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Gray's Verbose Semiconductor URL Page

This is quite an old list of semiconductor chipmakers by Gray.

Chip Manufacturers

Chipmakers Currently on this List = 262

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 Additional Information

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     3D Labs http://www.3dlabs.com
  video processors
     8x8, Inc. http://www.iit.com
  video compression chips

A (back to top)

     Acapella http://www.acapella.co.uk
  networking chips
     Acer Labs http://www.ali.com.tw
  PC system chipsets, PC controller chips
     Actel http://www.actel.com
  gate arrays (FPGA)
     Adaptec http://www.adaptec.com
  PC controller chips
     Adaptive Logic http://www.adaptivelogic.com
  programmable analog chips (website was down when last checked)
     Advanced Hardware Architectures http://www.aha.com
  data controllers, data compression chips, error correction chips
     Advanced Micro Devices http://www.amd.com
  microprocessors, gate arrays (PLD), Flash, EPROM, microcontrollers, networking chips, data controllers, wireless chips
     Advanced Micro Systems http://ams2000.com
  motor controller chips
     Advanced RISC Machines http://www.arm.com
     AITech International http://www.aitech.com
  video converter chips
     AKM Semiconductor http://www.akm.com
  portable/cellular phone chips, networking chips, data converters, CODECs, serial EEPROMs, image processing chips
     Alliance Semiconductor http://www.alsc.com
  DRAM, SRAM, Flash, graphics accelerator chips
     Altera http://www.altera.com
  gate arrays (EPLD)
     American Microsystems http://www.amis.com
  ROM, wireless chips, telecom chips, mask programmable system devices (MPSD)
     ANADIGICs http://www.anadigics.com
  networking chips, wireless chips, CATV chips, power chips (all GaAs technology)
     Analog Devices http://www.analog.com
  data converters, DSP chips, op amps, power chips, analog switches, sensors, etc...
     Applied Micro Circuits http://www.amcc.com
  PCI controllers, networking chips, clock drivers, gate arrays
     APTEK Williams http://www.paradise.net/aptek
  telecom chips
     Arcobel Graphics http://www.dso.nl/arcobel
  video processors
     Aromat http://www.aromat.com
  solid state relays
     Array Microsystems http://www.array.com
  video compression chips, DSP chips
     ATecoM http://www.atecom.de
  (website was down when last checked)
     Atmel http://www.atmel.com
  microcontrollers, serial EEPROM, Flash, EPROM, EEPROM, data converters, gate arrays (FPGA,CPLD)
     Audio Digital Imaging http://www.adi.net
  video compression chips
     Auravision http://www.auravision.com
  video processor chips
     Aureal http://www.aureal.com
  audio chips
     Avance Logic http://www.avance.com
  video processor chips, audio chips
     Aztech http://www.aztech.com.sg
  audio chips

B (back to top)

     Benchmarq Technology http://www.benchmarq.com
  battery charging chips, NOVRAMs, real time clock chips
     Broadcom http://www.broadcom.com
  networking chips, MODEM chips
     Brooktree http://www.brooktree.com
  networking chips, audio chips, video chips
     Burr-Brown http://www.burr-brown.com
  data converters, op amps, power chips, audio chips, sensors, etc...
     Buslogic http://www.buslogic.com
  PC system chips
     Butterfly DSP http://www.butterflydsp.com
  DSP chips

C (back to top)

     C-Cube Microsystems http://www.c-cube.com
  video compression chips, multimedia chips
     California Eastern Labs http://www.cel.com
     CompuLab Ltd. http://www.compulab.co.il
  i960 System controller chips and SBC for embedded systems
     Catalyst Semiconductor http://www.catsemi.com
  EEPROM, serial EEPROM, Flash, NOVRAM, data converters
     Celeritek http://www.celeritek.com
  RF amplifiers, MMIC chips
     Champion Technologies http://www.champtech.com
  voltage controlled oscillators
     Cherry Semiconductor http://www.cherry-semi.com
  power chips
     Chips & Technologies http://www.chips.com
  PC system chips, data controller chips, video chips
     Chromatic http://www.chromatic.com
  video processors
     Chrontel http://www.chrontel.com
  video chips, clock chips
     Cirrus Logic http://www.cirrus.com
  video chips, networking chips, MODEM chips, data controller chips, audio chips, RF chips, etc...
     Clairex http://www.clairex.com
  optoelectronics, LEDs
     Coilcraft http://www.coilcraft.com
  EMI filter chips
     Cologne Chip Designs http://www.colognechip.com
  networking chips
     CommQuest Technologies http://www.cqt.com
  (no product info)
     Compensated Devices http://www.cdi-diodes.com
     CP Clare http://www.cpclare.com
  semiconductor switches & relays
     Cree Research http://www.cree.com
  LEDs (website was down when last checked)
     Crystal Semiconductor http://www.crystal.com
  data converters, CODECs, audio chips, telecom chips, networking chips
     Cylink http://www.cylink.com
  spread spectrum chips
     Cypress Semiconductor http://www.cypress.com
  SRAM, EPROM, FIFOs, gate arrays (EPLD), PC system chips, networking chips, clock chips
     Cyrix http://www.cyrix.com

