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5-1-8] JVC


This article is from the CD-Recordable FAQ, by Andy McFadden (fadden@fadden.com) with numerous contributions by others.

5-1-8] JVC


See http://www.jvc.com/

Models are:
XR-W1001 (1x1/64K;SCSI)
XR-W2001 (2x2/1MB;SCSI)
XR-W2010 (4x2/1MB;SCSI)
XRS-201 (2x2/1MB;SCSI)
XR-W2020 (6x2/1MB;SCSI)
XR-W2042 (6x2x2/1MB;SCSI)
[on the JVC web site, no model number?] (12x4/1MB;IDE)
XR-W2080 (24x2x2/2MB;IDE)
XR-W4080 (24x4x2/2MB;IDE)
XR-W4424 (24x4x4/2MB;IDE)

[ JVC stopped selling CD recorders somewhere around 2002. ]

The drives are sometimes sold with model numbers that have 2 added, so
XR-W2010 might appear as XR-W2012, XR-W2020 as XR-W2022, and XR-W2080 as
XR-W2082. The XR-W2626 appears to be an XR-W2020.

The drives often come bundled with JVC "Personal Archiver" or "RomMaker"
software. The XR-W2010 and XR-W2020 also come with "FloppyCD"
packet-writing software.

JVC only provides support for drives purchased directly from them, but
firmware updates can be found at http://www.jvcinfo.com/service/firmware.htm.
If you don't buy a JVC drive from JVC, make sure your vendor provides a

If you are getting "servo tracking error", "seek error", or "track following
error" messages with an XR-W2010 or XR-W2020, your drive may need to be
opened up and lubricated. Step-by-step instructions for doing so can be
found on http://www.smial.prima.de/old/howtoget.htm. If you're not quite
up to that, try turning the drive off and leaving it off until right before
you're ready to burn. Some units have trouble when they get warm.

Several users have reported difficulty installing the XR-W2020, but the
troubles appear to stem from the SCSI card bundled with the drive rather
than the drive itself.

CAVEAT EMPTOR - XR-W2010. Firmware version 1.51 has some serious flaws
that can cause problems when using the drive as either a writer or a
reader. The v2.05 update fixed most of the problems, but some conflicts
with 3rd-party software remained, so the update was withdrawn. Until these
problems are fixed, this drive should only be used with the JVC software,
and should not be used as a reader. Power-cycling the unit (i.e. powering
it off and back on) immediately before a write may cure some problems. For
examples and some tests, see http://www.fadden.com/doc/jvc-prob.txt.

While there are a large number of people who are using these drives without
problems, one person affiliated with a CD-R software company referred to
the XR-W2010 as their "#1 tech support nightmare".

CAVEAT EMPTOR - XR-W2020. The mechanism appears to have the same problems
with lubrication as the XR-W2010. After several months of successful use,
the unit will start returning "tracking error" messages.


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