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This article is from the CD-Recordable FAQ, by Andy McFadden (fadden@fadden.com) with numerous contributions by others.

0-1] Legal noise (disclaimers and copyrights)


This document is Copyright (C) 1996-2006 by Andy McFadden, All Rights
Reserved. All of the content here, except for attributed quoted material,
is my original work.

Free distribution of the this FAQ is encouraged, as are conversions
to HTML or other formats and translation to foreign languages, so long
as no content is removed, and additions are clearly marked. (You are
not required to retain the Google advertising links.)

The plain ASCII text and www.cdrfaq.org HTML versions aren't otherwise
restricted, but other conversions might be (the content is free, the
presentation or translation might not be). Check with the publisher.

The date and version number on the FAQ *are* considered part of the content
that must not be removed. I occasionally get messages from people who
don't realize that the copy they're reading is more than a year and a half

Caveat lector: the information here is often derived from Usenet postings,
e-mail, and information on web sites. It may well be DEAD WRONG, and you
are encouraged to verify it for yourself.

I take no responsibility for damaged hardware, CD-Rs turned into coasters
or frisbees, time lost, or any other damages you incur as a result of
reading this FAQ. Information on specific models of hardware and software
is based on *opinions* of other users, not scientific studies. I am not
an expert in this (or any other) field. Everything here could be a total
malicious lie, and should be treated as such. You have been warned.

I don't get paid to plug anybody's software or equipment. The sections
on "what XXX should I buy" are not here because I want to sway purchases
one way or another, they're here because the questions are asked *a lot*,
and the answers are pretty consistent. You are invited and encouraged to
investigate the capabilities and reputations of all products.

The various product and company names are trademarks of their respective

Visit http://www.clari.net/brad/copymyths.html for a mini-FAQ on copyright


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