D (back to top)

     Dallas Semiconductor http://www.dalsemi.com
  microcontrollers, BBSRAM, digital potentiometers, clock chips, termination chips, etc...
     Dense-Pac Microsystems http://www.dense-pac.com
     Digital Semiconductor http://www.digital.com/info/semiconductor (http://www.digital.com/info/semiconductor)
  microprocessors, networking chips, PC system chips, video CODECs
     Diodes Inc. http://www.diodes.com
  transistors, diodes
     DSP Group http://www.dspg.com
  DSP chips

E (back to top)

     Echelon http://www.echelon.com
  networking chips
     Elantec http://www.elantec.com
  amplifiers, video chips, MOSFETs, comparators, line drivers
     Electronic Technology http://www.etechcorp.com
  (no product info)
     ENSONIQ http://www.ensoniq.com
  sound chips, DSP chips
     Ericsson http://www.ericsson.com/EPI/BK/index.html
  telecom chips, optoelectronics, transistors, motor controller chips
     ESS Technology http://www.esstech.com
  (no product info)
     Exar http://www.exar.com
  battery management chips, data converters, CCD chips, telecom chips, networking chips, UARTs, clock chips
     Exel Microelectronics http://www.exel.com
  EEPROM, serial EEPROM, rolling code chips

F (back to top)

     Fujitsu http://www.fujitsumicro.com
  microprocessors, data converters, networking chips, SRAM, DRAM, PC controller chips, PLL

G (back to top)

     Galileo Technology http://www.galileot.com
  FIFO, PC system chips, networking chips
     Gatefield http://www.gatefield.com
  gate arrays (FPGAs for ASIC design)
     GEC Plessey http://www.gpsemi.com
  networking chips, CAM, mass storage chips, diodes, video chips, microcontrollers, keyless entry chips, gate arrays, SAW filters, cellular phone chips, GPS chips, PLL, compression chips, thyristors, etc...
     General Instrument http://www.gi.com
  rectifiers, networking chips
     Genesis Microchip http://www.genesisus.com
  video chips
     Gennum http://www.gennum.com
  audio amplifiers, filters, video chips, analog multiplexors
     GHz Technology http://www.ghz.com/main.htm
  RF transistors, power transistors
     Graychip http://www.graychip.com
  DSP based tuner & filter chips

H (back to top)

     Harris Semiconductor http://www.semi.harris.com
  amplifiers, data converters, DSP, wireless chips, diodes, transistors, regulators, standard logic, microprocessors, radiation hardened chips, etc...
     Hexawave http://spring.nii.nchc.gov.tw/Industry/Company/Taiwan/Hexawave
  GaAs transistors
     Hitachi http://www.halsp.hitachi.com
  microcontrollers, optoelectronics, LCD controllers, mass storage chips, DRAM, SRAM, EEPROM, Flash, MOSFETs, etc...
     Holtek Microelectronics http://www.holtek.com
  microcontrollers, speech chips, telecom chips, PC system chips, SRAM, EPROM, EEPROM
     Honeywell http://www.ssec.honeywell.com
  (no product info)
     Hewlett-Packard http://www.hp.com:80/HP-COMP/3.0/3.3.html
  LEDs, RF chips, optoelectronics, motion control chips
     HT Communications http://www.htcomm.com
  networking chips
     Hutson Industries http://www.hutsonind.com
     Hyundai http://www.hea.com
  DRAM, SRAM, PC system chips, PLL

I (back to top)

