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A.1: Introduction and disclaimer


This article is from the Digital Broadcast Satellites FAQ, by Brian Trosko btrosko@primenet.com with numerous contributions by others.

A.1: Introduction and disclaimer

Every Usenet newsgroup finds that certain questions are asked again and
again. Regular readers eventually get tired of reading the same old questions
(and posting the same old answers) again and again, leading new readers to
wonder why they're seeing so many impolite replies, and so few useful ones,
to perfectly reasonable queries. The result is frustration all around.

This document is an attempt to consolidate many of those questions, and
their answers, in a single location. It also attempts to deal with popular
misconceptions, misinformation, and errors. It will be posted to
rec.video.satellite.dbs (r.v.s.d) bi-weekly. If you're a new reader, or even
if you're not, and have a question regarding DBS systems, you should check
this document first, to avoid wasting bandwidth (and other peoples' time)
on a subject which has already been discussed ad nauseam. But this document
is by no means an attempt at moderation; if you have new information on a new
topic, or even on an old one, by all means share it with the group.

Further questions are welcome; send any comments, corrections, new questions,
or new answers to btrosko@primenet.com, with 'R.S.V.D FAQ' in the Subject:
line. Keep quoted material down to a minimum in such mail, please (Really,
just the subject number you're talking about is sufficient).

In addition to the bimonthly posting, this document will be available at
http://www.primenet.com/~btrosko. The HTML version will be the most
up-to-date version, since it's the easiest to change. It will also contain
improved formatting and presentation not available in the text version.

The FAQ author has made every effort to present accurate and
unbiased information. Where there is some disagreement or controversy
over an issue, the FAQ author has attempted to present both points of view.

This FAQ file is copyright 1996 by Brian Trosko. It may be freely copied,
redistributed, archived, or reused, provided no profit is derived from
such reuse, the author is given proper credit, and statements are not
taken out of context in such a way as to significantly alter their

The author makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of any information
provided in this document, and is not responsible for any consequences
of its use.

Parts A and B are large borrowed/stolen from Andrew Toppan's excellent FAQ
for the sci.military.naval newsgroup, and are used with his permission.
If you're interested, his homepage can be found at


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