unique Mode.

J13-8/9 Write Protect
Grounding J13-9 with a jumper to J13-8 will inhibit writing and
protect all previously written data by causing WRITE FAULT if WRITE
GATE is activated. J13 has sockets flush with the PCB on 0.1 in.
centers and 0.3 in. spacing to accept low profile (<.20 in. high) DIP
jumpers or wire jumpers.

 Connector/Pin                      Signal
              +--- 1  |o  o| 16     -FAULT RESET
 J2/5  >------+--- 2  |o  o| 15     -SERVO CLOCK
 J2/3  >------+--- 3  |o  o| 14     +SERVO CLOCK
 J2/7  >---o--+--- 4  |o  o| 13     +AUTO FAULT CLEAR
 J2/9  >---+--+--- 5  |o  o| 12     +SPIN UP
 J2/10 >---+--+--- 6  |o  o| 11     -RADIAL INDEX
 J2/16 >---+  o--- 7  |o  o| 10     -RADIAL SERVO CLK
              o--- 8  |o  o|  9     -WRITE PROTECT
              |       +----+

Interface Options
With the addition of jumpers to the appropriate locations of J13, any
of the following non-multiplexed signals may be sent to the
controller on any of the reserved lines of the J2 connector.

     +5V (as a reference only)

Front Panel Indicator
The front panel indicator is a green LED that illuminates when the
drive is selected. It is connected via internal cable to front panel
connector J12.

        |1  2|
     ---+----+----PCB Component Side

 Auto Write Fault Clear
 The automatic clear, WRITE FAULT, in the normal ST412 mode of
 operation can be inhibited by grounding J13-13 with a jumper. If this
 done, WRITE FAULT can be cleared by de-selecting the drive, or by a
 momentary TTL low on the fault reset line J13-16, or by powering down
 the drive.
  |S1  Switch Settings                  |
  |Position 1 |Drive Select 1       |ON |
  |Position 2 |Drive Select 2       |ON |
  |Position 3 |Drive Select 3       |ON |
  |Position 4 |Drive Select 4       |ON |
  |Position 5 |Radial Configuration |ON |
  |Position 6 |PRIAM Unique         |ON |
  |Position 7 |UNUSED               |-- |
  |Position 8 |UNUSED               |-- |

Drive Select Lines 1-4
When true, these lines enable their respective disk drive interfaces
(maximum of 4). The Drive Select/Option Select dip switch has four
switches that determine which select line will activate the interface
of a particular drive. (When selected, drive front panel light
comes on.) These lines are not binary coded, and no two drives in a
chain may have the same drive select switch on.


PRIAM 514/519 OEM MANUAL P/N 308086 REV. A EC 10921, 12/86

Notes on installation

Required Mounting Orientation
Horizontal Spindle Impeller Down

 Vertical    Power Connector J3 Up with Matrix PCBA Down (preferred,
             but either vertical orientation is acceptable) and
             Positioner Motion Horizontal within 5 degrees.

Shipping Damage Inspection
Priam disk drives are packaged to withstand normal handling in
reusable shipping containers. It is the customer's responsibility to
notify the carrier if shipping damage should occur to a drive.

Note: When handling the drive while still in the shipping container,
ensure that the container remains in the upright position indicated
by the attached labels.

Shock and Vibration Precautions
The drives must be handled in such a manner as not to exceed the Non-
Operational Shock and Vibration limits.

There are two flat ribbon cables used with the ST412 Interface. The
larger one is a 34-pin edge connector, used to transfer all commands
and most of the status information. It can be connected in either
radial or daisy chain fashion. The second is a 20-pin edge connector,
containing all the read/write data lines and one status line and must
be connected in the radial configuration. Maximum 4 drives.

Every drive is shipped from PRIAM with a terminator installed to
minimize reflections and ensure maximum data integrity. One
terminator is required on each drive in a radial configuration. In a
daisy chain configuration only the final drive needs one. (If the
final drive in a daisy chain loses power or becomes inoperative, a
terminator must be installed in the next to last drive.)

J1/P1 Connector - Control Signals
Connection of J1 is through a 34-pin edge connector. The pins are
numbered 1 through 34 with the even pins located on the component
side of the PCB. Pin 2 is labeled. The recommended mating connector
for P1 is AMP ribbon connector P/N 88373-3 or Molex 15-35-1341. All
odd pins are ground. A key slot is placed between pins 4 and 6.

J2/P2 Connector - Data Signals
Connection to J2 is through a 20-pin edge connector. The pins are
numbered 1 through 20 with the even pins located on the component
side of the PCB. The recommended mating connector for P2 is AMP
ribbon connector P/N 88373-6, or Molex P/N 15-35-1201. A key slot is
placed between pins 4 and 6.

J3/P3 Connector - Power
DC power connector (J3) is a 4-pin AMP Mate-N-Lok connector P/N
350211-1 mounted on the component side of the Servo PCBA. The
recommended mating connector is AMP P/N 1-480424-0 utilizing AMP
pins P/N 61314-4 (Strip) or P/N 60617-4 (Loose piece).

   pin 1  +12 VDC                            |
   pin 2  +12 V RETURN                       |
   pin 3  + 5 V RETURN       ----+ +-------+ |
   pin 4  + 5 VDC                | |1 2 3 4| |
                                 | \-------/ |

J14/P14 Frame Ground Connector
Faston AMP P/N 61761-2
Recommended mating connector AMP 62187-1
If used, the hole in J14 will accomodate a wire of size 18AWG max.

Data Transfer Lines
All lines associated with the transfer of data between the drive and
the host system are differential in nature and may not be multi-
plexed. These lines are provided at the J2/P2 connectors on all

Two pairs of balanced signals are used for the transfer of data:

Flat ribbon or twisted pair
Maximum 20 feet
Note: Any EIA RS 422 Driver/Receiver pair will interface.


PRIAM 514/519 OEM MANUAL P/N 308086 REV. A EC 10921, 12/86

General Information
PRIAM 5.25-inch disk drives use advanced Winchester and micro-
processor technologies to provide users with low-cost disk drives
having high capacity, fast access, and long-term reliability. A
linear voice coil positioner with track following servo enables the
PRIAM 5.25-inch drives to position mini-Winchester type heads quickly
and precisely. These low-force heads promote high data reliability.

Advanced 5.25-inch, carbon overcoated, thin film, Winchester
technology disks are driven by a brushless dc motor. The heads,
disks, and head positioner coil and carriage are enclosed in a
sealed, contamination-resistant chamber to ensure high data

Media Defects
A media defect is some physical characteristic of the media which
results in a repetitive read error when the drive is operating within
specified operating conditions. Valid data must not be written over
known media defects.

All drives are chipped with a defect map, listing the following

- Cylinder
- Head
- Defect Location
- Defect Length (in bits)

The defect location is specified in bytes ( 10 bytes) from the
leading edge of index.

 The maximum number of defects allowed at the time of initial shipment
 is as follows:
                                       514   519
   - Defects per Drive (max allowed)   140   191
   - Defects per Surface (max allowed)  25    25

There will be zero defects on track zero, heads 0-7 inclusive, at the
time of initial shipment.

Air Filtration Components
A self-contained recirculating filter supplies clean air through a
0.3 micron filter to the sealed HDA. A separate filter allows for
ambient atmospheric pressure equalization within the assembly without
the induction of contaminants.

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