     I-CUBE http://www.icube.com
  networking chips
     IBM Microelectronics http://www.chips.ibm.com
  microprocessors, microcontrollers, DRAM, SRAM, VRAM, palette DAC, MPEG chips, networking chips, mass storage chips
     ICT http://www.ictpld.com
  gate arrays (PLD)
     IMP http://www.impweb.com
  analog processors, programmable analog chips
     Information Storage Devices http://www.isd.com
  voice chips, analog memories
     InteGraphics Systems http://www.webpr.com/igs.htm
  video chips
     Integrated Circuit Systems http://www.icst.com
  clock chips, audio chips, networking chips, battery charging chips
     Integrated Device Technology http://www.idt.com
  SRAM, microprocessors, FIFO, clock chips, standard logic, networking chips
     Integrated Micro Solutions http://members.aol.com/imsteksup
  video processor
     Integrated Silicon Solutions http://www.issiusa.com
  SRAM, serial EPROM, EEPROM, Flash, voice chips
     Integrated Telecom http://www.igt.com
  networking chips (ATM,SONET)
     Intel http://www.intel.com/design
  Flash, microprocessors, microcontrollers, networking chips
     Intelligent Micro http://www.slip.net/~slin
  networking chips
     International Rectifier http://www.irf.com
  power transistors
     International Semiconductor http://www.multiplex.com/1/a/IntlSemiconductor
  diodes, rectifiers
     Irvine Sensors http://www.irvine-sensors.com
  DRAM modules, SRAM modules, Flash modules
     ITC Microcomponents http://www.itcmicro.com
  (no product info)
     ITT Semiconductors http://www.itt-sc.de
  DSP chips, Hall Effect sensors, video chips, audio chips, diodes, transistors, rectifiers
     iTV http://www.itvcorp.com
  (no product info)
     IXYS http://www.ixys.com
  power transistors, diodes, thyristors

J (back to top)

K (back to top)

     Krypton Isolation http://www.krypton-iso.com
  PCMCIA fax/modem chipset

L (back to top)

     Lansdale Semiconductor http://ssi.syspac.com/~lansdale
  obsolete products from many other manufacturers
     Lattice Semiconductor http://www.latticesemi.com
  gate arrays (PLD)
     Level One Communications http://www.level1.com
  transceivers, networking chips
     Linear Technology http://www.linear-tech.com
  amplifiers, comparators, data converters, references, regulators, interface chips, etc...
     Lintel http://www.lintel.com
  encryption chips
     Logic Devices http://www.logicdevices.com
  FIFO, SRAM, multipliers, video imaging chips
     LSI Logic http://www.lsilogic.com
  ASIC cores, set-top box chipsets, MPEG/JPEG chips, satellite receiver chips
     Lucent Technologies http://www.lucent.com/micro
  networking chips, DSP chips, wireless chips, power chips, gate arrays (FPGA), CODECs
     Lumex http://www.lumex.com
  optoelectronics, LEDs

M (back to top)

     M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers http://www.m-sys.com
     M/A-Com PHI http://www.macom-phi.com
  power transistors
     Maxim http://www.mxim.com
  amplifiers, comparators, data converters, references, regulators, interface chips, etc...
     Mediamatics http://www.mediamatics.com
  video chips, audio chips
     Metalink http://www.metalink.co.il
  transceivers, networking chips
     Micrel Semiconductor http://www.micrel.com
  PCMCIA chips, regulators, MOSFETs, display drivers
     Micro Networks http://www.mnc.com
  amplifiers, data converters, clock chips, voltage controlled oscillators,
     Microchip Technology http://www.microchip.com
  EEPROM, serial EEPROM, EPROM, microcontrollers, rolling code chips
     MicroClock http://www.microclock.com
  clock chips
     Microlinear http://www.microlinear.com
  networking chips, fiber optic chips, telephone chips, filters, mass storage chips, power controllers, battery management chips, LCD controllers, data converters, motor controller chips
     Micron Technology http://www.micron.com
  DRAM, SRAM, Flash
     MicroUnity http://www.microunity.com
  multimedia processor
     Microsemi http://www.microsemi.com
  rectifiers, regulators, transistors, thyristors
     Mini-Circuits http://www.minicircuits.com
  amplifiers, termination chips, oscillators, frequency controller chips
     MIPS Technologies http://www.mips.com
  RISC microprocessors
     Mitel Semiconductor http://www.semicon.mitel.com
  analog switches, DTMF chips, telecom chips, digital switches, PLL, networking chips
     Mitsubishi Semiconductor http://www.msai.com
  (no product info)
     MMC Networks http://www.mmcnet.com
  networking chips
     MOSAID http://www.mosaid.com
  (no product info)
     Mosel Vitelic http://moselvitelic.com
     Motorola http://motserv.indirect.com
  microprocessors, microcontrollers, SRAM, DRAM, standard logic, networking chips, wireless chips, DSP chips, CODECs, LCD controllers, optoelectronics, transistors, diodes, etc...
     MSIS Semiconductor http://www.msis.com
  (website was down when last checked)
     Murata Manufacturing http://www.iijnet.or.jp/murata
  EMI filter chips
     Music Semiconductors http://www.music.com

