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5-1-10] Ricoh


This article is from the CD-Recordable FAQ, by Andy McFadden (fadden@fadden.com) with numerous contributions by others.

5-1-10] Ricoh


See http://www.ricoh.com/

Models are:
RS-9200CD (?x1/1.2MB;SCSI)
RO-1060C/RS-1060C (2x2/512K;SCSI)
RS-1420C (4x2/512K+;SCSI)
MP-6200 (6x2x2/1MB; 'S' is SCSI, 'A' or 'I' is IDE)
MP-7040 (20x4x4/2MB; 'S' is SCSI, 'A' is IDE)
MP-7060 (24x6x4/2MB; 'S' is SCSI, 'A' is IDE)
MP-7080A (32x8x4/4MB;IDE)
MP-8040SE (20x4x4/2MB;PCMCIA-2(SCSI), battery-powered)
MP-9060A (24x6x4/2MB;IDE, reads DVDx4)
MP-7120A (32x12x10/4MB;IDE)
MP-7200A (40x20x10/2MB;IDE)
MP-9120A (32x12x10/2MB;IDE, reads DVDx8)
MP-9200A (40x20x10/2MB;IDE, reads DVDx12)

[ Ricoh stopped selling CD recorders somewhere around 2002. ]

The MP-6200 uses a tray, the MP-6201 uses caddies and has a 2MB buffer.

The RS1060C does not support disc-at-once recording, reading of digital
audio, or subcode-Q data. (One user reported that his RO1060C *could* read
digital audio, but the drive took a little convincing. Another user says
that it has always been supported, but not documented, so it can be done
with the right software, e.g. CDDA v1.5.) The RS-1060C is the RO-1060C
in an external case.

The RS-1420C is flash upgradeable (though it can be a little tricky since
there are different variants of the drive, and each requires a different
ROM image). It does not support packet writing. Most of the commercial
versions come with a 2MB buffer (the last digit of the firmware version
will be 0, 1, or 2, indicating 512K, 1MB, and 2MB, respectively).

The firmware on the flash-upgradeable MP-6200 should either be at v2.20 or
later. Version 1.0 had several problems, version 2.0 didn't get along so
well with DirectCD 2.0, and version 2.03 had some DAE issues.

Firmware upgrades are available from Tom Varghese's page listed above
(arrakis-ttm.com) and http://www.ricoh.co.jp/cd-r/cgi/e-/version.html.

The MP-6200 "red/green" problem, where the drive starts having trouble
accepting media, and sits there flashing red and green, appears to be caused
by a buildup of oil on the drive's spindle clamp. See the arrakis-ttm.com
site for details.

Some people have found that the MP7040/7060 will start to "stick" after
a while, resulting in consistent write errors at roughly the same spot
every time. Some people have found that lubricating the drive helps.
This is a dangerous procedure, and should not be attempted unless
all other possibilities have been exhausted. Details can be found on


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