N (back to top)

     National Semiconductor http://www.national.com
  microcontrollers, amplifiers, comparators, regulators, references, serial EEPROM, Flash, standard logic, diodes, transistors, networking chips, FIFO, SRAM, data converters, etc...
     NEC http://www.ic.nec.co.jp/index_e.html
  microprocessors, microcontrollers, DRAM, SRAM, Flash, transistors, diodes, amplifiers, comparators, audio chips, regulators, data converters, video chips, mass storage chips, etc...
     NeoMagic http://www.neomagic.com
  DRAM, video chips
     Novacom Technologies http://www.novacomtechnologies.com
  networking chips
     Novalog http://www.novalog.com
  transceiver chips
     NTE Electronics http://www.nteinc.com
  transistors, diodes, rectifiers
     Number Nine Visual Technology http://www.nine.com
  (no product info)
     NVidia http://www.nvidia.com
  multimedia chips

O (back to top)

     Oak Technology http://www.oaktech.com
  video processors, storage controllers (CD-ROM), MPEG chips, audio chips
     OKI Semiconductor http://www.okisemi.com
  RF chips, telecom chips, speech chips, microcontrollers, microprocessors, display drivers, DRAM, ROM
     Omron http://www.oei.omron.com
  (no product info)
     OPTI http://www.opti.com
  PC system chipsets, sound chips, video chips
     Orbit Semiconductor http://www.orbitsemi.com
  gate arrays (PLA)
     Oxford Micro Devices http://www.oxfordmicrodevices.com
  DSP chips
     Oxford Semiconductor http://www2.oxsemi.com/oxsemi
  UART, communications controller

P (back to top)

     Paradigm Technology http://www.prdm.com
     PCSI http://www.pcsi.com
  telecom chips
     Pericom Semiconductor http://www.pericom.com
  networking chips, standard logic, clock chips
     Philips Semiconductor http://www.semiconductors.philips.com
  microcontrollers, wireless chips, telecom chips, audio chips, video chips, standard logic, diodes, transistors, amplifiers, gate arrays, etc...
     Phylon http://www.phylon.com
  DSP chips, MODEM chips
     PLX Technology http://www.plxtech.com
  clock chips, PC system chips
     PMC-Sierra http://www.pmc-sierra.com
  networking chips (ATM,SONET,asynchronous/PDH)
     Power Convertibles http://www.pcc1.com
  DC converter chips (modules?)
     Power Integrations http://www.powerint.com
  (no product info)
     PowerTech http://www.power-tech.com
  transistors (high power)
     Power Trends http://www.powertrends.com/isr/
  DC converter chips (modules?)
     Pulse http://www.pulseeng.com
  networking chips, telecom chips

Q (back to top)

     QLogic http://qlogic.qlc.com
  PC data controller chips (SCSI)
     Quality Semiconductor http://www.qualitysemi.com
  FIFO, networking chips, dual port SRAM, analog switches, standard logic
     Quantum Effect Design http://www.qedinc.com
     QuickLogic http://www.quicklogic.com
  gate arrays (FPGA)

R (back to top)

     RAD http://www.rad.co.il/components/radchips.htm
  networking chips
     Radisys http://www.radisys.com
  PC controller chips
     Rambus http://www.rambus.com
     Ramtron http://www.sni.net/ramtron
  DRAM, Ferro-electric RAM (FRAM)
     Real3D http://www.lmco.com/real3d
  video processing chips
     Realtek Semiconductor http://www.realtek.com.tw
  audio chips, video game chips, microcontrollers, networking chips, video controller chips
     Rendition http://www.rendition.com
  video processing chips
     RF Micro Devices http://www.rfmd.com
  RF amplifiers, MODEM chips, spread spectrum chips
     Rockwell Semiconductor http://www.nb.rockwell.com
  MODEM chips, GPS chipsets
     Rohm http://www.rohmelectronics.com | http://www.rohm.co.jp
  diodes, transistors, video processing chips
     Ross Technology http://www.ross.com
  SPARC chipsets

S (back to top)

     S3 Inc. http://www.s3.com
  video chips
     S-MOS Systems http://www.smos.com
  video processing chips
     Samsung Semiconductor http://www.sec.samsung.com
  audio chips, video chips, DRAM, SRAM, Flash, telecom chips, etc...
     Sandisk http://www.sandisk.com
     Sanyo http://www.sanyo.co.jp/index_e.html
  (no product info)
     SEEQ Technology http://www.seeq.com
  networking chips
     Seiko Epson http://www.epson.co.jp/epson/weleng.htm
  microcontrollers, EEPROM, SRAM, telecom chips, clock chips
     Seiko Instruments http://www.seiko-usa-ecd.com
  voltage regulators, voltage detectors
     Semicoa Semiconductors http://semicoa.com
  transistors, photodiodes
     Semiconductor Technology http://www.semi-tech-inc.com
     Semitron http://www.semitron.com
  diodes, thyristors
     Semtech http://www.semtech.com
  voltage regulators, rectifiers
     Sensory, Inc. http://www.sensoryinc.com
  speech chips, audio chips, microcontrollers
     SGS-Thomson http://www.st.com
  telecom chips, EEPROM, microcontrollers, video processing chips, SRAM, discretes, op amps, voltage regulators, etc...
     Sharp http://www.sharpmeg.com | http://www.sharp.co.jp/device-e.html
  DRAM, SRAM, Flash, microcontrollers, microprocessors, optoelectronics, etc...
     Siemens http://www.sci.siemens.com
  microcontrollers, DRAM, wireless chips, networking chips, diodes, transistors, optoelectronics, motor drivers, etc...
     Sierra Semiconductor http://www.sierrasemi.com
  MODEM chips, networking chips (ATM,SONET)
     Sigma Designs http://www.sigmadesigns.com
  video chipsets
     Signal Processing Technologies http://www.spt.com
  data converters, comparators, amplifiers
     Silicon Composers http://www.silcomp.com
     Silicon Image http://www.siimage.com
  (no product info)
     Silicon Storage Technology http://www.ssti.com
     Silicon Systems http://www.ssi1.com
  storage controller chips (HD,CD-ROM)
     Simtek http://www.csn.net/simtek
     Sipex http://www.sipex.com
  data converters, transceivers, lamp driver chips
     Sony http://www.sel.sony.com/semi | http://www.sony.co.jp/Exhibition/SC-HP
  CCD, wireless chips, SRAM, optoelectronics, LCD chips, video chips, audio chips, microcontrollers, CACHE chips, etc...
     Space Electronics http://www.newspace.com/spaceelec
  radiation hardened chips, EEPROM, Flash, SRAM, DRAM, PROM, microcontrollers, microprocessors, DSP chips, data converters, op amps, communications chips, etc...
     Standard Microsystems http://www.smc.com
  networking chips, PC controller chips
     Stanford Telecom http://www.oakridge.com/STel/index.html
  MODEM chips
     Sun Microelectronics http://www.sun.com/sparc
  microprocessors, SPARC system chips
     Supertex http://www.supertex.com
  (no product info)
     Symbios Logic http://www.symbios.com
  PC data controller chips (SCSI)
     Syntaq Technology http://www.syntaq.com
  (no product info)
     Synergy Semiconductor http://www.synergysemi.com
  clock chips, networking chips, PLL

T (back to top)

     Teccor Electronics http://www.teccor.com
  TRIACs, SCRs, rectifiers
     TelCom Semiconductor http://www.telcom-semi.com
  power managment chips, data converters, voltage references
     Teltone http://www.teltone.com
  telecom chips (DTMF)
     TEMIC http://www.temic.de
  diodes, transistors, optoelectronics, SRAM, analog switches, FIFO, dual port SRAM, power chips, microcontrollers
     Terayon http://www.terayon.com
  (no product info)
     Texas Instruments http://www.ti.com
  microprocessors, DSP processors, mixed signal chips, analog/linear chips, standard logic, memory chips, etc... (TI makes pretty much everything!)
     Thaler http://www.thaler.com
  data converters, voltage references
     Thesys http://www.thesys.de
  radio chips, video chips, universal serial bus chips
     Toko America http://www.tokoam.com
  SAW filter chips, regulators, transistors
     Toshiba http://www.toshiba.com
  discretes, standard logic, DRAM, SRAM, telecom chips, microcontrollers, networking chips, optoelectronics, RISC Microprocessors
     TransSwitch http://www.transwitch.com
  networking chips (ATM,SONET)
     Trident Microsystems http://www.trid.com
  video processing chips
     Triquint Semiconductor http://www.triquint.com
  networking chips, clock chips
     TriTech Microelectronics http://www.tritech-sg.com
  CODECs, speech chips
     Tseng Labs http://www.tseng.com
  video processing chips
     Tundra Semiconductor http://www.newbridge.com/Tundra
  PC system chips, data controller chips, encryption chips

U (back to top)

     Unitrode http://www.unitrode.com
  communications chips, comparators, regulators, amplifiers, motor controllers, diodes
     United Microelectronics http://www.umc.com.tw
  SRAM, voice chips, data converters, microcontrollers
     United Technologies Microelectronics Center http://www.utmc.com
  microprocessors, microcontrollers, gate arrays standard logic, SRAM, MIL-883 chips, data controllers
     USAR Systems http://www.usar.com
  PC controller chips

V (back to top)

     V3 Semiconductor http://www.vcubed.com
  embedded microprocessors
     Vadem http://www.vadem.com
  PC system chips, PCMCIA chips
     Vectron Technologies http://www.vectron-vti.com
  voltage controlled oscillators, SAW filter chips
     VIA Technologies http://www.via.com.tw
  PC system chips, networking chips
     Videologic http://www.videologic.com
  3D graphics chips
     Vitesse Semiconductor http://www.vitesse.com
  networking chips, communications chips
     Vivid Semiconductor http://www.vividsemi.com
  LCD controller chips
     VLSI Technology http://www.vlsi.com
  networking chips, PC system chips, video chips, MODEM chips

W (back to top)

     Waferscale Integration http://www.wsipsd.com
  programmable system devices (PSD)
     Weitek http://www.weitek.com
  PC controller chips
     Westcode Semiconductors http://www.westcode.com
  diodes, thyristors
     Western Design Center http://www.wdesignc.com
     Western Digital http://www.wdc.com
  (no product info)
     White Microelectronics http://www.whitemicro.com
     Winbond http://www.winbond.com.tw
  SRAM, microcontrollers, telecom chips, networking chips, video chips
     Wolfson Microelectronics http://www.wolfson.co.uk
  networking chips, cellular phone chips, data converters, digital imaging chips

X (back to top)

     Xecom http://www.rahul.net/xecom
  telecom module chips, MODEM module chips
     Xicor http://www.xicor.com
  EEPROM, serial EEPROM, digital potentiometers, NOVRAMs, microperipherals, SerialFlash memories
     Xilinx http://www.xilinx.com
  gate arrays (FPGA,CPLD)

Y (back to top)

     Yamaha http://www.yamahayst.com
  audio chips, video chips, networking chips

Z (back to top)

     ZCOMM http://www.zcomm.com
  voltage controlled oscillators
     Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden http://www.zmd-gmbh.de
     Zetex Semiconductors http://www.zetex.com
  diodes, transistors, optoelectronics
     Zilog http://www.zilog.com
  microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSP chips, wireless chips, PC controller chips

Additional Information (back to top)

    AT&T Microelectronics is now known as Lucent Technologies (http://www.lucent.com/micro)
    Comlinear is part of National Semiconductor (http://www.national.com)
    Dialog Semiconductor is part of TEMIC (http://www.temic.de)
    Epson is part of Seiko Epson (http://www.epson.co.jp/epson/weleng.htm)
    Gatefield is part of Zycad (http://www.zycad.com)
    Inmos' products are now sold by SGS-Thomson (http://www.st.com)
    Inmos' wafer fab became Newport Wafer-Fab Ltd. (http://www.grossi.co.uk/nwl/index.htm)
    Integrated Information Technology is now known as 8x8 Inc. (http://www.iit.com)
    Matra MHS is part of TEMIC (http://www.temic.de)
    Media Vision Technology's IC division is now known as Aureal (http://www.aureal.com)
    Micro Power Systems is part of Exar (http://www.exar.com)
    NCR Microelectronics is now known as Symbios Logic (http://www.symbios.com)
    NexGen is part of Advanced Micro Devices (http://www.amd.com)
    Real3D (http://www.lmco.com/real3d) is part of Lockheed Martin
    Siliconix is part of TEMIC (http://www.temic.de)
    Sensory Circuits is now known as Sensory, Inc. (http://www.sensoryinc.com)
    Star Semiconductor is part of Logic Devices (http://www.logicdevices.com)
    Startech is part of Exar (http://www.exar.com)
    Telefunken Semiconductors is part of TEMIC (http://www.temic.de)

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